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Word of mobile


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The number of consumers who do not trust advertising is at a disturbing 95%. In fact about 90% of all consumers make decisions on the basis of peer recommendations. Today mobile phones provide a unique platform for the development of peer to peer advertising and for mobile work. Advertisers, especially those targeting specific demographics or people in a specific area can send advertisements to the people in their database and then ask them to forward the advertisement to other people. The advertiser would then pay the sender for each forwarded advertisement.

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Word of mobile

  1. 1. Peer to Peer Advertising Comes to Mobile Phones
  2. 2. Problem  95% of all consumers do not trust advertising.  90% of all consumers make decisions based on peer recommendations.
  3. 3. Solution  A mobile application that enables people to forward advertisements to their peers.  Advertisements targeting people in a specific area or demographic would work very well with this app.
  4. 4. How it Works Registration of workers by advertising company Advertiser sends out advertisement via sms or push services to registered users who fit the required profile Users forward the advertisement to their peers who fit the requested profile Advertiser pays user for each advertisement forwarded. Payment could be in the form of phone credit or using mobile money transfer services where available.
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