World Institute of Surgical Excellence Company Profile


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The World Institute of Surgical Excellence Company Profile provides an overview of the WISE healthcare service offering, the patient process, the quality outcomes that patients obtain and the dramatic savings that WISE is able to offer to individual patients, companies, associations and all other entities with healthcare needs.

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World Institute of Surgical Excellence Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile Excellence 2013World Institute of Surgical The World Institute of Surgical Excellence Company Profile provides an overview of the WISE healthcare service offering, the patient process, the quality outcomes that patients obtain and the dramatic savings that WISE is able to offer to individual patients, companies, associations and all other entities with healthcare needs.
  2. 2. World Institute of Surgical Excellence Company ProfileOverviewThe World Institute of Surgical Excellence, “WISE”, is the largest and most patient centered globalhealth company in the world; with offices in nearly every major city in the United States and anoperations team to personally accommodate each and every patient in their destination countries,WISE is able to effectively handle any request and leaves nothing to chance. WISE caters to:  Individual patients  Self-insured companies  Third party administrators  Individual physicians and physician practices  Private and public unions  State, trade, national and medical associationsWISE prides themselves on their ability to provide patients an alternative to the traditional experience that is more patient focused and conducted with Joint Commission International(“JCI”, the international arm of JCAHO) accredited providers by world-renowned surgeons who arerecognized by their peers as experts in their prospective fields. In addition, WISE’s patients experiencetheir recovery in a tropical paradise at recovery centers with a 24/7 nursing staff, where their everywant and need is satisfied beyond their expectations. The World Institute of Surgical Excellence makesall of this and much more available at an average of 70% savings, when compared to the average costof the same procedures in the United States.Global health, more commonly referred to as medical tourism or medical travel is growing at a rapidrate, as more and more individuals and companies alike are discovering the wonderful benefits thatare inherent in accessing the great quality healthcare available outside of the United States. This inturn creates a better and less expensive healthcare experience, for those involved, in destinations suchas Costa Rica, which is ranked higher than the United States for quality of healthcare by the WorldHealth Organization.WISE has positioned themselves as the global leader in medical tourism and is proud to offer a solutionto the healthcare needs of North Americans that is safe, affordable, comprehensive and evenenjoyable. In the words of the Executive Director of the Council for the International Promotion ofCosta Rican Medicine, Massimo Manzi, “…no one does it better than WISE does.”
  3. 3. Breadth of ServicesWISE has a broad range of services that they regularly see patients for, including, but not limited to thefollowing:  Anti-Aging Medicine  Bariatric Surgery  Cardiology  CCSVI Liberation (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency)  Cosmetic Surgery  Dental  Dermatology  General Surgery  In Vitro Fertilization  OBGYN  Ophthalmology  Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery  Otolaryngology  Orthopedics  Stem Cell o Parkinson’s o Multiple Sclerosis o Rheumatic Diseases o Diabetes o Cosmetic Rejuvenation o Orthomolecular Medicine o Much More…  UrologyProvidersCIMA HospitalWISE provider, CIMA Hospital, is affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas and managedby the International Hospital Corp of Dallas,Texas; also, it is the only hospital in CentralAmerica accredited by the U.S. Veteran AffairsOffice, which has a location in the main lobby ofCIMA.CIMA Hospital is equipped for over 60specialties with 170 physicians, a completeimaging department including open MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, a full servicelaboratory, and a 24 hour pharmacy.
  4. 4. Clinica Zahha Ambulatory Surgery CenterClinica Zahha is one of WISE’s ambulatory surgery centers. The facility is an American Association forAccreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) accredited ambulatory surgery center thatboasts the latest technology, high tech operating rooms and a full service aesthetics department.Clinica Zahha is set up for several different fields ofmedicine including, urology, cosmetic, surgery,oncology, orthopedic, vascular surgery, pediatrics,dermatology, and internal medicine.The WISE physicians in Costa Rica have surgeryprivileges at Clinica Zahha and the Zahha family goesabove and beyond to make sure patients feel at home.The full service spa embedded in Clinica Zahha is sureto sooth any preoperative anxiety for the patients and we have also found that family members areable to enjoy spa services during their wait time, as they accompany the patient.Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica WISE dental clinic, Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica, is an American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) accredited facility that is comprised of dentists that specialize in specific areas of dentistry. This ensures that each WISE patient has a doctor that specializes in the prospective area of dentistry that they need to be treated for, as opposed to having a general dentist performing a wide range of services. This WISE dental facility is a part of the AmericanAcademy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is accredited by theInternational Congress of Oral Implantologists.Lastly, Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is the only dental clinic inCentral America that is licensed to do immediate loadzygomatic implants, which allows patients that are goodcandidates and in need of a dental implant to have a moresimple, effective, permanent, immediate and beautifulresult.
