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Broadband CA

  1. 1. •This presentation will highlight possiblebroadband internet that is available to an SMEbusiness in my area.
  2. 2. Eircom ‘eircom is the principal provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland with approximately 2.6 million fixed-line telephone access channels in service. Our mobile division includes Meteor and eircom mobile’
  3. 3.  Digiweb ‘Digiweb is Ireland’s leading independent telecommunications company. Founded in 1997 and with head offices in Dublin, Digiweb is a full- service national communications and managed services provider. It provides nationwide broadband access, enterprise data networks, data centre and web hosting services, managed services and telephony to residential, business and public sector customers. ’
  4. 4. Upc ‘Upc broadband is the European division ofLiberty Global,inc., the world’s leading international cable operator. UPC bringstelevision, broadband internet and telephoneservices to approximately 10 millioncustomers throughout 10 Europeancountries.’
  5. 5.  ‘Vodafone is Irelands leading total communications provider with over 2.35 million mobile and fixed subscribers. We employ approximately 1300 people in Dublin and Dundalk; almost half of whom work in customer care, providing customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’
  6. 6.  Companies that are providing internet to my area include: Eircom( Landline) Digiweb(Satellite) UPC(Cable) Vodaphone(Mobile)
  7. 7.  Eircom: provide both broadband and telephone services to business and homes. Digiweb: provides boradband and home phone services. Upc: provides home phone, broadband and television. Vodaphone: offers broadband at home, broadband on mobile and internet on the phone.
  8. 8.  Eircom uses fibre broadband and telephone lines(fixed line connection). Digiweb uses satellite to provide broadband. UPC uses fibre power broadband as it’s medium of communication. Vodaphone uses modems as the communication method for broadband.
  9. 9. Eircom 12 month contract 24 MB uncongested broadband Free 3 months Free self-install connection Free wifi modem Consistent speed 24/7 Upload speed of 1MB
  10. 10. Digiweb 24 month contract 10mbps download speed 4mbps upload speed 25 GB available traffic 10 MB satellite speed
  11. 11. UPC 100 MB download speed 7MB upload speed Free modem 500 GB 300MB webspace No phone line required
  12. 12. Vodaphone 12month contract 10 GB usage Free device provided Free stick modem
  13. 13.  Eircom- €65 per month Digiweb- €107.55 per month plus an install and equipment charge of €219.95 Upc- €55 per month Vodaphone-€19.90 per month
  14. 14.  SOHO business: Small office/ home office Costs for a SOHO business would include: line rental phone line if required for broadband Installation and equipment costs
  15. 15.  The most suitable option for my SME is Upc broadband. I chose it because: not too expensive It has fast upload and download speeds No telephone line is required( may beneficial to save costs to use a work mobile) There are no extra charges as the modem is free and there is no installation requirements.
  16. 16. ••