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Year 3 course briefing


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Briefing describing the content, teaching activities and evaluation for the year

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Year 3 course briefing

  1. 1. ENDODONTICS  DB  305C   Year  3   COURSE  BRIEFING   SESI  2012/2013   Dr  Wan  Noorina  Wan  Ahmad  
  2. 2. Welcome  back  and  congratulaHons  
  3. 3. Teaching  acHviHes  •  Lectures  •  SimulaHon  •  Clinics  •  Tutorials  
  4. 4. DB  305C  Course  Structure     2012/2013   Con$nuous  Assessment   Final  examina$on   TOTAL   (50%)  Module  1   Module  2   Module  3   Clinical   Theory   OSCE   100%   Yr  4   Yr  5   Yr  3   Requirement   paper   10%   10%   10%   20%   50%   50%   Con$nuous  assessment   Year  3   Marks   Module  1     Progress  Test   By  semester   10%   CompleHon  of  SimulaHon  Exercises   MUST   COMPLETE   Competency  Test   MUST  PASS   Clinical  Requirement   1  ANTERIOR  / SINGLE  CANAL  
  5. 5. Lectures  No   Lecture  topics   Sem/Hours  1.   IntroducHon  to  course,  endodontology  &  endodonHcs  2.   Pathology  of  the  pulpal  and  periradicular  Hssues  3.   EndodonHc  microbiology  4.   Diagnosis  and  treatment  planning  5.   Emergency  dental  treatment  6.     PreparaHon  teeth  prior  to  root  canal  treatment  7.   EndodonHc  instruments  and  materials  8.     Pulp  space  anatomy  9.     Access  cavity  10.     Pulp  space  cleaning  &  shaping  11.   Working  length  determinaHon  12.   Pulp  space  obturaHon  13.   IntroducHon  to  Modified  Double  Flare  Technique  
  6. 6. SimulaHon  No   Simula$on  topics   Comments  1.   SelecHon  &  MounHng   (7  teeth  selecHon)     (6  mounHng  teeth)  2.     Taking,  developing  &  mounHng  radiographs     No  SimulaHon  session  for  this   (SimulaHon  OperaHve  DenHstry  Course)   acHvity  3.   Radiographic  interpretaHon  &  reporHng   Demo  4.     Access  cavity  &  pulp  exHrpaHon   Demo  5.   Competency  Test:  Upper  Premolar   A`er  exercise  on  premolar   access  6.   Pulp  space  cleaning  &  shaping  using     Demo   a.  ProTaper  Hand  files     Resin   Premolar   Molar  (pre-­‐endo)   b.    Modified  ProTaper  Technique   Demo     Resin   Max  incisor  7.   Canal  obturaHons   All  teeth  
  7. 7. SimulaHon  Aims  of  endodonHc  simulaHon  •  To  develop  and  perform  hand  skill  in  endodonHcs  •  To  generate  competency  that  meet  the  standard  quality  of   simulated  paHents  care  in  endodonHcs  •  To  familiarize  dental  students  with  the  technical  challenges  in   performing  root  canal  treatment  •  To  guide  the  dental  students  with  the  quality  guidelines  for   endodon1c  treatment  provided  by  the  curriculum  guidelines  •  To  gain  learning  experience  ‘student  learning  journey’  from  the   simulaHon  exercises  •  To  provide  a  smooth  transiHon  from  the  lab  based  simulaHon  to  the   clinical  set  up  •  To  be  able  to  self  assess  owns  performances      
