What should one restaurant have?


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From this PDF file you will get the ideas what should one restaurant have for running the restaurant business and to attract the customers!!!!

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What should one restaurant have?

  1. 1. A report of restaurant Seabnure Style K& M Restaurant Submitted to Aj.Somsak Sangpao Presented byMs.Radtiyakorn Kampong ID. 11Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan ID.19 Bachelor of Arts, Program in Tourism Industry This report is part of ITI 3211 subject International College,Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
  2. 2. 2 Introduction The introduction is going to include all the general information of a restaurant as contentfollowings: 1.Name : Seabnure Style K& M Description: Seab is Isan word which means delicious Nure is also Isan word which means the balance of all tastes within food so, Seabnure doesnt mean only delicious but its very delicious with the balance tastes Style K & M means the taste is the style of the owners of this restaurant, K = Kun and M = Mod 2. Logo : Description: 1) The traditional Thai-style roof above the mortar indicates the style of this restaurant which means that our restaurant will be Thai style building with style of roof that indicates on logo. Moreover, the roof will identify about Thai identity and the nationality of restaurant’s owners as well.
  3. 3. 3 2) Mortar and pestle under the traditional Thai- style roof indicates the equipments for making Som Tum and mortar and pestle also indicates that our main dish will be kind of Som Tum. 3) Dok Lun Tom (ดอกลนทม) in Thai or Frangipani, Plumeria, Templetree is a kind ั่ of flower that indicates Isan people very well because it’s a kind of flower that grow up very easy in many different types of soils and it’s a very strong flower as Isan people that has a very easy way of life and they have a lot of patience to work and spend their life in the arid areas which is Isan therefore, Isan people have to spend their effort in order to get food in many way as much as they can. 4) Green color indicates vegetables that served with food in our restaurant and it also indicates the rich or abundance of Isan people’s kindness. 5) Red-brown color indicates the color of chilly which seem like the main ingredient for cooking Isan food because Isan people love spicy taste. 3. Symbol color: Green indicates vegetables and Red-brown indicates chilly. 4. Slogan: Seabnure, the most authentic taste of healthy Isan Food. Indicating about the authentic taste of our menu that we serve to the customers and all of our menu will be healthy food because the main our ingredient is vegetable and Thai herb therefore, our customers will get the healthy Isan food at the restaurant. 5. Establishment: We established Seabnure Style K & M restaurant since 2009 –current year from co-operating of the 2 owners. The restaurant is established by the idea of healthy Isan Food of Miss Kun and Miss Mod. They are close friends who have a mission to serve good food with its quality and also sell in reasonable price for their customers. 6. Owners’ information : Miss Radtiyakorn Khampong and her nickname is Kun. She graduated from ISCAHM International School forCulinary Arts and Hotel Management in Philippines. Sheis holding the Diploma in Culinary Arts and KitchenManagement with Australian Certificate III in CulinaryArts right now. She is a co-owner of the restaurant andalso manager of kitchen of the restaurant.
  4. 4. 4Her duties are to take care of all stuff within the kitchen such as taking care of all ingredientsof food, the cleanliness and the quality of food, cooking methodology, produce some newmenu, contact all suppliers relate to all ingredients and all stuff that need to be used inside thekitchen and she also shares duty with her co-owner in order to take care of the style and theatmosphere of the restaurant. Miss Wanida Phoothongkan and her nickname is Mod. She graduated from Assumption international university in Thailand. She is holding a bachelor degree of business administration right now. She is a co-owner of the restaurant with Miss Kun and also a manager of the financial of the restaurant. Her duties are to take care with all financial and account stuff. She takes care of the budget, income, expenses, profit and also the loss of the restaurant. She manages every stuff that relates to money and trains the staff of the restaurant and commits them to follow the policy of the restaurant. Moreover, manage about the atmosphere and style of the restaurant with Miss Kun as well. 7. Target customer: Our target customer is Isan food lovers which can be both Thai people and foreigners who love the authentic taste of Isan food and also for whom enjoy having healthy food menu. Therefore, our target customers will find their answer at our restaurant because we completely believe that our restaurant can offer what our target market need or want. Moreover, we also care about the first impression and satisfaction of our customers which can get by the delicious and authentic taste of our food, the atmosphere of our restaurant which include the decoration and style of the restaurant, the hospitality of our staff who is willing to provide you a warm service and they all have a service-mind. 8. Style: The style of our restaurant is a traditional Thai building which is surrounded by the nature because we decorated our restaurant by many kinds of trees and flowers and some statues that give you a feeling of Isan land and also we provide both areas for dining which is inside and outside area of dining areas.
