Gemini project


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A story about a twins who destinied to die.

Art by Wanda Lee
Story by Misty Lu

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Gemini project

  1. 1. Project: Gemini Script Writer: Misty Lu Script Supervisor: Wisdomknight 左林騎士 English Editor: Gabrielle Soileau, Mimi Chiu Time: 2010 Sound Design: Wei 陳嘉暐 Voice Actors: Narrator: Tyler W. Oswald Castor: Niel Ramune Pollux: Niel Ramune Blind Eye Girl: Valerie Mathena Brother A: Irah Wajchman Brother B: Tyler W. Oswald Brother C: Kemuri Kuma Village Elder: Burnee A Villager A: Tyler W. Oswald Villager B: Niel Ramune Villager C: Kemuri Kuma
  2. 2. Gemini Page 2 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P1 Narrator: 11 The Gemini rises with the glowing moon and sinks with the shining sun. Twins, their bodies and souls, would never leave each other until destiny tears them apart. P2 Narrator: 10 One of the two stars fell to the ground with a bloody red light. Through words, the great power brings out the darkness of death and the brilliance of new life. SE: 墜落聲與轟隆炸地聲 P3 Narrator: 7 The two stars will suffer. The one who can save them is another star linked by destiny.
  3. 3. Gemini Page 3 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P4 Narrator: 8 The bright light comes. The white feathers fly. This story will be told now and forever. P5 3 Part I Sub total: 39 P6 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump
  4. 4. Gemini Page 4 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P7 Castor: 4 I heard it again; another heartbeat inside my body. P8 Brother A: 13 Red-Eyes Castor, here you are again! Are you still waiting to “curse” somebody? Brother B: There’s dead people’s blood in your red eyes, right? Brother C: Scary! Your eyes are as red as blood! P9 Castor: 8 The power of curse… If what you said is true, the first curse would definitely be you three! Go to Hell!
  5. 5. Gemini Page 5 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P10 Brother A: 9 Oh! He cursed me! Brother B: Haha, die? Do you have any idea who we are? Brother C: Guys…leave him alone, let’s go home… P11 Castor: 3 You cowards. P12 Brother A: 14 What did you say? Brothers, this guy’s looking down on us! Brother B: Well, well, Castor, watch your attitude! Or did you forget how we treated you last time? Brother C: Brothers, his red eyes are terrifying…
  6. 6. Gemini Page 6 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P13 Castor: 13 Come! Just kill me because I am different! Then you will have a perfect world, right? Are you daring to say that all of you have same eyes, same noses, and same hair? ARE YOU THE SAME AS OTHERS? Part III Sub total: 66 P14 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump P15 Castor: 2 Where am I?
  7. 7. Gemini Page 7 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P16 Blind Girl: 4 This is my house. You don’t sound so good. Are you all right? P17 Castor: 3 Who are you? Aren’t you afraid of me? P18 Blind Girl: 7 Why should I be afraid of you? Do you look horrible? It’s a pity that I can’t see how terrifying you are.
  8. 8. Gemini Page 8 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P19 Castor: 4 …You’re blind… So you’re not afraid of my red eyes… P20 Blind Girl: 5 You have red eyes? Wow, they must be very warm and beautiful. P21 Castor: 5 I don’t know… People say I use my red eyes to curse them.
  9. 9. Gemini Page 9 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P22 Blind Girl: 7 How can that be? We use our eyes to learn the world. There can’t be such horrible power in our eyes. P23 Castor: 6 You’re so kind. If I had any power to bless you, I wish you could have a pair of normal eyes. P24 Blind Girl: 3 Thank you; may I know your name?
  10. 10. Gemini Page 10 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P25 Castor: 3 Castor. My name is Castor. P26 Blind Girl: 4 Just take a rest here, Red-Eyes Castor. Part IIII Sub total:55 P27 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump
  11. 11. Gemini Page 11 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P28 Castor: 7 No! They died! Three of them! Ridiculous! Why does my wish come true only now!? P29 Villager A: 6 He ran out of the blind girl’s house! Villager B: Catch him! Catch the devil! Villager C: Don’t let him escape! P30 Castor: 9 There’s nowhere to hide… but I can’t run any farther. Please, at least don’t bring any trouble to that girl…
  12. 12. Gemini Page 12 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P31 Pollux: 2 Castor. I finally found you. P32 Castor: 10 You! You are here to catch me, right? Then take me to the execution yard and cut off my head! Let me rot like the dead bodies in the mud! COME ON! P33 Pollux: 6 Castor, close your eyes and sleep. All the pain will be gone after you wake up.
  13. 13. Gemini Page 13 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P34 Castor: 11 What…? I am losing… strength… Why do you sedate me with this strange magic instead of taking me away? Who are you? P35 Pollux: 4 I’m Pollux, your only brother. P36 Castor: 5 The same red eyes… like mine! Part IV Sub total:62
  14. 14. Gemini Page 14 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P37 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump P38 Villager A: 5 KILL HIM!! Villager B: Justice has come! TIME TO AVENGE THOSE KIDS!! P39 Village Elder: 4 Kneel down. Do you have anything to say before you die?
