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Energizer Funny was a pre-conference workshop I was invited to do for Joel Goodman for his 2008 Humor and Creativity Conference at Silver Lake in upper New York State.

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  • Kate

    I appreciate the comments, especially the nice ones (<:

    I seldom get comments through SlideShare...I only post my ppts from all my presentations to share them with the audience members.

    When I was in Malaysia for 12 days in November I gave a mix of presentations, some were only slightly different. I modified some aspects, especially the title slides, the footers or headers in each presentation based upon who the audience or client was.

    Then I posted the various ppts I used, sometimes 3 or 4 different ones in the 2 to 4 hour presentations.

    SlideShare though their software is not completely insync with PPT or Keynotes it comes close enough for those who want to have something to remind them of the presentation.

    I enjoyed being at the Double Festival and meeting. I many found memories from those few days and the various puzzles of yours that I purchased that weekend.

    You spend 18 hours with your business

    I spend 18 hours (many to most days) writing, responding through various internet media.
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  • Hmm, I didn't mean to put your funny bunny down, Alan. Besides, I'm new to this SlideShare affair. It nagged us to add comments, so I did. But perhaps I was not supposed to get involved, since I was not at that workshop. Maybe I should just shut up and stay out. On the other hand, I'm one of those sensitive/observant people, so my critical and creative faculties are always engaged. And I continue to get stuff from you.

    I'm glad to learn that 320 participants got a lot out of the workshop. I've always admired your presentations, from the Double Festival days.

    From all the emails and notices I've been getting from and about you, you're a virtual tornado of postings, sharings and activities. I don't think I can keep up with you. My own business requires 18 hours a day of my time.

    I also find it distressing that my entire list of credentials is appended to my name with every comment. Isn't there a way to shut that off and just have my name? Should I edit my profile to remove all that? I may give up on these 'social media' media at this rate.

    Just in case you're interested, however, I did post 2 slideshows and 2 .pdf documents of talks I have given. I'm listed as SlideShare's puzzlelady.

    All best wishes, -- Kate
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  • I commented but it didn't show up here. Maybe the system has a glitch.
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  • Kate you obviously are a highly critical person.

    Out of context the slide show only may not be funny.

    The slide show was the content (giveaway) and exercises for a 3 hour workshop on how to had natural laughter and humor through involving the entire audience.

    The audience laughed many times.

    Looking at the slides may not cause you to laugh.

    I put the slide show on slideshare to share it with the 320 participants of the program at the Humor Project who either attended my pre-workshop or not.
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  • What's there to add? What's there to say?
    You're too awesome, you blow us away.
    You've said it all, you're in control,
    You're the entire salad bowl.

    Besides, to comment I've had to sign up with SlideShare or give them all my FaceBook info. If you weren't so cute, Alan, I would not have bothered, as it feels too much like coercion.

    As for 'The Energizer Funny', aside from the rabbit pun, I found nothing funny, humorous, chuckle-provoking or entertaining in it. Seems to me these workshops take themselves too seriously. And their intent, paradoxically, is to manipulate people to mold them into new behaviors, to become agreeable team players. Strain their individuality through corporate goals. Still, a day at the workshop is a day away from the office. That's got to be energizing. All the best to you, Alan.

    Now that I'm signed up with SlideShare, I should see if it can help me sell my games. I have a nice slide show to post.
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