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Interesting insights to Leoni\'s Business Group Electrical Appliances Assemblies!

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Leoni Insider 2011-I

  1. 1. insider Electrical Appliances · 1 / 2011 Dear Insiders, During the shareholders’ meeting in May 2011, LEONI AG expressed once again its strategy involving international growth and innovation as major drivers. This strategyContent: impacts on its stakeholders:■■ Four steps to success: Our employees, for example, are facing the challenge to act in global structures and material, cable, assembly to rapidly respond to trends and developments in our markets, which call for new and test expertise processes, new ways of communication and a different mindset. For our customers■■ Rubber cables – the answer LEONIs global set-up and its broad know-how covering the whole value chain provides to extreme requirements major advantages for their supply chains, in product design as well as in production■■ The land of the rising sun processes. stepped-up sales activity in Japan For this issue of the LEONI Insider, we decided to focus on global topics like our new■■ New products LEONI sales office in Japan and the start of decorating work on the new building of our■■ News from plants Chinese plant in Xiamen as well as on articles about the specific testing and material know how, which we – being LEONI – can specifically provide to our customers. Best regardsPublished byLEONI Cable Assemblies GmbHRothPhone +49 (0)9171-804-2640 Christoph Wolf Luc WagemansFax +49 (0)9171-804-2190 Senior Vice President Sales DirectorEditorial staffClaudia Schertel Business GroupSabine Kerschbaum Electrical Appliance AssembliesLEONI insider is a publication forcustomers of the Business GroupElectrical Appliance Assemblies.Subject to technical changes.© LEONI Cable Assemblies GmbH, Marketing
  2. 2. Four steps to success: material, cable, assembly and test expertise LEONI’s strength consists in the national or international approvals – and acidity. The material’s composition profound know-how along the whole material, product and application know- rounds off these benefits: unlike PVC, value chain starting with copper how is essential to satisfy our customers HFFR materials do not require additives drawing, through material develop- in their specific applications. LEONI – like plasticizers that can migrate to the ment, core and cable extrusion and as a leader in wire and cable business – soil or stabilizers based on heavy metals. automatic as well as manual assembly understands this need and has already of harnesses and plugs. As we are created a portfolio solution called Development of Testing Methods committed to transfer this know-how LEONI EcoSense. So, after having successfully developed into added value for our customers, the first in our line of LEONI EcoSense we decided, to name one example, Material Design – products, the next step was to find out some time ago to set-up specific Development of HFFR Material about their specific characteristics under testing and development expertise For many years, PVC has been one of the laboratory and practical conditions. for Halogen Free Flame Retardant most used materials in a wide variety of To respond to the expectations of the (HFFR) products for electrical appli- plastic products. Due to its chlorine con- customers, numerous HFFR tests have ances. tent, PVC inherently offers flame-resistant been performed in our laboratories, properties and can be used as insulation all relevant properties were analysed PVC, being the most common insula- material for cables. However, in case of and compared to PVC. LEONI does not tion material for years already, and its fire, PVC develops dark heavy smoke with only focus on standard mechanical and properties have been well recognized by toxic and corrosive emissions that can be chemical tests but has also developed customers over the last decades. LEONI dangerous for human beings. its own testing methods. Some of them wants to ensure that new material devel- are standard tests, some of them might opments fulfil customer expectations. Driven by several reasons, the use of sound bizarre but are justified by looking There is particular focus on mechanical so called halogen free, flame retard- at the exposure of the cable in daily life. properties, chemical resistance and ant (HFFR), fire