  15. 15. Gemini Page 15 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P40 Pollux: 3 Just… let my death end everything. P41 Castor: 6 No… No! I can’t just sleep here now! I have to wake up! WAKE UP! P42 Village Elder: 8 You’re facing death. You’re not even going to cry? Heartless DEVIL! So…
  16. 16. Gemini Page 16 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P43 Castor: 2 NO---------------------!! P44 1 SE: 唰 P45 Castor: 3 Fortunately, it’s not too late…
  17. 17. Gemini Page 17 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P46 2 P47 Castor: 11 Pollux, this world’s given up on me. But, at last, I met you. This is the first and last memory worth remembering. P48 Pollux: 2 Castor…!?
  18. 18. Gemini Page 18 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P49 Castor: 14 This is my sin, my own fault. You’re not supposed to bear the chains for me. My life is meaningless. But you’re different, you have the right… P50 Castor: 2 the right to LIVE. P51 Pollux: 3 Castor…?
  19. 19. Gemini Page 19 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P52 2 SE: Ba-bump (大聲一點) P53 Pollux: 7 Why can’t I hear your heartbeats, Castor… Why…? P54 2 SE: Ba-bump (更大聲一點)
  20. 20. Gemini Page 20 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P55 Castor: 7 Now I know… The sound of single heartbeat… is lonely. Part V Sub total: 84 P56 Pollux: 3 Ahhhhh!! P57 Villager A: 4 What’s going on…? Villager B: There’s another “Castor”? Villager C: And he has… WINGS!
  21. 21. Gemini Page 21 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P58 2 P59 Pollux: 9 You… killed Castor. This pain, this anger… Every part of my body is roaring furiously!! P60 Pollux: 5 I will avenge-- I will make you all pay for it…!!
  22. 22. Gemini Page 22 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P61 Ahhh!! 2 Ahhh!! P62 2 P63 Pollux: 5 But I know… endless revenge is pointless.
  23. 23. Gemini Page 23 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P64 Pollux: 8 Words are powerful. When you speak to hurt someone, eventually you lead to self destruction. (See, he is so good. Compared to him, you are like shit.) (You’re a jerk!) (I hate you!) (I don’t want to see your face!) (Get out of my life!) (Stupid!) (Idiot) (Go to Hell!) (Can’t you do anything right?) (You’re worth nothing!) P65 Pollux: 12 Castor brought this disaster. But you’re not the only victims. Now all of us lose our important family. If I could still pray…
  24. 24. Gemini Page 24 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P66 Pollux: 5 Return-- return everything to how it was. Part VI Sub total:57 P67 2 P68 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump
  25. 25. Gemini Page 25 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P69 Castor: 2 So warm… P70 Pollux: 6 Castor, here’s where you were born: The Temple of Awakening. P71 Castor: 2 I’m alive…?
  26. 26. Gemini Page 26 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P72 Pollux: 3 Yes, both of us are still alive. P73 Castor: 17 Oh…The warmth of life brings peace to the mind. I have never imagined my hands could be held so dearly by someone like this. If it weren’t for your synchronized heartbeats for the last few years, I could have died somewhere. P74 2
  27. 27. Gemini Page 27 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P75 Castor: 3 Pollux? What’s going on? P76 Pollux: 14 Castor, you survived because of your strength. Not me. I hated you previously. Why should I be one of the twins? Why I am not the only one? Why should I hear your heartbeats? P77 Castor: 2 You’ve thought that?
  28. 28. Gemini Page 28 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P78 Pollux: 12 After you went missing, the prophecy repeatedly reminded me: “One of us will die.” Are we supposed to accept this destiny just because we are the twins? P79 Castor: 2 So you… P80 Pollux: 12 Right. I am a selfish person. I thought I could earn their respect if they knew I scarified myself to save you. Really, I was just taking advantage of you…
  29. 29. Gemini Page 29 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P81 Pollux: 17 But when you collapsed in front of me, and when I couldn’t hear your heartbeats anymore… All the hate of destiny went away and the only thing left was pain. This overwhelming pain almost made me lose my mind. P82 Castor: 18 Pollux, I felt the same. The moment the axe hewed, the only thing that ran through my mind was: “Finally, I will be free.” But everything is different now. Because of you, my life is full of meaning. P83 Pollux: 10 Castor… In the end, I am the one who has been saved. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how twisted my heart would still be.
  30. 30. Gemini Page 30 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P84 Castor: 7 Now we’ve found each other, it is for the best. Let us not leave each other again. P85 Pollux: 7 Yes, because we are inseparable. Because we are the “Gemini.” P86 2 SE: Ba-bump Ba-bump
  31. 31. Gemini Page 31 Cut Picture Dialogue Time(sec.) P87 Blind Girl: 7 Castor, I can now see the beauty of this world. I can't even bear to close my eyes. P88 6 Part VII Sub total:155