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Leoni insider 1_2012


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The latest update on Leoni's Electrical Appliance Assemblies Business Group.

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Leoni insider 1_2012

  1. 1. insider Electrical Appliances · 1 / 2012 Dear Insiders,Topics Even if we like our products, we don’t rely on unrealistic illusions. Nobody is going to buy a washing machine because it contains a LEONI cordset. This is why some of ourNews from plants customers call cordsets a commodity product. Some of our most appreciated contact■■ LEONI Cable Xiamen – persons are even called commodity buyers. new system X piece flow line■■ LEONI Cable Changzhou – However, we think it’s still worth devoting our energy to reflecting how we can make a Fully automated production of difference. We think that even within a commodity product quality matters and safety cordsets for the Chinese market should come first. In this edition of our newsletter we will show you two machine pro-■■ Calix vehicle heating system jects that embody this idea of constant improvement of process control and quality.■■ New products■■ New approvals Best regards,Published byLEONI Cable Assemblies GmbHRothPhone +49 (0)9171-804-2640 Christoph Wolf Luc WagemansFax +49 (0)9171-804-2190 Senior Vice President Sales DirectorEditorial staff Business GroupClaudia Schertel Electrical Appliance AssembliesSabine KerschbaumLEONI insider is a publication forcustomers of the Business GroupElectrical Appliance Assemblies.Subject to technical changes.© LEONI Cable Assemblies GmbH,Marketing
  2. 2. News from plants LEONI Cable Xiamen – new system X piece flow line Our first production set-up in China was based on manual work stations posi- tioned around U-shaped forwarding belts. Semi-finished cords were grouped in bundles and moved from station to station. Nowadays we apply a new system: the operations steps. As a result, the order What are the advantages? “X piece flow line”. Each cord is fixed in of operations cannot be changed. The X ■■ Danger of mixing products from differ- a holder in such a way that the operator derives from the application: most of our ent processes is eliminated. cannot remove or insert cords during products are moulded in a mould with ■■ Products are fixed in the line until processing. The production cycle starts at several cavities, so the X changes accord- they reach the final test station. Only the cutting units which also ensure that ing the number of products produced in then are the good products released the cut cables are put in a locked position the moulding tool. and non-confirming products are from where they are forwarded to subse- destroyed. quent workstations. How does it work? ■■ Process flow is not disturbed. The moulding operator needs 4/6/8 (X) ■■ Repair is not possible unless it is done Where does the name “X piece flow cut cables until the next step in op- at the original work station (no risk of line” come from? erations can be started. As soon as the different settings in repair station). One piece flow refers to the concept complete number of cables is reached, ■■ Automated transport. of moving one workpiece at a time the moulding operator has finished his between operations within a workcell. cycle, pushes a button and starts the LEONI has designed this production Each product is moved one by one to the next cycle. system for customers with highest process safety requirements and quality aspects. All lot sizes can be realised. The rollout of the X piece flow line concept is planned for other plants in Europe and China. Why this system ensures greater process safety? ■■ Operators can concentrate only on their process and the workstation has no interfering buffer of products. ■■ The operator cannot change the pro- duction sequence. ■■ The last operation testing involves the cables out of the line and Not Good products being destroyed.2 LEONI insider
  3. 3. LEONI Cable Changzhou – Fully automated production of cordsetsfor the Chinese marketAs already published, LEONI uses fully One of the most important tasks from theautomated IDC assembly lines for the customer’s perspective was to rule outinternal wiring of white goods in China in human influence on the product becauseorder to serve the market in that country, quality checks by the customer repeat-which is continuously growing. edly found human failure as a significantFor the same market, LEONI has intro- cause of product faults. The productionduced a fully automated line for the line meets this requirement because itproduction of 3-core Chinese cordsets. is impossible to withdraw or add partly finished cables from or to the process. Unusable or low-quality componentsOur customers’ extensive are another cause of faults. The fullyrequirements comprise automated production line means that the same highest standards are required■■ use of harmonised cables of the materials deployed, without which■■ use of specified and approved smooth-running production would materials not be possible. It took the interplay of■■ double insulation of the connector innovative material components with a head fully automated production line, which■■ plug inserts for fully automated both adds and monitors the components processing and carries out the work processes with■■ fully automatically fitted protective corresponding monitoring, to achieve the caps required quality.