  5. 5. 5In front of the restaurant The theme of our restaurant is Som Tom with Grilled Chicken which is the most famous menu of Isan land and it’s also a popular menu of the restaurant. You also see our main sponsor on the label of the restaurant which is popular drinking “Coke”.Atmosphere outside the restaurant The Atmosphere of the night time
  6. 6. 6We provide the outside area of the restaurant for some people who like to get theatmosphere outside and for someone who enjoy smoking.The atmosphere inside the restaurant : We also decorate with some Isan stuff thatindicate the identity of Isan.
  7. 7. 7Kitchen area 9. Capacity : Our restaurant can contain the customers around 200 people because we provide 50 tables for our customers and each table provide 4 seats. 10. Investment (Medium size-restaurant with full service) : We divided our investments into 3 types of costs as the following costs : Capital Costs: 1. Land cost is 500,000 THB because we bought the prime location in Sukhumvit area so; we had to spend a lot of money on our land. 2. Building cost is 300,000 THB because we decorated our restaurant by using the strong and high quality wood in order to get the traditional Thai style building. 3. Furniture cost is 100,000 THB because we spent our money to get some Isan-style furniture. 4. Equipment cost is 150,000 THB because we spend our money on the quality and the standard of our equipment. 5. Property tax and insurance costs are 100,000 THB. Cost of Sales: 1. Food cost is 300,000 THB because we bought the materials and ingredients to cook from the local market in order to reduce our food cost. 2. Beverage cost is 100,000 THB because we bought only the local drinking which is produced in Thailand therefore our beverage cost is not very high cost.
  8. 8. 8 Variable costs:1. Uniform cost is 50,000 THB because we take the uniform from Isan area which is not pretty high cost in the dining areas and we use white standard uniform in the kitchen area as many restaurants dress.2. Laundry cost is 20,000 THB.3. Utensil cost is 100,000 THB.4. Supplier cost such as lighting, electricity, internet register, water and gas is 150,000 THB.5. Cleaning supplies cost is 50,000 THB.6. Administration and menu costs are 100,000 THB.7. Repairing & Maintenance costs are 50,000 THB. Total cost of the investment is 2,070,000 THB.11. Policies : We divided our policy into 3 aspects as the following aspects : 1. For making profit Increasing sales by selling more food and suggesting more menu, selling at higher price but with high quality and good taste of food, selling our food to more customers, promoting our restaurant and building the recognize of the restaurant to the public eyes. Reducing costs by controlling wastes, using fully utilize resources, reducing breakage, trying to control another cost as much as we can. 2. For our staff Dressing policies: To maintain our image as an exceptional, high quality restaurant we need to dress the part. Following are detailed descriptions of dress for both the dining room and kitchen positions. If you have any questions regarding our dress policies please ask the (the manager of the kitchen and the owners of the restarant) Dining and Kitchen Area Dress Policies Shoes - Black shoes only with non-slip soles that permit walking safely on wet or greasy floors. Shoes must be clean. Socks must be dark, preferably black. Pants & Belts (For men) - Pants must be long enough to touch the top of the shoe. Solid color brown belts must be worn with pants that have belt loops. Skirt (For women) – Skirt must be long Traditional Isan skirt. It must be is good condition and clean. Shirts (For men and women) – Traditional Isan Shirt or Sue Mor Hom (เส้ื อม่อฮ่อม) Shirts must be in good condition, not soiled or stained.
  9. 9. 9 Appearance - Clean and well groomed hair. Hair pulled back off the shoulder. Well groomed hands, fingernails and fingernail polish. Facial hair should be neat and well trimmed. Accessories - No excessive cologne, perfume, make-up or jewelry. No earrings longer than 1 inch. No hat or unauthorized buttons can be worn. An employee involved in any of the following conduct may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination without a written warning. 1. Clocking another employee “in” or “out” on the Restaurant timekeeping system or having another employee clock you either “in” or “out.” 2. Leaving your job before the scheduled time without the permission of the Manager on duty. 3. Arrest or conviction of a felony offense. 4. Use of foul or abusive language. 5. Disorderly or indecent conduct. 6. Gambling on Restaurant property. 7. Theft of customer, employee or Restaurant property including items found on Restaurant premises. 8. Theft, dishonesty or mishandling of Restaurant funds. Failure to follow cash, guest check or credit card processing procedures. 9. Refusal to follow instructions. Tip policy : All tips that restaurant staff get from the customers must be keep in the tipping box only.3. For customers The customers can’t take any pets to the restaurant. If you would like to smoke we provide the smoking areas for you. If you have some problems with your food such as there is some strange stuff in your food then we are willing to provide you another dish but if you don’t like the taste of our food then we can’t give you a new dish. You can give a tip to the restaurant staff as much as you desire to give them. If the restaurant staff does something very rude or say something very rude please contact the manager of the restaurant immediately. If the restaurant staff serve food to you too late please contact the manager of the restaurant immediately.
