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  • Kids play some form of digital entertainment multiple times a day
  • Kids under 18 make up 25% of marketBUT Kids influence 75% of the purchaseKids 6-12 greatly impact back half of console cycle which is where we are now ** Influence over $11 billion in video game sales alone
  • Boys 8-11:Call of Duty seriesMario seriesMadden seriesLego seriesHalo seriesNBA seriesWii gamesWWE seriesNeed for Speed seriesNHL seriesGears of War seriesStar Wars seriesBoys 11-15Call of Duty seriesNBA seriesMadden seriesHalo seriesFIFA seriesGrand Theft Auto seriesElder Scrolls seriesLegend of Zelda seriesMario seriesNeed for Speed seriesSaint's Row seriesAssassin's Creed seriesBattlefield 3Girls 8-11Mario seriesJust Dance seriesWii gamesCall of Duty seriesCooking Mama seriesGrand Theft Auto seriesMadden seriesAngry BirdsMichael Jackson Sims seriesWipeoutGirls 12-15Call of Duty seriesMario seriesJust Dance seriesGrand Theft Auto seriesSims seriesWii gamesMichael Jackson The ExperienceRock Band seriesAngry BirdsCooking Mama seriesFIFA seriesFruit Ninja
  • Boys 8-11 Dropped:CarsSpider-ManRock BandGirls 8-11 Dropped:iCarlyLittlest Pet ShopHannah MontanaGirls 12-15 Added:Call of DutyMichael Jackson Boys 12-15 Added:Battlefield 3Saint’s Row
  • Girls tend to play more on portables than boys = 2% pointsiOS devices represent a large portion of the market DS/DSi is preferred platform for the 8-11 both boys and girls iPod Touch is preferred platform for 12-15 both boys and girls PSP ranks higher with the older boys than the DS/Dsi
  • Motion Control57% have used motion control3DGirls 12-15 are not interested in 3D games but girls 8-11 are The majority of boys of are interested in playing 3D games Novelty because
  • Top Activity: Ages 8-11 -- play games for both boys and girls Ages 12-15 -- chat & social networking for both boys and girls
  • Web: all ages #1 except boys 8-11 where it is #2 only to YouTubeTablets: #1 for all ages Ages8-11 – 26-31% have their own account Ages 12-15, Boys: 77% have own account and Girls: 83% have own account
  • Dropped Off The List:MyspaceMiniclipNickNeopetsRobloxAdded To the List:SkypeTwitterMinecraftWorld of WarcraftMoshi MonstersStardoll
  • Facebook is #1 for all groups except: Boys 8-11 where YouTube is still #1 - Back in 2010 it ranked #7 Tumblr – Girls 12-15 are using the microblogging platform to post text, photos, links, music and videos = 46.2 million blogs and 13.4 million visitors (Comscore)Twitter - social networking for text posts = 140 million users
  • Apple: 365 million iOS devices67 million iPadsAmazon Store 84% bought their phones newGirls – at least 43% play on mobile devices
  • Tablet games are slight different:Angry BirdsFruit NinjaPoptropicaMinecraftPlants vs. Zombies
  • What it means for developers:More entertainment on more devices Lots of opportunity, but….Higher development costsHigher customer acquisition costsHigher retention costsMore security
  • Kids and Games - Digital Kids Conference 2012

    1. 1. Kids and Games 2012 Presented at Digital Kids Conference, April 27 2012 M2 Research
    2. 2. M2 Research Overview Company Overview M2 Research Covers: • Traditional Gaming: consoles and PCs • Online Gaming: MMOs, virtual worlds, F2P • Gaming Segmentation: Analysis of gaming profiles and demographics • Emerging Trends: mobile, microtransactions • Technology: emerging tools, new platforms Our Analysis Includes : • Market Reports • Industry Newsletters • Customized Market Profiles and Analysis • Consulting With Clients on Marketing, Competitive and Growth Strategies
    3. 3. What We All Know About Kids • Kids love to play games • Kids try lots of games • Boys and girls have different play patterns 1. Kids influence over 75% of video game purchases 2. Over 93% say they play games online
    4. 4. CONSOLES Console market is in transition • Kids influence over $11 billion in video game sales annually • New console and portable devices • More downloadable content coming • Consoles as family entertainment devices
    5. 5. CONSOLES 35.0 30.0 BOYS % 25.0 GIRLS % 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 Call of Duty series Mario series Just Dance series Wii games Madden series Grand Theft Auto series Halo series Sims series FIFA series Lego series WWE series Need for Speed series
    6. 6. Favorite Video Games Boys Girls Source: M2 Research: Kids and Games
    7. 7. Portables Portable Device Usage 45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 iPod Touch DS/DSi other cell phone iPhone iPad PSP other don't play Source: M2 Research: Kids and Games
    8. 8. Add-ons and Peripherals More than half have used motion control devices including: • Wii Motion Plus • Microsoft Kinect • Sony Move Half of all kids are interested in play games in 3D: • This may be more of a novelty Source: M2 Research: Kids and Games
    9. 9. ONLINE Focus is on social networks and virtual worlds 1. Internet Usage Among Kids is Changing : • From closed subscription-based model to open/social free-to-play model 2. Online usage is going multi platform – multi screen: • Kids are becoming platform agnostic 3. Over 93% of all kids say they play games online: • Access to games and applications critical
    10. 10. The Facebook Phenomenon #1 Site: Online Community or Virtual World • Facebook ranks #1 for overall web activity and tablet activity • Over half (55%) have their own Facebook account
    11. 11. Online Community or Virtual World Boys: 8-11 Girls: 8-11 Boys: 12-15 Girls: 12-15 Source: M2 Research: Kids and Games
    12. 12. Favorite Websites Over 93% of kids play games online 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 BOYS % GIRLS % 0.0 Source: M2 Research: Kids and Games
    13. 13. Mobile Kids are quickly adopting mobile devices as a preferred game platform. • Kids are engaging with multiple screens simultaneously • Not just at the PC, but on the living room couch as well • Mobile devices are changing the way kids engage with their games PHONES: • 64% - kids have mobile phones • Girls are playing more on mobile devices than boys TABLETS: • 45% - kids have played games on a tablet • 79% - play on an iPad
    14. 14. Mobile Favorite Mobile Games 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 BOYS % 5.0 0.0 GIRLS %
    15. 15. What’s Next? Console Online Mobile More entertainment Beyond virtual worlds In game advertising New devices Social Networks TV controllers More add-ons Free-to-play Location-based and AR
    16. 16. Contact Information For further information please contact: Wanda Meloni