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This will show you about my benefits, problems as well as opinion through my pre-internship hours with Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. This edit is for my fourth week.

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Student weekly report_4th

  1. 1. Student Weekly Report Student Name: Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Student ID: 52623433019 Major: Tourism Industry Name of Host: Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. Department: Inbound Reservation 4 (English Speaking Guide and Asian Market) Supervisor: Krit Nipamanee (Mr) Senior Reservation Supervisor Duration (Month): 2 April – 25 May 2012 (The fourth week: 23 April- 29 April) Duration of Working Hours: 8.30 – 17.30 Hrs.Activities and Work assignments Assignments  I was assigned to do the basic jobs as usual which was creating the new booking from the requested papers. I also needed to check about the rate of each service included in the booking such as accommodation rates, transfer rates, activities and tour package rates of the company. For this week, it was a good chance for me to move forward to the next step because my supervisor also assigned me to create the proposal of each itinerary that I already made a booking for.  I also was assigned to do a summary of reservation as usual that I had to summarize about all services of the company included in the itineraries and package tours such as transfer in-out, accommodation, activities, boats, and packages in house, transportation services, guide names and etc. Moreover, I
  2. 2. needed to check about the correction of each service while I was summarizing as well.  I was assigned to contact about the picking up time from the hotel with the Glory World Wide Travel. Then, I was supposed to know the exact number to contact the company and to have the communication skills.  I was assigned to contact so many hotels within this week such as Indigo Pearl Phuket, Akyra Chura Koh Samui, Sala Samui, Baan Khao Lak, Sareeraya Villas & Suites, Khao Lak Resort, Briza Khao Lak, Marriott Resort & Spa Hua hin, The Haad Tien Koh Tao, Intercontinental Hua Hin, Anantara Hua Hin, Chongfah at Nang Thong Beach, Royal Orchid Sheraton,Rummana Boutique Resort Koh Samui, Kala Samui,The Siam Bangkok, Peace Resort, U Inchantree Kanchanabuir, Iudia Ayutthaya, Greenery Resort Khao Yai, Railay Village Phang Nga, Sand Sea Reosrt Phang Nga, Sri Laanta, Baan Laanta and etc.  This week was such a nice week for me to walk to the next step because I was assigned to practice to response the email from travel agent which I needed to response all requirements from the travel agent such as the room rates and availability, meal rates and transfer rates. It was a good chance for me to learn how to response the email and I needed to do a lot of works in order to reply only 1 email.Benefits or Experiences I could practice a lot from my usual job which were creating the new booking, summarizing the reservation because I always needed to check the accuracy of my work and I got some new knowledge as much as I did my jobs such as I needed to check about the clients name, the services that clients wanted to book, the time that they wanted to be provided services and etc. I could practice my communication skills lots because I have contacted so many hotels within this week and some suppliers like the travel agents in Samui.I learnt how to contact and communicate with other people appropriately and correctly. Moreover, I could experience about many details of hotel such as the room types
  3. 3. provided by each hotel, hotel rates for each room types, the transfer rates and the promotion of each hotel. I could learn a lot when I was assigned to response the email to travel agent because I needed to check about the availability of the room by contacting directly to the hotel reservation department, I needed to check about the rate of each room types of the hotel then marked up the price of each room type. After that, I needed to summarize all room rates and availability into email form and replied to my supervisor first then he could check again in order to check the appropriateness and accuracy of my work. It was a good opportunity for me to learn how my company calculated the prices of each tourism service.Problems or Obstacles to the work When I was assigned to contact hotels then I got communication problems because people who I was talking with didn’t hear me so that they could get my point sometimes. Therefore, I needed to re-contact the hotels again which was the wasting of time. Moreover, according to my own self personality that I am a kind of lively person so I speak very fast with pretty heavy expressions but I am not a rude person. That’s why sometimes, my expression could cause a problem about the communication and some person who received my phone would think that I got mad on them but actually, there was nothing and it was just my own way to speak with other people. I got a problem sometimes when I had to create the new booking because I was not be trained before that I needed to consider about the status of the new booking which was amendment or new booking so, sometimes I created the same booking of some booking that already created. Therefore, one of the same bookings will be considered as the cancelled status. Anyway, this situation is called the duplicated of booking which is not a big problem but it would be better if the duplicated status will not be created. It was wonderful for me that my supervisor gave me a chance to practice to response the email from travel agent but this was the very first time of me to replied an email at the workplace so, I was a little bit confused of how to create the proper and accurate
  4. 4. email and how I could raise the highlight of the email and also how could I clarify the point and to write the email shortly.Student’s opinion I think that I still need to practice a lot about how to create the new bookings because there is always a difference of each booking and I would love to learn to create the more complicated booking than I have ever done which is a challenge for me. According to my personality, I would like to say that I need to take time to improve or adjust my communication styles to be softer than ever and I always like to improve the way to communicate with people to be more appropriate and to be better than ever. I need to learn a lot about how to write the business email and how to create the proper email to communicate with travel agents or client clearly, correctly and easily.