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This will show you about my benefits, problems as well as opinion through my pre-internship hours with Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. This edit is for my fifth week.

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Student weekly report_5th

  1. 1. Student Weekly Report Student Name: Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Student ID: 52623433019 Major: Tourism Industry Name of Host: Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. Department: Inbound Reservation 4 (English Speaking Guide and Asian Market) Supervisor: Krit Nipamanee (Mr) Senior Reservation Supervisor Duration (Month): 2 April – 25 May 2012 (The fifth week: 30 April- 4 May) Duration of Working Hours: 8.30 – 17.30 Hrs.Activities and Work assignments Activities  I studied about the virtuosos (the proposal itineraries) of the company and I also needed to study about how to create the Microsoft word file name and the new folder of the virtuoso.  I studied about every package tour in Thailand that the company offers to customers.  I studied about the hotels in Bangkok that those hotels have the contract rates with the company.  I also needed to study about the room types, services, facilities, promotions, prices and locations of each hotel.
  2. 2.  I studied about how to book the transfer and accommodation services from the Tourplan program because I have not booked these kinds of services from the Tourplan before and I needed to be very careful when I created the booking for the first time. I studied about the travel agents that corporate with the company from worldwide.Assignments I was assigned to create the virtuoso which was a kind of the proposal of the itinerary that the company always proposes to the travel agents and customers. It was my good opportunity for me to be assigned to work for the virtuoso for my first time because I could learn a lot. I also needed to consider about many stuff before creating each virtuoso. I was assigned to do the basic jobs as usual which was creating the new booking from the requested papers or requested email from travel agents and customers. I could do more booking this week because actually, I was assigned to create the booking for only one travel agent which was Trailfinders and this week I also was assigned to create the booking for the new agent which was Talisman. I was assigned to summarize about the services of the company as usually and the tasks that I have made would be printed out in order to use as the cover paper of each trip. I needed to do a lot of cover paper because there were lots of trips that were booked by travel agents and customers. I was assigned to contact so many hotels within this week in order to check about the available rooms, room costs, transfer services and to get some suggestions from hotel about the room types that we could serve for our customer the best and contact some local travel agents in order to check about the available package tours and pick up time. I was assigned to recheck about the tour costs again in order to make sure that the tour costs were absolutely right.
  3. 3. Benefits or Experiences I could practice and learn from the new task which was creating the virtuoso. I could learn so much more about the package tours, services, prices, travel agents and how to create the virtuoso from this new interesting task. I needed to check a lot of information before starting this task and needed to be very careful when I was putting some information on the virtuoso. I could practice my communication skill a lot when I was assigned to contact the hotels. I could gain the knowledge of how to deal with each different kind of person who was talking with me on the phone because I needed to contact with the hotels from all over Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Bangkok, Karbi, Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui Hotels so, the ways the people responded my phone would be different because of the dialects of each region of Thailand. Sometimes, when I contacted with the hotels then I experiences some problems so, I could learn how to deal with each problem properly and promptly. I got to know lots about the main and popular package tours of the company when I studied about every package tour that is offered by the company. I got to know much more about the contact between hotel suppliers with the company. I also obtained the information about the hotel classes, room types , services, promotions, facilities, location of each hotel and also the net price of each room that the hotels has made the contrast with the company. I got to know so much more about the travel agents that corporate with the company from all different regions of the world.Problems or Obstacles to the work The very first problems that I have experiences this week was I didn’t have my own computer to work because in the past 4 weeks I just used the notebook of my supervisor to work but in this week according to the computer of my supervisor didn’t work so, he just got his notebook back in order to launch his work. Moreover, the company couldn’t find the new computer for me because there were a lot of internship students and new staffs. Therefore, I needed to bother my internship friends who have
  4. 4. their own computers to work sometimes because I needed to have my work done. Anyway, I sometimes needed to wait until my friend finished their works then I could borrow their computers. I thought that this was the wasting of time. According to the company has set the new printers and new phone system so, I could not use the printer sometimes. I needed to wait until both of them work then I could launch my printing and phoning works. There was a day that my supervisor was sick and he couldn’t go work so, that day I got less work. Anyway, I always understand this situation which is unpredictable and undesirable. There was something wrong with my task that I calculated the price of package tour wrong because I didn’t be very careful when I was booking the package tour in Tourplan. Therefore, I need to be super careful for the next calculations.Student’s opinion Even though I understand that the company has got a lot of internship students and the new staffs to work for the company but the distributed equipments like computers need to be served for all people in order to run their works in the right time to hit the goals of works. I think that when the company has set the new systems of some equipment then the company needs to provide the supplementary equipments from staff to launch their works. I always think that I need to pay more concentration on working because sometimes I made some mistakes which can cause the problems and I still need to work very careful even I have made only one mistake for the same kind of work. However, try not to make mistake would be better and satisfied by my supervisor, company and myself. I think that I am very lucky to experience the problems sometimes because I can learn a lot of how to deal with each different kind of problem such as the computer, printer, telephone problems and the so on.