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  1. 1. Totem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®WSL Serviços de Informática
  2. 2. Totem RFID® / Totem Pessoal® / Cartão Fidelidade RFID® / Espelho Interativo RFID®INDICE• Introduction to RFID• Introduction to market solutions• About Products• FAQ• byproducts• Business model
  3. 3. Introduction to RFID• A chip the size of a pinhead, isidentified by an antenna, where it ispossible to read the informationcontained in this chip.
  4. 4. Introduction to RFIDThe product moreknown, which usesRFID is the "WithoutStop ", currentlyrunning in tolls.The vehicle goes into the hallway,approaching the antenna that reads the RFIDinside the vehicle (white box, usually placednear the internal mirror).The antenna informs the gate to take andperforms billing simultaneously.
  5. 5. Introduction to market solutionsThe Totem RFID ® did not come to replace the act of the clientexperience the clothing or footwear, in cases following clothingstores.We believe that the customer always experience regardless of thetechnology used by the merchant.Using "virtual fitting rooms", the shopkeeper can not guaranteethat the product, your customers are buying, it will try to trim themphysically.The act of buying without experiencing physically, can increase thenumber of exchanges, the frustration of the customer have boughta product that you can not use, to replace it, and dissatisfaction athaving wasted time going back to the store. Without taking intoaccount that the merchant may not have the ideal product in stock.A survey conducted in Europe by the community of e-retailersIMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) revealed thatapproximately 40% of the clothes bought online are returned tomerchants. Any way we want to bring to our clients customers, thistype of disorder.
  6. 6. Products offeredTotem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®
  7. 7. Products offeredTotem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®
  8. 8. Totem RFID®About the product• O Totem RFID® identifies RFID chipcontained on product labels, querythe information of this chip, bringingcustomer information, photos andadvantages, to promote sales.
  9. 9. Totem RFID®About the productAt the moment the product nears the Totem ® RFID, antennareads the tag (RFID TAG), seeks information in the database andbrings the details related to the product, to monitor.Images, videos etc ...
  10. 10. Por se tratar de ummonitor touch, todas ascaixas são arrastáveis,semelhante a aplicaçãode tablets e smart fones.Totem RFID®About the product
  11. 11. If the customer bringsthe various parts Totem® RFID, all estrãoavailable forconsultation.Totem RFID®About the product
  12. 12. The customer can selectanother piece.Totem RFID®About the product
  13. 13. The client can query anyinformation related tothe product.Totem RFID®About the product
  14. 14. Products offeredTotem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®
  15. 15. Totem Pessoal®About the product• The Totem Pessoal® consists of anapplication, the client downloads onyour smart phone, tablet or othertouch screen device, which shall readthe product code or folders from themerchant or service provider, bringingin his hand all the information requiredabout the product or service on yourown device and can still take thisinformation, wherever you want,without the use of your data package.
  16. 16. Totem Pessoal®About the productThe Totem Pessoal®works on touch screendevices and pressingthis button you canopen the code reading.
  17. 17. Totem Pessoal®About the productBy pointing thedevice to thecode and pressing"Read QR CODE“...
  18. 18. Totem Pessoal®About the productor ... if the RFID readingdevice, simply bring theequipment from theRFID tag ...
  19. 19. Totem Pessoal®About the product... and the product isloaded onto thecustomers mobilenetwork byestablishing withoutusing your datapackage.
  20. 20. Totem Pessoal®About the productThe customer can take your product toanywhere and can show to other people,making the customer is also a vendor.
  21. 21. Products offeredTotem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®
  22. 22. Cartão Fidelidade RFID®About the product• The Cartão Fidelidade RFID® is to givethe customer a card, like a credit cardwith an RFID chip. In the customerentering the establishment, antennasread this card and identify the client.The other store systems start to link allcustomer activities this card, thusgenerating the customization service,prices and other products and servicesthat the establishment wants to offer.
  23. 23. Cartão Fidelidade RFID®About the productName of EstablishmentCartão Fidelidade RFID®John GreenThis chip carriesidentification informationunique to the use of theproperty.
  24. 24. Name of EstablishmentCartão Fidelidade RFID®John GreenCartão Fidelidade RFID®About the productWhen the customer enters the store,carrying the RFID Loyalty Card ®, even in apurse or wallets, ...
  25. 25. Cartão Fidelidade RFID®About the product... antennas scattered around the store and other ancillaryservices, such as cash, totems, etc., to identify whichenables the merchant to customize their care.
