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Private Tour VS Group Tour


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Let's see what are the different between private tour and group tour.

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Private Tour VS Group Tour

  1. 1. Group Members 1.Ms.Tipaporn Hngorsakul Id.526234330062.Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Id.52623433019
  2. 2. Private Tour  Independent or Private Tour A private tour is run exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers. You may choose an ideal pre- made private tour with tour companies or travel agents. Alternatively, they can customize an itinerary in line with your specific wishes.
  3. 3. Example Case
  4. 4. Group Tour  A group tour with guaranteed departure dates are best for those who are eager to see the most popular sights in each destination at a comparatively low price. What could travelers get from the group tour? A favorable price is only a small part of it.
  5. 5. Example Case
  6. 6. Why I choose a private tour Start the tour on any date at my convenience. Choose the tour length as long as my schedule and budget allow. Plan the tour with hotels and sightseeing spots that I am specifically interested in. I can order the dishes that I want with the specially arranged A La Carte Meals.
  7. 7. Why I choose a private tour Experienced guides and skillful drivers in each city offer services are provided for my exclusive use. Luxury & comfortable private car or minibus operates for me and my party only. Travel at my own place that flexibly fits my travel style. Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children.
  8. 8. Why I choose a group tour The group tours have fixed departure dates and itineraries that cannot be changed however, there are many package tours for me to choose. So, I can buy one of them that suits on me. Share clean and safe of all transportations and accommodation with other group companions. Share experiences with other tour accompanies. Good opportunity to learn how to live and deal with other strange people.
  9. 9. Why I choose a group tour Good chance for me to meet and make new friends from all over the world. Moreover, this tour isn’t only make new relationship but sometimes I can find my soul mate also. Enjoy the diversity of A La Carte Meals with other travelers. Enjoy a worry-free vacation with the careful arrangements from the very beginning to the end.
  10. 10. Private Vs Group Tour Group Tour is the best tour for us because we think that a group tour will give more benefits than a private tour. How ? We realize that when we decide to travel that means we would like to learn and experience new things. The group tour doesn’t give us only the information or knowledge of the places but it also gives us the life experiences. We travel with strangers then we can learn how to live and communicate with them. It is a good chance to make a new relationship and share the ideas with another accompany.
  11. 11. Don’t you agree with us ?
  12. 12. The reference rogram.htm
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