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Presentation for the Design Thinking Lab

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  1. 1. PROTOTYPE AND TEST Design Thinking Lab – Stanford University Wander Marcos – 19/08/2013
  2. 2. Best Ideas  Networking (Practical Idea): Stay in touch with people who can help him, even if he has just met them. Talk to friends, classmates, family, teachers, people he trust. This way, they’ll know about his situation and tell him about opportunities. He should also leave posts on church, club and places where he meet new people and show his job.  Anyway, he must update his cv, in order to show something updated to get the new job.
  3. 3. Best Ideas  Enterprising (Favorite Idea): Be hired in not the only solution. Try to have his own business can look more challenging, but it’s something to consider. He can make his own opportunities. For that, he should study, visit the local enterprising office, understand the political and economic situation, talk to people and identify local and macro needs. Also, calculate the amount of money he would need to invest.
  4. 4. Prototype 1 – Mister L Blog  A blog in which he puts his cv, his portfolio and links to his social networks, so he can show his experience and keep in touch with people who might help him.  He will be able to show who he is in a creative way, what is important for a graphic designer, and also interact to people on the web.
  5. 5. Test - Interview with Mr. L  What worked: He really liked the idea, it’s easy to make it and update it.  What could be improved: We couldn’t imagine a layout for the blogger, which is very important to differentiate it and gather people’s attention
  6. 6.  Questions How will he use it? Will he send the link instead of his cv to companies? How will he achieve companies? Should he advertise it? Could he make money with it? Test - Interview with Mr. L
  7. 7.  Ideas - Explore photos to show his jobs - A post a day, in order to make his opinions relevant to other graphic designers - Post about news on graphic design, so his blog can become a source of search, making Mr. L a famous designer. Test - Interview with Mr. L
  8. 8. Prototype 2 – A company made by him and his friends  The second idea was not looking for a job, but enterprising. Interviewing him, he said he would love to have a company with friends to develop games and apps to cellphones, no matter if they are Android or Ios.  So, that’s the idea, explore local businesses and offer them communication and marketing solutions with mobile apps, and he would be the designer of the company
  9. 9.  What worked: He felt excited, he could see it working in a near future and it made him feel confident that his life can change.  What could be improved: He doesn’t know how to start it, who to invite to work together and how much he should invest, and I also haven’t given any idea on it, just suggested him to talk to someone ate SEBRAE, brazilian service to help enterpreneurs Test - Interview with Mr. L
  10. 10.  Questions How can I start It? Who will I invite to work with me? How can I make it be profitable? Should he advertise it? How much should I invest? What specific kind of apps should I start or get specialized at? Test - Interview with Mr. L
  11. 11.  Ideas - Search on internet the most seeked apps - Develop projects for local business and offer them at low prices, to advertise his job - Participate of championships for start up companies and try to win money to invest - Benchmark other companies to avoid mistakes they had. Test - Interview with Mr. L
  12. 12.  Thank You!  Wander Marcos 