■■ crimp or tensile test on the plug insert after crimping The line, which was developed, built■■ crimp force monitoring on all other and final-assembled at our plant in contact parts Changzhou, China, was approved by■■ safe and tension-resistant gating the customer and commissioned for of grommets mass production just 6 months after■■ extensive product tests per cordset the contract was signed. The material with marking as good or definite components for use on the assembly line destruction of a faulty part were newly developed, tested as well as■■ process monitoring covering checked and approved by the customer virtually all steps at the same time as the line was be- ing built. The new components were simultaneously approved by the Chinese certification authority CCC. LEONI insider 3
  4. 4. Calix vehicle heating system Calix vehicle heating system ■■ ■■ Imagine being in an icy climate in wintertime. Imagine having your car parked outside. ■■ Imagine getting in the car. ■■ Imagine the car being warm, the windows clear and unfrosted. ■■ And all of this without keeping your engine running … ■■ Unthinkable? Think again! Many parking places in colder climates systems for cars, trucks and utility in 2009. LEONI has, since then, produced are equipped with electrical sockets, vehicles which need to function and well over 250,000 cords for the European where you can plug in the mains of an offer comfort, also under harsh weather and American market. auxiliary heating system, which will be conditions. warming the engine and the interior of As a result of our successful collaboration your car, and keeping the windows clear Our first contacts with Calix date back with Calix, LEONI was recently awarded of frost. from an exhibition in Jönköping in 2007 with a new line of flat cable cords engi- and quickly evolved in an intensive neered to the requirements of the North Our customer Calix, based in Eskilstuna, co-operation in the field of power cords. American market. The development of Sweden, is one of the leading manufac- A special splash proof and heavy duty tailored solutions for other geographi- turers of such supplementary heating connector linking the power cord to the cal area’s such as North China and South heating system inside the engine block America, are being studied and will and the heater inside the car was custom undoubtedly lead to an even closer part- designed and put into serial production nership with Calix. 1. Connecting Cable 10 8 9 2. Inlet Cable 3. Battery charger 4. Relay for the timer 5. Extension cable 6. Multiple socket 5 3 7. Engine heater 7 8. Cab with socket 6 5 9. Cab heater 2 10. Remote for the timer 1 44 LEONI insider
  5. 5. New products Plug 2145 The need for additionally secured plugs in North America is increasing because home installations are to some extent unable to eliminate risks promptly. LEONI has therefore developed the 2-pin plug type 2145 in which a replaceable mini-protection for an additional power shutdown is included. The plug is approved by UL in conjunction with bulk cable SPT-2-R 18AWG. The protection is 2.5A at 125V. Plug 2160 The 2-pin type 2160 plug is based on the type 285 that has been successfully introduced in Europe. The distinctive feature is the pins that are provided with insulating sleeves used in Korea. The plug is specially designed for heavy power tools of the Korean market. Plug 380 The type 380 plug is the first LEONI 2-pin plug with protection contact to have been approved by the Thai approval authority. The plug is for applications of 250V and a load up to 16A. In addition to this plug there are two further plugs available for the market in Thailand.New approvalsLEONI Cable Xiamen LEONI SlowakiaThai plug 380C validated by EEI EU plug CW3191 now also a double insulated version with cap approved by KemaLEONI Cable Xiamen/LEONI Slowakia EU 282/2 plugs portfolio broadened withCustomer specific GD3A connector ENEC approved by Kema ■■ a double insulated version with cap ■■ H05BB-F 3G2.50 mm²LEONI Cable Xiamen/LEONI Cable Changzhou ■■ H05VV-F 3G2.50 mm²Perilex plug 415C approved as 4 and 5 pole ■■ H05RR-F 3G2.50 mm²plug by Kema ■■ H05RR-F 3G1.50 mm² ■■ H05RR-F 3G1.00 mm² ■■ H07BQ-F 3G2.50 mm² LEONI insider 5