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Skills to Get Equipped Career-wise amid COVID-19


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Recently, I received an email invitation about writing an article on remote work amid coronavirus outbreak. As a person in the IT industry who still does much work in a traditional face-to-face way, that led to my interest in the topic, resulting in a presentation I have done privately discussing a way the pandemic has changed our lives and how I personally cope with it career-wise by getting equiped with desired skills on remote-work marketplaces.

The article on which this presentation is based is available on Medium at the below URL:

Problem – Coping with Remote Work, the New Normal

A wise person once said the only constant is change – have you noticed what has changed during the pandemic?

Lately, people in certain parts of Asia are joking typhoon leave* (weather and safety leave) will change. It will no longer be a thing due to the boom of communication technologies such as Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which turned remote work into the new normal – you and I may still need to work like usual as long as the Internet is not broken.

*While typhoon can be devastating and affect safety of people, there are also people who are less affected and they may still be entitled to weather and safety leave (called typhoon leave in certain parts of Asia), where they can take a rest.

Coincidentally, before the pandemic, Satya Nadella, the current CEO of the tech company just mentioned, had a news article of him discussing about an alternative view on work-life balance – work and life should be harmonized, coining the phrase "work-life harmony", where work and life are more like a mesh instead of balance. Interestingly, this will likely turn out to be true too in the post-pandemic era, as the pandemic has opened people's eyes to what is possible with remote work even after the pandemic passes.

However, people may not be familiar with remote work – not many industries or companies adopted the remote-work model before the pandemic. As remote work gets more and more popular, in the post-coronavirus era, people will be able to obtain remote jobs more easily than face-to-face ones, only if they are equipped with remote-work skills. So how should one cope with that? Here is a way I recently experienced due to my desire to explore and improve my remote-working skills.

Solution – Remote Work Marketplaces

Have you heard of remote work marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.? These are online freelancing platforms which provide the service of matching freelancers with businesses. They became popular amid COVID-19 due to the lockdown and some companies laying off employees for cost-cutting outsourcing options. Many these platforms saw a surge in traffic during the pandemic.

Due to character limit, please refer to this URL for the full article:

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Skills to Get Equipped Career-wise amid COVID-19

  1. 1. Skills to Get Equipped Career-wise
  2. 2. Full Article (on Medium) • References • Remote work course from Udacity by Upwork • News article of Microsoft CEO on work-life harmony
  3. 3. Solution/Benefits Remote Work Marketplaces Conclusion Q&A Problem – Coping with Remote Work, the New Normal Agenda
  4. 4. CHANGE
  5. 5. No more Typhoon Leave? *While natural disaster like typhoon can be devastating and affect safety of people, there are also people who are less affected and they may still be entitled to weather and safety leave, which is called typhoon leave in certain parts of Asia.
  6. 6. Remote Work - Communication Tools
  7. 7. Remote work the new normal Pandemic opened people's eyes to what's possible even after pandemic passes
  8. 8. Remote Work Marketplaces Conclusion Q&A Solution/Benefits – Remote Work Marketplaces Agenda
  9. 9. Remote Work - Marketplaces
  10. 10. • Top 3 marketplaces for remote work / freelancing • Over 20 years (Founded in 1999) • Matching businesses & talents from 180 countries • Clients include Microsoft and 50% of Fortune 100 • Payment protection (escrow service) & dispute settlement
  11. 11. • Familiarize with a pure remote work environment • Get good with proposal writing & contract bidding • Get good at negotiation with a large varieties of clients • Opportunities to experience unfamiliar territories • Engage in tasks that prepare one for a target career How Remote Work Marketplaces Improves One’s Skills
  12. 12. Live Demo
  13. 13. Solution/Benefits Remote Work Marketplaces Conclusion and Bonus Tip Q&A Conclusion (and Bonus Tips) Agenda
  14. 14. • First few contracts are keys: • Pick clients who give 5-star ratings ⭐ • Pick jobs with which you are confident to overdeliver • Research how to (industry-specific): • Write a client-attracting profile (pass newcomer screening) • Write a contract-winning proposal (waste fewer credits) Tips for Remote Work Marketplaces
  15. 15. Conclusion • Country borders are closing. Leverage opportunities online • Get good with desired skills on remote work marketplaces • Invest in skills that enable or supplement remote work Bonus Tip • Use a presentation app such as AeroZoom to power up your screen-sharing demo on Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.