  10. 10. 1012.Mission: We aim to serve health Isan Food with high quality and reasonable price to all of customers. We are willing to provide the tasty food with good services from our staff in order to meet your satisfaction. Therefore, our restaurant will provide you the good taste of food, the health food and good price of all menus. When you are dining at our restaurant we would like to make you feel like you are at home.13.Location: Seabnure Style K & M restaurant nearby Thonglor BTS Station 19 Sukhumvit 55, Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong, Bangkok 10110 Thailand13. Map :14.Contact information: Email address : seabnure_stylekm@gmail.com Telephone number : 02- 74592067 Mobile-number : 086-242900716. Opening hour: Open daily from 10.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.
  11. 11. 11What will you get in our restaurant? 1. Facilities and services : Parking Areas Kids zone Traditional Isan Music and Songs Free drinking water Clean toilet for men, women and disability Internet zone which provides you free Wi-Fi Calling zone which provide the public telephone for you here Take away services Offering special request party such as Birthday party, congratulations on education, etc. 2. The atmosphere: You will get the feeling of real Isan since you entry to our restaurant because of our decoration and the way that we build your feeling by dressing, songs and music and furniture. 3. Offering menuTum menu (Traditional Isan and Thai Salad) 1. Som Tum Isan or Papaya Salad with preserved fish 35 THB 2. Som Tum Pho or Papaya Salad with preserved crab 40 THB 3. Som Tum Pho Pha Lah or Papaya Salad with preserved crab and fish 40 THB 4. Tum Sua or Papaya Salad with rice noodle 40 THB 5. Som Tum Pha Lah Hoi Dong or Papaya Salad 50 THB with preserved fish and cockle 6. Som Tum Hoi Dong or Papaya Salad with preserved cockle 45 THB 7. Som Tum Thai or Papaya Salad with sour and sweet taste 40 THB 8. Som Tum Thai Sai Pho or Papaya Salad with sour and sweet 45 THB taste with preserved crab 9. Som Tum Thai Khai Khem or Papaya Salad with sour and sweet 50 THB taste with salty egg 10. Som Tum Ta-Lei or Papaya Salad with Fresh crab and prawn 60 THB 11. Tum Pholamai or Fruit Salad 50 THB 12. Som Tum Carrot or Carrot Salad 40 THB
  12. 12. 12 13. Som Tum Mango or Mango Salad 35 THB 14. Som Tum Corn or Corn Salad 40 THB Photos of each menu1.2.3.
  13. 13. 13Photos of each menu 4. 5. 6.
  14. 14. 14Photos of each menu 7. 8. 9.
  15. 15. 15Photos of each menu 10. 11. 12.
  16. 16. 16Photos of each menu 13. 14.
  17. 17. 17Grilled and fried menu 1. Sai- On Yang or grilled small intestine of pig with spicy sauce 50 THB 2. Kho Moo Yang or grilled pork shoulder with spicy sauce 50 THB 3. Neu Yang or Grilled beef with spicy sauce 60 THB 4. Moo Yang or grilled pork with spicy sauce 50 THB 5. Moo Yang Tra Khai or grilled fermented pork 50 THB (ferment by using lemon grass) 6. Moo Yang Pik Tai Dam or grilled fermented pork 50 THB (ferment by using black peppers) 7. Kai Yang or grilled chicken with spicy sauce 50 THB 8. Pha Dook Yang or grilled walking catfish 50 THB 9. Kai Tod or Fried chicken 50 THB 10. Nue Dad Diew Tod or Fried marinated beef 60 THB 11. Moo Dad Diwn Tod or Fried marinated pork 50 THB 12. See Khong Moo Tod or Fried pork spareribs 55 THBPhotos of each menu 1. 2.
  18. 18. 18Photos of each menu 3. 4. 5.
