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This will show you about my benefits, problems as well as opinion through my pre-internship hours with Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. This edit is for my third week.

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Student weekly report_3rd

  1. 1. Student Weekly Report Student Name: Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Student ID: 52623433019 Major: Tourism Industry Name of Host: Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. Department: Inbound Operation (4) Supervisor: Krit Nipamanee (Mr) Senior Reservation Supervisor Duration (Month): 2 April – 25 May 2012 (The third week: 17 April- 20 April) Duration of Working Hours: 8.30 – 17.30 Hrs.Activities and Work assignments Assignments  I was assigned to do the basic jobs as usual which was creating the new booking from the requested papers and itineraries. I also had to check the tariff cost of each service of the company in each booking that I have made in order to correct the cost from Tourplan program and the tour tariff. I needed to check that the service costs from Tourplan and tour tariff matching each other or not.  I also was assigned to do a summary of reservation as usual that I had to summarize about all services of the company included in the itineraries and package tours such as transfer in-out, accommodation, activities, boats, and packages in house, transportation services and so on.  I was assigned to match the confirmed - tourism service papers with the operation confirmed papers (Guide confirmation) then I needed to check that all services of
  2. 2. each paper were completely confirmed. After that, the completely confirmed paper needed to be checked again and summarized all services that provided in each package tour in order to make up the cover paper of each package tour.  I was assigned to contact about the available rooms of 2 hotels in Chiang Rai which was the Legend and Le Meridien.  I assisted my internship friend for selecting the hotel that provided the allocation, allotment conditions for the company according to the company- hotel contrasts. Activities  As I am a Buddhist, it is really my good opportunity to work here because on 18 April 2012 there was a making-merit ceremony of Songkran Festive time at our company then I had a chance to assist the company’s staffs to prepare the food and all related Buddhist stuffs to offer to the monks. The company invited 9 monks to bless or call for the happiness, prosperity and good luck.Benefits or Experiences Even I was assigned to do the same jobs as usual but every assignment seemed to be new for me every time that I had to work because each assignment always had different information to work for. Therefore, I could learn a lot from every assignment. I always faced the new information and the much updated information about the tour, accommodation, transfer in-out, flight, transportation, activities tariff costs. Because our company is a kind of tailor-made services so, we would do everything as the customers want to get that always made me had to experience the new cases or itineraries to work for which completely committed me to update information to my own self as well. It was my nice opportunity to make a merit at my company with all company’s staffs. Then I had a wonderful chance to listen to the Buddhist sermons and to get the holy water from the monks and I felt really lucky because the19 April is my birthday so, I could make a merit on 18 April instead of 19 April which I will have no time to go
  3. 3. through. At the time, I felt really relaxed and could purify my mind. Moreover, I impressed in the expats who work for this company because at the merit ceremony time then they all paid intention to the ceremony and tried to make merit in Thai ways which was really lovely pictures for me. I could practice my communication skills when I was assigned to contact about the available rooms with 2 Chiang Rai hotels. Then, I got to know about how the reservation officers of each hotel greet their customers and I also could practice of how to speak appropriately in the business market. I have learnt a lot from this mistake because I did not even know that creating a new folder would cause a problem and before I decided to create the new folder, I thought that I just created it and would deleted it immediately after my friend and I have our works done. The most important thing that I could learn from this mistake was that I should consult a supervisor and ask for the permission from the supervisor about creating the new folder first.Problems or Obstacles to the work Even I have already worked as the company for 3 weeks but I thought that I still needed to study more about the Tourplan program and the information and the document files of each department of the company because when I was assigned to work sometimes I couldn’t find some information of the inbound department even I have spent approximately 10 minutes to search for this information which is stored in My Computer where I used to find the information but then I decided to re-start a computer after that I could find the information directly store in My Computer. The cause of this problem was the computer operating system problems therefore; I knew that what I am supposed to do for solving this problem next time is just re-starting the computer. When I had to check about the tour cost in the Tourplan and in the tour tariff excel file then I found that the costs of the services in Tourplan and the excel file were not the same. Therefore, I was wondering that what went wrong and why the cost different was. After that, I went directly to my supervisor to consult him about the correct cost and what I was supposed to believe or what could I use as the reference for the cost. Then I found the solution that I should use the tariff cost from the excel files as the
  4. 4. reference and it’s the most reliable source to go through. Moreover, I could find the solution about the cost in Tourplan and tariff cost that I was confused about the year of tariff cost which meant that I used the tariff cost 2012 to match with the Tourplan services costs 2013. Even though it was not my first time to contact with the tourism suppliers like hotels but I still faced the communication problems that spoke with the reservation officers of the hotels too fast then they always asked me to repeat my words again. We both worked by using the different computers so, we considered that how we could transfer our tasks to each other then we have discussed and decided to create new folders in order to save the selected files. According to, the company uses some internet system that could connect all the database from all departments to another department therefore,when someone create something new within the system all employees who were using the computer would see the new folders which made my friends who worked with me could see the new folder immediately when I created it and we could share the tasks. So, all the companys employees saw the new folder that I have created as well then some of my friends supervisor told him that you and your friend should not create the new folders by own yourselves because the new folder would change the database of the company which we should keep as a secret and we both had no right to create the new folder. Anyway, I myself have deleted the folder before I realized that there was someone complained about this.Student’s opinion I think that it’s always good for myself to experiences problems or make a mistake sometimes because all problems and mistakes are my best teacher that I can learn outside the class. Moreover, I can learn about how to solve each problem and it’s only not to solve the problems but I have to find the best and appropriate solution for each problem. In the future, even sometimes I have to confront such a tough problem but I will never think to give up until I find the solutions for it and I will never be afraid of anything. Regarding to the assignments and activities that I have mentioned above, I think that I need to learn more about organization and the system of the Tourplan and the related information concerning the bookings of tourism services of the company because I
  5. 5. always believe in something that the more I practice, the more I can be better and getmore success in my work. Even sometimes, it will be really bored to do the samework every day but I am willing to do it until I understand my work deeply andclearly. In addition, I always try to improve my work skills that benefit myassignments and especially, the characteristics of my speech that I always speak veryfast so, I think that I need to speak slower than ever for the next coming assignments.