Accidents on chiang mai trip


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Some accidents that can be happen while traveling in Chiang Mai, Thailand.Let's take a look then you will know what should you realize while taking trip to Chiang Mai.

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Accidents on chiang mai trip

  1. 1. Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan IT 52 ID.52623433019 1Question: List the accidents what can happen when you have trip to Chaingmai from Bkk. Thistrip includes the following places; Doi Suthep Elephant camps, Mea Sa waterfall, Inthanonhighland, Night Safari and Night Bazaar. Indicate the accidental or unsafely conditions ineach place. Write your answer in essay at least 300 words. With the solutions that you canprotect these accidentals and unsafely conditions.Answer: Regarding to the question, I would like to indicate the accidental or unsafelyconditions in each tourists attraction as the following statements: firstly, while you aretraveling at Doi Suthep Elephant Camps there will be some dangerous accidental conditionsthat cause by elephants because elephants can be very dangerous. They are extremely largeanimals. They are also territorial, and will attack if you get too close to them. Male elephantsalso go through musth, which is a form of "heat" that means they are ready to mate. Duringthis time, they are very aggressive and will attack almost anything that moves. Therefore,you have to be careful aggressive elephants; don’t get too close to elephants and to followthe guidelines of elephant takers while you are feeding, playing with, getting on and offelephants. Moreover, there will also be some unsafely conditions from dangerous animalslike snakes, bees or mosquitoes so, you have to wear safety and appropriate clothes fortraveling with elephants and in the forests and prepare some medicine with you in order torelieve the pains from any accidental conditions. Secondly, the accidental conditions while you are traveling at Mea Sa Waterfall aretwisting an ankle or breaking a leg and slippery surfaces while climbing on waterfallstherefore, you should not go near the top of waterfalls, climb on waterfalls and be aware ofslippery surfaces. Moreover, the poisonous snakes and bees and bad water from waterfallscan causes some unsafely conditions therefore, you should be aware of any poisonoussnakes and bees and don’t drink the water from waterfall because it’s not clean enough todrink. Thirdly, when you are traveling at Inthanon Highland you will faces on someaccidental conditions which are to get hurt while trekking if you don’t follow the guidelinesof local staff therefore you should follow what the local staff have told you, to get lost whenyou travel alone or even with your friends in the forest if you don’t have local staff wholeads you therefore it would be better if you hire some local staff to lead your ways, to getsome disease while you are trekking or traveling in the forest in case that you experienceunfamiliar weather such as the cooler weather than your home then you will have a feveror you eat some unsafely food therefore, you should prepare yourself very well by takingsome medicine with you and don’t eat any unfamiliar food or you have to make sure aboutthat food before you eat. Moreover, the poisonous snakes, bees and dangerous animals willcause you some pains or disease so you should be aware of poisonous animals and don’tget close to them. Fourthly, there will be a few accidental conditions at the Night Safariwhich are attacking from the animals therefore, you should not get off the trams while youare visiting around the night safari, you should not play or feed any dangerous animals like
  2. 2. Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan IT 52 ID.52623433019 2tigers, lions and etc for your safety but if you want to you have to follow the guidelines ofthe staff. Moreover, your wallets or belongings can be stolen while you are sitting on thetrams because it’s not easy to watch your belonging on the night time therefore you shouldkeep your wallets and belongings in a very safe area and try to keep your eyes on yourbelongings. Finally, while you are traveling at Night Bazar you would face on some attackerswho are trying to steal your wallets, your mobile phones or value belongings therefore, youshould not do any business on the very busy street like the Night Bazar, you should keepyour wallets or value belongings on the front pocket then you can take care of them veryeasy. Moreover, you will be cheated very easy if you let the strangers to talk with you andlet them know about your personal information therefore you should say only one word withstrangers on the street which is “No” or you can say nothing with them. It’s not rude to say“No” or say nothing if you feel uncomfortable to talk with them. As the finally of my essay, I would like to suggest the tourists that you have to bevery careful while you are traveling and you always have to prepare yourself before youtake a trip in order to make sure that you will be safe and you have to know how to protectyourself from any dangerous or accidental situations. Even though you experience someaccidental or unsafely conditions you have to know how to solve that condition. The verybest solution is to realize that every accident can be happen and you have to be aware ofthe accident.