  19. 19. 19Photos of each menu 6. 7. 8.
  20. 20. 20Photos of each menu 9. 10. 11.
  21. 21. 21Photos of each menu 12.Larb Menu (Traditional Isan Salad with spices)1. Larb Moo or Spicy minced pork salad 50 THB2. Larb Phed or Spicy minced duck salad 50 THB3. Larb Kai Yang or Spicy minced grilled chicken salad 50 THB4. Larb Pha Dook or Spicy minced grilled walking catfish salad 50 THB5. Larb Nue or Spicy minced grilled beef salad 60 THB6. Nam Tok Moo or Sliced grilled pork salad 50 THB7. Nam Tok Nue or Sliced grilled pork salad 60 THB8. Tub Wan Moo or Sliced grilled pig liver salad 50 THB9. Tub Wan Nue or Sliced grilled cow liver salad 60 THB10. Soup Nor Mai or Spicy shredded bamboo-shoot salad 40 THB11. Larb Wun Sen or Spicy minced pork with cellophane noodle 50 THB12. Lrab Pha Muek or Spicy sliced squid salad 70 THB
  22. 22. 22Photos of each menu 1. 2. 3.
  23. 23. 23Photos of each menu 4. 5. 6.
  24. 24. 24Photos of each menu 7. 8. 9.
  25. 25. 25Photos of each menu 10.11.12.
  26. 26. 26Yum menu (Spicy salad menu in Traditional Isan Way)1.Yum Moo Yang or Sliced grilled pork spicy salad 50 THB2. Yum Wun Sen or Cellophane noodle with minced pork spicy salad 50 THB3. Yum Moo Yor or Sliced Vietnamese sausage spicy salad 50 THB4. Yum Nue Yang or Sliced grilled beef spicy salad 60 THB5. Yum Pha Muek or Sliced soft-boiled squid spicy salad 70 THB6. Yum Ta- Lei Ruam Mit or Sliced squid with prawn spicy salad 90 THBPhotos of each menu 1. 2.
  27. 27. 27Photos of each menu 3. 4. 5.
  28. 28. 28Photos of each menu 6.Tom menu (Boiled menu)1.Tom Yum Kung or Prawn and lemon grass boiled with mushroom 120 THB2.Tom Seab Moo or Pork, lemon grass, galanga, Bergamot leaves 100 THBboiled with lime juice3. Tom Seab Nue or Beef, lemon grass, galanga, Bergamot leaves 120 THBboiled with lime juice4. Orm Moo or Traditional Isan pork boiled with Isan Herb 100 THB5. Orm Kai or Traditional Isan chicken boiled with Isan Herb 100 THB6. Orm Nue or Traditional Isan beef boiled with Isan Herb 120 THB
  29. 29. 29Photos of each menu 1. 2. 3.
  30. 30. 30Photos of each menu 4. 5. 6.
  31. 31. 31Rice menu1. Steamed rice 15 THB2. Steamed Sticky rice or Gluten 15 THBDessert menu (Traditional Thai desserts)1. Ruam Mit Sweet or Iced mix desserts 30 THB2. Khoa Nuew Mamuang or Mango and sweet sticky rice 50 THB3. Khoa Nuew Turian or Durian and sweet sticky rice (Seasonal dessert) 50 THB4. Tub Tim Grob or Mock pomegeanate seeds 30 THB5. Bua Loi Pheuk or Taro balls in coconut cream 30 THB6. Med Kha-Noo or Mock jack fruit seeds 30 THB7. Phoi- Thong or Gold threads making by egg 30 THB8. Thai coconut ice cream 30 THBDrinking menu1.Naam-cha or tea 30 THB2.Oh-Liang or Iced black coffee 30 THB3. Gaa-Fae Yen or Ice coffee 40 THB4.Naam –Ma-Praao or Coconut juice 30 THB5. Goh-Goh or Cocoa 40 THB6.Naam-Ma-Naao or Lemonade 30 THB7.Chaa-Yen or Ice Tea 30 THB8. Nom Jeud or Plain Milk 35 THB9. Chaa-Dam-Yen or Iced Black tea 30 THB10. Cha-Kiew or Iced Green tea 30 THB11. Naam-Matoom or Bengal Quince Juice 30 THB12. Naam-Trai-Kai or Lemon grass juice 30 THB13. Coke 20 THB14.Water 10 THB
  32. 32. 3215. Ice 20 THB Thank you!