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Solaris Operating System


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Solaris Operating System

  1. 1. SOLARIS Presented by: OperatingSystem JoshuaGuillano Jufel Blaze
  2. 2. Hi
  3. 3. “ If you can't make it good, at least make it look good” -Bill Gates-
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION What is an operating system? Anoperating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the computer's memory, processes, and all of its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with the computer without knowinghow to speak thecomputer's "language." Without an operating system,a computer is useless.
  5. 5. SOLARIS Solarisis thecomputeroperating systemthatSunMicrosystems provides forits familyofScalableProcessorArchitecture-based processorsaswell asforIntel-basedprocessors. Sunhashistoricallydominatedthelarge UNIXworkstationmarket. As the Internetgrew in the early1990s,Sun'sSPARC/Solaris systemsbecamethemostwidely installedservers forWebsites. Sunemphasizesthesystem's availability(meaning itseldom crashes),its large numberoffeatures, anditsInternet-orienteddesign. Sunadvertises thatitslatestversion, the Solaris8Operating Environment,is "theleading UNIX environment"today.
  6. 6. Solarisis knownforits scalability,especially onSPARCsystems,andfororiginatingmany innovativefeaturessuch asDTrace,ZFSandTimeSlider. Solariswashistoricallydeveloped asproprietary software.Subsequently,in June 2005,Sun Microsystemsreleased most ofthecodebase, under theCDDLlicense, andfoundedtheOpenSolaris, open sourceproject. WithOpenSolaris,Sunwantedtobuilda developer and user communityaroundthesoftware.Afterthe acquisitionofSunMicrosystemsin January2010,Oracle decided todiscontinuethe OpenSolarisdistributionand the development model.
  7. 7. HISTORY In 1987,AT&TCorporationandSunannouncedthattheywerecollaboratingon a projecttomerge themostpopularUnix variantson themarketatthat time:BSD,SystemV,andXenix. Thisbecame Unix SystemV Release 4 (SVR4). On September 4,1991,Sun announcedthat it would replace its existing BSD-derived Unix,SunOS 4,with one based on SVR4.This was identified internallyas SunOS 5, but a new marketingname was introduced at the same time: Solaris 2. AlthoughSunOS4.1.xmicro releases were retroactively namedSolaris 1 bySun,the Solarisnameis used almostexclusively torefertothe SVR4-derivedSunOS5.0 andlater Solaris11.2.
  8. 8. Features Its availability. Specialfeaturesmakeit easytoaddnew capabilityortofixproblems withouthaving torestartthe system.Solarishasexercisedandfixedalmostanycodepaththatmight break.It canbe upgraded, monitored,andcontrolledfroma remoteconsole. Itsscalability. If youmovetoa largerprocessor,yourapplicationsshould notonlyrun, butrunfaster.Solaris canhandleheavy multi-taskingwork. It is builtfornetworkcomputing.As partofthe firstandmost successfulWebserver system in history,the latestSolarissystems arebuilton thecompany'sexperience withearlyWebsites and networkdemands.
  9. 9. It includes securityfeatures.Theseinclude supportforIPSec,Kerberos,AMI, andsmartcards. Sunprovides threeextensions for its Solaris operating system: The EasyAccessServer,which is designed torunin anetworkthatalsohasWindowsNT systems The EnterpriseServer, which is aimedatthe"business-critical"environment,and includessupportforclustering TheInternetService Provider(ISP) Server
  10. 10. Advantages Reboot is not required for Solaris so it can run 24/7. It support zfs file system. It canhandle many users at a time. In Solaris wehavemany good backuptools. Fully virus protected.
  11. 11. Disadvantages This OS is not userfriendly. It is notrecommended to run Solaris on other architectures. Lack of goodGUI. Not a OSfor homeusers.
  12. 12. System Requirements 2 GBminimumfor thesmallest set of packages 6 GBfor themostpopularSolaris packages Minimumof512MBRAM,1.5GB RAMor Higher is Recommended 32and64bit systems based onAMD,Inteland VIAx86 CPUs. SunUltra SPARC-based(sun4uarchitecture) SunUltra SPARC-basedprocessors (sun4varchitecture) Note: Memoryrequirementswill vary depending onthe application software being used, system configurations and the numberof clients/users. Refer to the release notes for details of minimumand recommendedmemoryfor different configurations
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