  5. 5. Hospital Clinica BiblicaWISE hospital, Hospital Clinica Biblica is affiliated withBlue Cross-Blue Shield. The hospital was founded in1929 and has grown and prospered ever since. Thehospital is also affiliated with the prestigiousEvergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington andClinica Biblica and Evergreen have a teachingrelationship allowing doctors of both facilities to trainin either facility. The hospital is also affiliated withTulane Medical Center, Oschner Medical Center (bothin New Orleans), and Mount Sinai Medical Center inFlorida. Clinica Biblica is equipped for over 60 surgeryspecialties, including cancer care, orthopedics, bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, a coronary center,general surgery, OBGYN, oral surgery and much more.IVF PanamaWISE center for In Vitro Fertilization, IVF Panama, isembedded in the prestigious Johns Hopkins PuntaPacifica Hospital and is recognized for theiroutstanding success rates. The success rates of WISE’sIVF clinic are twice that of the United States average for women of any age (25% in the U.S. vs. 52%with WISE) and 35% greater for women age 35 and under (41% in the U.S. vs. 68% with WISE). Theclinic maintains all of the credentials required to be accredited by the Joint Commission International(JCI), as well as the Johns Hopkins International (JHI) accreditation standards. The clinic’s head IVFspecialist is Dr. Mario Vega who is a part of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologistsand specialized at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Hospital and Medical Center in New York,where he received his Maternal and Fetal Medicine Fellowship.Johns Hopkins Hospital Punta PacificaWISE Hospital, Hospital Punta Pacifica, is a Johns HopkinsInternational Hospital and is accredited by the JointCommission International (JCI). Additionally, HospitalPunta Pacifica is managed by and meets the samestandards of Johns Hopkins for the Johns Hopkins’Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland; this goes for theWISE surgeons that work within the hospital as well.This WISE hospital works with 27 different U.S. insurance companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield,CIGNA, AETNA and the American Foreign Service - AFSPA (USA - Department of State). Additionally,Punta Pacifica is equipped for over 60 medical specialties including orthopedics, bariatric surgery, handmicrosurgery, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, and cardiology.
  6. 6. Pino’s Plastic Surgery Center Pino Plastic Surgery Center is a WISE cosmetic ambulatory surgery center and is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and was the first facility in Costa Rica to obtain this prestigious accreditation. This WISE cosmetic surgery center is overseen by certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ronal Pino, who is a part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is recognized as a leader in the field of plastic surgery.Stem Cells & Regenerative MedicineWISE stem cell clinic, Stem Cells & RegenerativeMedicine, is embedded in the prestigious JohnsHopkins Punta Pacifica Hospital. The clinicmaintains all of the credentials required to beaccredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), as well as the Johns Hopkins International (JHI)accreditation standards.WISE offers stem cell treatments for rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis andosteoarthritis, neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, treatment for type 1and 2 diabetes, cosmetic rejuvenation, orthomolecular medicine to modulate any imbalances occurringin cells using micro-nutrients and repair altered biochemistry, and more.Physicians from the United States frequently come to this WISE stem cell clinic to learn about thecutting edge treatments that are being performed, because of the fact that Stem Cells andRegenerative Medicine is setting the bar in stem cell medicine.RecoveryThe recovery process for WISE patients is set up not only to ensure that each patient has the medicaland nursing care that they need and deserve, but also to make the process of recovery enjoyable forthe patient. WISE patients have many choices, when it comes to their recovery retreat. They are ableto recover close to the city, outside of the city,overlooking a volcano, an 8 acre garden filled withbutterflies, the beach, the Pacific Ocean and/or theCaribbean, or even a Costa Rican cloud forest.The one constant that remains, no matter the WISErecovery center that a patient chooses is that everyone of them is easily accessible for patients of all agesand physical abilities and they come with 24-hournursing care with a registered nurse, when needed, atno additional cost. WISE patients are regularly quoted
  7. 7. as saying that “…my WISE recovery center was wonderful…all of my wants and needs were addressed, Iwas very well taken care of and I was able to focus on my recovery in a clean, tranquil environmentthat truly made me feel at ease….”Additionally, the WISE recovery staff is accustomed to all the needs and requests that medical anddental patients need to have addressed, because this is what they do full-time on a daily basis andthere is no request to small or too large.Patient AdvocatesOne of the largest contributors to the fact that WISE patients returnhome as raving fans about the quality outcome of their procedure ortreatment and their experience while partaking in the WISE patientprocess is the team of dedicated patient advocates located in WISE’sdestination countries.WISE has a team of patient advocates that makes sure every WISEpatient has every single one of their needs and desires fulfilled whilethey are in their destination country. WISE patient advocates are witheach WISE patient through every step of the patient process, eveninitiating contact with each patient before they leave for theirdestination country and providing the necessary services to ensure that the patient has a flawless trip;services including:  Greeting the patient at the airport with a large bouquet of tropical flowers  Whisking the patient away to their recovery center to get settled in  Taking the patient to all pre-operative and post-operative appointments  Taking the patient to every physical therapy session (when