retardant, non corrosive temperature resistance of the insulation (FRNC), and low-smoke, zero halogen I. Examples of Standard Tests and sheathing material as well as on (LS0H) materials have come to the fore. Tensile and elongation the injection moulding grades. This has HFFR materials provide safer and ecologi- Elongation at break refers to sheathing become relevant as HFFR has different cally acceptable solutions compared to and insulation compounds. Sheath or properties than PVC. It is not sufficient to traditional materials especially with cords are fixed on two movable fixing fix a standard or to simply comply with regard to smoke density, smoke toxicity points at the testing machine. Both2 LEONI insider
  3. 3. points move apart at a defined velocity. to the appearance and colour change For instance, to achieve a cable charac-The distance between the two reference of the power cords. HFFR materials are teristic very close to PVC, based on themarks at breaking point is then used for compared to PVC samples, if exposed to chosen type of possible HFFR materials,the calculation of elongation. Ketchup over different time periods. either new production parameters or a new combination of different insulationTensile strength tests are carried out Ageing in solvents and sheating materials is the key tosimultaneously on the same equipment. This test is designed to examine and success.The maximum tensile force during the assess the influence of solvents ontest is measured and recorded. The value mechanical properties of HFFR and PVC Assembly designis always referred to the cross-section power cords. For instance, our customers Especially for halogen free materials, aarea of the sheathing/insulation (N/mm2). want to know how our products behave good compatibility between plug and if in contact with cosmetic products or the cable is crucial to ensure that theFlexing test cleaning products. power cord meets the necessary stand-The flexibility test is carried out on a ards in pull force, bending and in torsion.special apparatus. The test is considered Based on these and numerous other And not every material can be success-fulfilled when the minimum required tests, LEONI has run hundreds of test se- fully processed on automated lines.number of 30,000 cycles for HFFR cables ries, in which we compared the mechani-is done without the following failures: cal, chemical and temperature responses LEONI specialists offer the ideal solution1) Current electrical load is interrupted of our new HFFR materials with the to our customers’ requirements.2) Short circuit occurs between the existing PVC products in order to help Cu conductors our customers better to identify the right3) Copper conductors are visible from solution to their needs. outside – damaged sheeting and Contact insulation Cable design The extensive findings from these LEONI Slowakia spol. s.r.o.II. Examples of more exotic test comprehensive tests bring benefit Dr. Henrich Krumpmethods to our cable design. Phone +421 32 6550 204Discoloration test in Ketchup Fax +421 32 6550 203This test is designed to examine and Mobile +421 911 421 322assess the influence of the testing solvent E-mail henrich.krump@leoni.comFlexing test LEONI insider 3
  4. 4. Rubber cables – the answer to extreme requirements In our daily life, we frequently expose ap- variety of applications like barbecue In addition to cables according to the pliances and tools to extreme mechanical grills, strip lights, agricultural machines, Japanese and UL standard, LEONI offers and thermal stresses. Especially when it power tools, stage tools etc. a broad range of cables approved ac- comes to outdoor use in dry, humid or cording to HD 22.1 S4 requirements and wet environments, it’s all the more The most robust insulation material is therefore bear the designation H05/H07. important that the cable ensures secure rubber. EPDM is usually used for the handling of the tools. There is a huge cores; the outer sheath is made of EPDM, CPE or NBR/PVC depending on the tem- perature requirements. Overview on LEONI’s rubber cables portfolio: Nominal Production Standard Temperature Code No. of cores cross section Insulation Sheath Tension sites H05RR-F 2–5 0.75 – 2.5 EPDM EPDM 300/500 Spain, China HD 22.4 + 60 °C H05RN-F 2–3 0.75 – 1 EPDM NBR/PVC 300/500 Spain, China HD 22.4 + 60 °C H07RN-F * 2–4 0.75 – 2.5 EPDM NBR/PVC 450/750 Spain, China HD 22.4 + 