  8. 8. SimulaHon  Selec$on  of  teeth  •  The  pracHcal  exercises  will  be  conducted  in  the  simulaHon   clinic  under  supervision  allocated  by  the  Department  of   OperaHve  DenHstry.  Please  start  looking  for  these  teeth:-­‐  •  1.  ONE  maxillary  incisor  tooth-­‐  unmounted  •  2.  ONE  mandibular  incisor    tooth  •  3.  ONE  max/mand  canine  tooth    •  4.  ONE  maxillary  premolar      mounted  on   plaster  •  5.  ONE  mandibular  premolar  •  6.  ONE  max/mand  molar  •  7.  ONE  max/mand  molar(badly  broken  tooth  to  be   mounted  on  blue  tray  with  adjacent  teeth)    
  9. 9. SelecHon  of  teeth  •  sound  and  caries-­‐free  teeth  •  presence  of  early  or  small  cavitated  carious   lesions  is  acceptable  as  long  as  the  defect  is   NOT  affec$ng  the  shape  of  access  cavity.  •  Serrated  roots  are  also  unacceptable    
  10. 10. SimulaHon    •  Moun$ng  of  natural  teeth    •  To  ensure  that  the  selected  teeth  are  suitable,  please  show  them  to  the   supervisors.  •  Prior  to  mounHng  the  teeth  into  the  plaster,  place  a  small  red  boxing  wax  onto   each  of  the  root  end  to  enable  the  apex  of  the  tooth  to  be  radiographically  visible.      •  These  teeth  are  to  be  mounted  into  a  block  of  plaster  of  paris.  Wood  chips  need  to   be  added  into  the  plaster  to  ensure  that  the  plaster  block  is  slightly  radiolucent.    •  The  selected  teeth  must  be  arranged  according  to  their  respecHve  aches  according   to  sextants:      •  17-­‐14    13-­‐23                  24-­‐27  •  47-­‐44                                      43-­‐33                  34-­‐37  •  Example:  upper  anterior  teeth  are  to  be  arranged  in  one  plaster  block  with  their   labial  and  palatal  sides  appropriately  arranged.  This  also  applies  to  the  buccal   sextants.  Occasionally  you  may  find  that  you  may  have  to  mount  tooth  in  single   block.  If  this  happens  be  sure  to  place  the  radiographic  film  against  the  palatal/   lingual  side  of  the  tooth  always.          
  11. 11. SimulaHon  Checklist  Self  assessment  •  Checklist  book    
  12. 12. CLINICS  
  13. 13. Clinics  •  under  OPER/PERIO  session  •  Clinical  requirement   ü   1  anterior/  single  canal   ü Carefully  divide  your  clinical  session  so  that  Perio,   Cons  and  Endo  sessions  are  evenly  distributed.  
  14. 14. During  clinical  session  •  Present  you  case  clearly  to  the  supervisor   –  MUST  DISPLAY  PRE-­‐OPRATIVE  RADIOGRAPH   –  ALREADY  CLEAR  ABOUT  THE  DIAGNOSIS     •  Pulpal  And  Periapical   –  FILL  UP  ALL  NECESSARY  FORMS   –  THEN  YOU  MAY  PROCEED  TO  THE  CLINICAL   PROCEDURES    
  15. 15. 12:30pm  or  4:30pm  •  Be  sure  to  complete  the  endodonHc  clinical  evaluaHon   form  properly  and  your  folder  contemporaneously  •  Let  the  clinical  supervisor  sign  and  counter  sign  your   clinical  work  •  EndodonHc  Clinical  EvaluaHon  form-­‐  need  to  have   TWO  COPIES  (  pls  get  a  carbon  paper  ready)  •  Keep  1  to  youself  and  the  other  pls  pass  it  over  to  DSA   Hawa.  •  By  the  end  of  the  semester,  the  dept  may  want  you  to   CHOOSE  the  best  endodonHc  treatment  in  order  to   qualitaHvely  give  you  the  Clinical  Requirement  marks.  
  16. 16. Tutorials  No   Tutorial  topics   Sem/Hours  1.   IsolaHon   2/1  2.   Diagnosis  &  treatment  plan   2/1  3.   Difficulty  in  achieving  anaesthesia   2/1  4.   EndodonHc  radiography   2/1  5.   EndodonHc  Instruments   2/1  
  17. 17. QuesHons?