needed)  Going with the patient to their appointments on the day of their surgery or treatment  Arranging for patients to go on tours such as a coffee plantation, volcano, rainforest, beach, waterfall, canopy, and many others  Making sure each patient has all of the foods and beverages they prefer at their recovery center  Taking the patient to the airport on the day of their departure, thanking them and wishing them wellHaving a WISE patient advocate with them every step of the way allows each patient to feel safe,comfortable and at ease during their trip, because it lets them focus on the only thing they should haveto focus on, which is feeling healthy and being happy.Follow-UpOne area that really makes patients feel great about making the choice to have their healthcare needsfulfilled with WISE is the comprehensive follow-up that takes place after they return home. Prior toever boarding the plane to come to down to their destination country, WISE patients’ follow-up careappointment in their home town is scheduled by WISE with the appropriate physician relative to the
  8. 8. procedure they are having performed, so that they can rest assured that the necessary follow-up totheir procedure is taken care of appropriately. WISE coordinates the post-operative follow-up appointments between not only the patient and their doctor in their home town, but also between the patient and their WISE physician via a video conference call to ensure that the patient is able to ask any questions they may have or simply stay in contact with their WISE physician at any point and time, once they return home. WISE physicians pride themselves on not only their professional abilities as a surgeon and being a leader of their prospective fields, but also on their warmth and bedside manner; this is veryapparent to each WISE patient and makes them feel at ease when speaking to their WISE Physician.In addition to the follow-up that takes place specifically for each patient’s healthcare needs, WISEsends each and every patient gifts from their destination country 6 times per year, every year for therest of their life. WISE sends these gifts, which are anything from Costa Rican coffee to skin careproducts to juices from the local market, as a way of saying thank you for trusting WISE with yourhealthcare needs and to ensure that each patient knows they are forever part of the WISE family.Lastly, WISE has a “WISE Family Reunion” 2 times per year every year, where they invite all of the priorWISE patients to Costa Rica, so they can experience the tourism side of the country that they may nothave been able to on their initial healthcare trip, due to physical limitations or time. During the familyreunions, WISE patients are able to go on trips to the rainforest, the beach, canopy to go zip lining, therivers for white water rafting, volcanos, nature preserves with sloths, monkeys, toucans, macaws, andmuch more.Ensuring that every WISE patient has the care they need and deserve every step of the process andbeing certain that they know they are forever part of the WISE family is an integral part of the WISEexperience.SavingsThe fact that WISE offers patients the ability to have their procedures performed in world-class, JointCommission International accredited hospitals, with world renowned surgeons who have over 80% oftheir patients flying in every day for their services, obtain a higher level of personalized care than theyare accustomed to or would receive at home, and get to recover in a tropical paradise where they donot have to worry about the stresses of everyday life is reason for them to think this would cost morethan they would pay at home. However, the fact is that WISE patients save an average of 50-70% offthe cost of having their procedure done at home and this savings even includes their lodging, flightsand all of the exceptional services that WISE offers throughout the process. Here are some examplesavings for 10 of the more commonly performed WISE procedures:
  9. 9. Procedure United States Cost WISE Cost SavingsTotal Hip Replacement $45,000 $13,800 70%Total Hip Replacement (both) $75,000 $24,200 68%Total Knee Replacement $36,000 $12,400 66%ACL Repair $35,000 $5,200 85%Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass $25,000 $13,000 48%Gastric Sleeve $22,000 $11,000 50%Laparoscopic Hysterectomy $19,200 $6,300 68%Porcelain Veneers (per tooth) $3,000 $400 87%Dental Implants (per tooth) $3,500 $800 77%Total Mouth Restoration $75,000 $14,000 81% Average Savings = 70%*All medical and dental implants or other material that is foreign to the body are United States FDAapproved.FinancingWISE has partnered with to form“” where WISE patients areable to obtain the financing they may need forany procedure that they need and/or is the world’s largest Peer-to-Peer lending service and they provide thelowest medical loan rates anywhere in theindustry of financing.In Peer-to-Peer lending, borrowers post loanrequests on the Prosper site and these loans areinvested in by many lenders. Thus, a personborrowing $10,000 may have dozens and dozens of lenders investing in the loan. Prosper acts as theplatform, and collects and distributes all the money, though the loans on’splatform are originated by WebBank, an FDIC-insured Utah Industrial Bank.
  10. 10. Benefits of WISE & Prosper Loans for Borrower  Application is online and takes less than 5 minutes  Fixed loan rates from 6.59% to 35.84% APR (lower than any other financing for medical loans)  Loans are unsecured. No collateral required  Fixed rate – Interest rate never changes for life of loan  Multi-year terms  Easy monthly payments  Loan sizes from $2,000 to $25,000  No prepayment penalties  No upfront fees – Origination fees depend on credit rating of borrower and are taken from the loan proceedsHow Long Does the Borrowing Process Take?  5 minutes to get pre-qualified online  15 minutes to draft the loan listing  1 day to 2 weeks for lenders to fully commit to the loan  24 hours after loan is fully committed and verification documents are received, the patient receives funds  Some patients get their funds within 3-4 days of first application  The average WISE & Prosper patient borrower has the funds deposited directly into their account within eight days of submitting their application