60 °C H05BB-F 2–5 0.75 – 2.5 EPDM EPDM 300/500 Spain, China HD 22.12 + 90 °C H07BB-F 2–4 0.75 – 2,5 EPDM EPDM 450/750 Spain, China HD 22.12 + 90 °C H05BN4-F 2–3 0.75 – 1 EPDM CPE 300/500 Spain HD 22.12 + 90 °C H07BN4-F 2–4 1 – 2.5 EPDM CPE 450/750 Spain HD 22.12 + 90 °C H07RN8-F 2–4 1 – 2.5 EPDM NBR/PVC 450/750 Spain HD 22.16 + 60 °C H05GG-F 2–4 0.75 – 1.5 EVA EVA 300/500 China HD 22.11 + 110 °C HHFF 2 0.75 – 2.0 CPE — 300 China JIS C 3301 + 90 °C Appendix 1 SJ, SJO, HSJO 2–6 0,824 – 5.26 EPDM CPE 300 Spain, China UL62 + 105 °C HPN 2–3 0.824 – 3.31 CPE 300 China UL62 + 105 °C * Oil resistant version available Type Codes – Examples: H05BB-F H05RR-F H Harmonisation specification H Harmonisation specification 05 Nominal voltage 300/500 V 05 Nominal voltage 300/500 V B Ethylene-propylene rubber up to +90 °C R Natural and/or synthetic rubber up to +60 °C B Ethylene-propylene rubber up to +90 °C R Natural and/or synthetic rubber up to +60 °C -F Finely stranded for flexible cables -F Finely stranded for flexible cables H07BN4-F H05RN-F H Harmonisation specification H Harmonisation specification 07 Nominal voltage 450/750 V 05 Nominal voltage 300/500 V B Ethylene-propylene rubber up to +90 °C R Natural and/or synthetic rubber up to +60 °C N4 Chlorosulfonated or chlorinated PE N Chloroprene rubber up to +60 °C -F Finely stranded for flexible cables -F Finely stranded for flexible cables4 LEONI insider
  5. 5. Extensive mechanical, Flammability test / vertical Bunsen Your contact for bulk cables: burner testthermal and chemical In preparation for the test, a Bunsen Asia: burner with a special ratio of gases is Kelvin Yuetests are carried out to switched on for a period of 5 minutes. LEONI Cable (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. The shape of the flame has to be adjusted No.6 Changjiang Central Rd.ensure the high quality according to the particular standard. New Area In a third step, the flame needs to be Changzhou 213022of the rubber cables. calibrated. This means that a tempera- Jiangsu ture increase from 100 °C to 700 °C must be achieved within 45 ± 5 s. After this, China:Pull test between grommet and cable a cable sample with a length of 60 cm Phone: +86 (0)519-85138-866Before the measurement, the plug is cut is fixed into two special clamps with an Fax: +86 (0)519-85138-877off from the cord set so that just the cable angle between the flame and the cable E-mail: kelvin.yue@leoni.comand the grommet remain. The sample of 45 degrees. The flame is applied foris submitted to the tensile test machine 60 seconds, and then the propagation ofwhere special clamps hold the sample the flame on the cable is observed, the Europe:in a vertical position. The parameter to burned length of the cable is measured. Francesc Freixasobtain is the rupture force between cable LEONI Furas S.L.and grommet at a defined speed. With its production facilities in Torà, C/Doctor Maluquer, 2 Spain and Changzhou, China, LEONI of- 25750 Torà (Lerida) fers this high quality of rubber cables on a worldwide scale. The world’s leading Spain: tooling and pump manufacturers are Phone: +34 (0)973473004 already sourcing the cables and power Fax: +34 (0)973473349 cords they need from our facilities. E-mail: francesc.freixas@leoni.com Your contact for power cords: Evelien Kesteloot LEONI Cable Belgium N.V. Kempische Steenweg 293 Bus 10 3500 Hasselt Belgium Phone: +32 (0)11-260-260 Fax: +32 (0)11-260-212 E-mail: evelien.kesteloot@leoni.com LEONI insider 5
  6. 6. The land of the rising sun – stepped-up sales activity With the foundation of LEONI Wire Various factors drove the decision LEONI is keen to face the challenge & Cable Solutions Japan KK in Janu- to step up LEONIs sales activity: to convince the Japanese market of its ary 2010, LEONI took a further step performance and therefore offers: forward in extending its global foot- Many key players in the consumer print. The new sales office is located electronics market, like Sony, Panasonic, ■■ a reliable local contact in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, Toshiba and Hitachi, have their roots in ■■ in-depth advice from well trained and has a team of five highly skilled Japan and conduct their business on a product managers in the fields of ma- employees. worldwide scale from their Japanese terial design, cable design, testing headquarters. A local contact to suppliers ■■ innovative solutions for first