  26. 26. Cartão Fidelidade RFID®About the productWith this information the retailer can analyze theinterests of their clients in contrast to what they buy,thereby building a strategy of selling personalized andassertive.
  27. 27. Products offeredTotem RFID®Totem Pessoal®Cartão Fidelidade RFID®Espelho Interativo RFID®
  28. 28. Similar to Totem RFID ®, with space toreflect the clients image.Where the client does not touch more onthe screen but move your hands on themirror and interacts with elementssimilar to Totem RFID ®.Can show the customer your picturefront, back or interactive horizontally (likeshowing other people the summer).Espelho Interativo RFID®About the product
  29. 29. Espelho Interativo RFID®About the product – VídeoThis video willbe seen on YouTube
  30. 30. TOTEM RFID® / TOTEM Pessoal® / Cartão Fidelidade RFID®FAQ• What is the Goal?• Who is it for?• What is the advantage?• You can also pay for Totem?• Where do I put?• How can you help?
  31. 31. FAQ• What is the Goal?Levar ao seu cliente, muito mais informaçãosobre o seu produto, facilitando o trabalhodo vendedor e fomentando o aumento desuas vendas.
  32. 32. FAQ• Who is it for?O Totem RFID® destina-se a todo tipo de lojistas eestabelecimentos de prestação de serviços.Lojas de produtos levesCalçados, roupas, jogos, filmes, perfumes, etc...Lojas de produtos pesadosCasas de materiais de construção,concessionária de veículos, etc ...Prestação de serviçoSalão de cabeleireiros, consultórios médicos,etc...
  33. 33. FAQ• Stores light productsThe customer takes the product to thelabeled Totem ® RFID interacting withthe same information.
  34. 34. FAQ• Stores heavyThe customer takes a folder labeledproduct related to the Totem RFID ®interacting with the same information.
  35. 35. FAQ• Shops of serviceThe best solution for stores providingservice is the Totem Pessoal®.The Totem Pessoal® is installed ontablets that are available to the client,in waiting rooms, where it reads theQRCODE * product or folders availableto the client, interacting with the sameinformation, similar to Totem RFID®* The QRCode is the successor to the current barcode, sincefound in various products such as books, milk cartons, books,magazines, etc ... And it can be read by smart phones and tablets.
  36. 36. FAQThe customer can also download the TotemPessoal® on your smart phone or tablet.The Totem Pessoal® works the same way,with the advantage that the customer cantake the information of your products andservices, wherever you want, without usingtheir data package. It can indicate to friends,post on networking partners, to share withanother smart phone and tablets, thepossibilities are endless.• Shops of service
  37. 37. FAQ• What is the advantage?Once the client approaches the Totem RFID ®,tagged with the product in hand, the Totem RFID ®identifies the product and provides relatedinformation, including, prices, promotions,combinations, photos, charts, among a number ofinformation , which can be adjusted to the desire ofthe merchant.The Totem RFID ® facilitate access to informationabout their customers the product they want,adding promotions and features the same product.
  38. 38. FAQ• You can also pay for Totem Totemand RFID ® Personal ®?Yes.Not to compromise the use of Totem RFID ®,we always suggest that the merchant allowsthe client include the code of the seller atthe time of purchase, to generate theappropriate committees the same. ThusTotem RFID ® will always be a helper andnot a replacement for the seller.
  39. 39. FAQ• Where do I put?In the clothing store, next to mirrors andtasters.On shop other products across the store foreasy customer use.
  40. 40. FAQ• How can I help?The Totem RFID ® leads to his client, much moreinformation about your product: prices, discounts,features, promotions, directions, forms of payment,pictures, among others, related to the product that itis at hand, which makes marketing more targeted,highly facilitating the sale.Using Totem RFID ® as a tool to support your salesteam (along with the seller using the client) takesinteractivity with the product, your customer has notyet experienced.Raising further the success of your sales!
  41. 41. Under Products• All products found in Totem RFID ®and Totem Pessoal ® have their datarecorded.• From these data it is possible tocross-reference information andextract trends, behaviors, interests,etc ... and thus the need to adaptyour business to your customer.
  42. 42. Business model• The business model of these productsis the lease.• All equipment involved in the solution(monitors, antennas, computers, etc...) are replaceable in case ofmalfunction, no additional cost.• The client has all the necessarysupport administration of theinformation contained therein.
  43. 43. Counted• WSL Serviços de Informática• Telefone: +55 11 9 9720 7384• E-mail:• MSN:"Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring you wealth.“(Prov. 10:4)