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Could the Military use your Technology?


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This presentation was delivered at the Digital Shoreditch Festival in London on 21 May 2013. Its purpose was to introduce the defence market to the digital sector in London. It covers:
The Importance of Public Sector, Funding Levels, Size of Defence Market, UK Defence and Industry,
Digital Sector Opportunities, UK Defence Entry Points, and
Pros and Cons

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Could the Military use your Technology?

  1. 1. Could the Militaryuse yourTechnology?Andy FawkesDigital Shoreditch Festival21 May 2013
  2. 2. Outline• The Importance of PublicSector Funding• Size of Defence Market• UK Defence and Industry• Digital Sector Opportunities• UK Defence Entry Points• Pros and Cons
  3. 3. The Importance of Public Sector Funding1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000sNPLDARPAMITUCLA UCLCYCLADESStanfordNASACERNNSFJUNETIETFPublicSector CommercialSectorInternetInternet2010s
  4. 4. Size of Defence Market• Global $1,700 billion• US $728 billion• UK $73 billion (£47bn)– Personnel £13bn– Equipment £9bn– Equipment Support £6bn– Infrastructure £4.5bn– Consumables £2.5bn– R&D £0.8bn– Other £11bnSources – DASA, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (FY11/12)
  5. 5. UK Defence and Industry• In 2010 the MoD spent £14bn withUK industry, on a wide range ofproducts and services• This makes it the number onecustomer for UK industry• In 2010 the UK was the secondlargest military spender in NATOafter the USASource – MoD Defence Contracts Online
  6. 6. Digital Sector Opportunities• People emphasis– Training, Education, Medical, Well Being, Recruitment• Equipment emphasis– Command and Control, Communications, Computing,Reconnaissance and Intelligence– Analysis, Testing, Evaluation, Experimentation,Simulation– Manufacturing and Back Office
  7. 7. Digital Prospects?photos: The Verge, Bohemia, BBC, USAF
  8. 8. UK Defence Entry Points• Centre for Defence Enterprise–• Defence Science & Technology Laboratory[dstl]–• Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)–• Direct to Military• Defence contractors•
  9. 9. Pros and Cons• Military customer• Problem owner• Can be good for brand• MoD pays bills• Global potential• Tough to enter• Process• Delays• New language• Export controls
  10. 10. Questions???Andy