mover provides them the advantage of easy and markets fast communication. ■■ a broad portfolio of plugs approved by the Japanese standardisation associa- The Japanese appliance market is well tion PES for the national market: known for having the toughest tests and - 2 and 3 pole straight plugs with specifications anywhere in the world, external earth such as regulations for durability to high - flat plugs in straight bending cycles, non-migration cables and angled versions and double-insulated plugs. Moreover, - plugs in housing type and sleeve Japanese customers are at the forefront type version to prevent flying in environmental awareness and sparks and fire in cooling devices demand corresponding pro- ducts like halogen free cables. Detailed information in Japanese lan- guage on our Japanese product range can be found on the internet: http:// www.leoni-electrical-appliances.com/ Home.4894.0.html?&L=6 Your contact for the Electrical Appliance market: Yuichi Hoda, Key Account Manager LEONI Wire & Cable Solutions Japan KK Todagai 113 Nagakutecho Aichigun Aichiken 480-1124 Japan Phone +81-561-62-8365 Mobile +81-90-5112-3956 Fax +81-561-64-0335 E-mail: yuichi.hoda@leoni.com6 LEONI insider
  7. 7. New productsLEONI develops Japanese plugs to designations 2150 (for flat cables) or Saudi Arabia approves two plugsprevent flying sparks and fire in cool- 2155 (for round cables). The shape of thising devices version is very similar to conventional Following approval of the CW3201 and plugs. CW3202 plugs for the United Kingdom,Cooling devices and refrigerators with Singapore and Hong Kong, our ChineseJapanese plugs run the risk of flying Sleeve Type: the contacts are covered production location LEONI Cable Xiamensparks between the contacts of the plug. by an insulating layer directly at the has now received the approval to supplyTo avoid the risk of fire, plugs with anti- outlet of the plug. LEONI offers this plug the Saudi Arabian market. The tests oftracking properties are used. There are type with the product designation 2165. the plugs were carried out according totwo different versions that differ visually. This version shows a partially insulated SASO 2203/2003 und SASO 443/2003. pin.Housing Type: a filament resistantinsulation material inside the plug pre - Both versions comply with the "Electricalvents flying sparks by insulating both safety law PTI 400 (JS 2134 (2007)". Thecontacts from one another. LEONI offers plugs are developed and produced at ourthese plug types under the product Xiamen plant. Type CW 3201 and CW 3202 Extension of plug type 266 with rubber cable H07RN-F 2x1.0 mm²Type 2150 Type 2155 Type 2165 For Italy, the rubber cable H07RN-F has been amended to the plug type 266 to fulfil the requirements of the power tools industry. Although this plug system isSwitzerland – implementation of January 1st 2013, every plug must have only permitted up to 10A in Italy, it waspartially insulated contacts a partial insulation at the contact. LEONI necessary to enlarge the portfolio to already adjusted its portfolio and will include especially heavy H07RN-F classIn December 2009, SEV published a new start to sell the new products from July cables that are used for big percussionstandard for partially insulated plug pins. 2011 on. All products will be changed by drills and electric hammers. In Italy,The standard stipulates that, starting end of January 2012. higher power exceeding the 10A appli- cation is usually realised by assembled industrial plugs acc. to CEE.Type 370 Type 2015 Type 205 Type 266 LEONI insider 7
  8. 8. News from plantsExpansion of LEONI Xiamen The location benefits from its proximity service including R&D expertise.The growing market in China prompted to the key export harbour and to Shenzen A comprehensive project plan wasus to relocate our facility in Xiamen to a and therefore is an important building made for the relocation project and allnew and bigger building. With approx. block in our growth strategy. concerned customers were informed. We50% more space on 3 floors, the new will present our new site to you in detailpremises will allow us to optimize our Our south-Chinese customers in the in the next issue of the LEONI Insider.material flow and the layout of our equip- audio-video and appliances markets willment. Additional capacity can be set up. benefit from fast and reliable customer Beijing Xiamen LEONI insider 8