Walt Metz Leadership Roles in ACC


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Presentation on the leadership roles held by Walt Metz in the Association of Corporate Counsel ("ACC")

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Walt Metz Leadership Roles in ACC

  1. 1. Walt MetzLeadershipRoles in ACCand Other CLEProgramsAssociation of Corporate Counsel 1
  2. 2. Testimonials“Walt was an active volunteer leader in ACC who had theability to bring people together and organize as well asmotivate other volunteers to get things accomplished. Heis knowledgeable, articulate and well-regarded by hispeers.” June 21, 2011Fred Krebs, President, Association of Corporate Counsel(ACC)“Walt has been a great leader in ACC for many years - oneverything from our public interest work (such as probono and diversity projects) to substantive presentationsthat have helped in-house counsel do their jobs better.Ive known him for far longer than our youthful featuresmight belie (:-), and so Ive had the pleasure of seeing himin action over time, in several working environments, andunder all kinds of different pressures: hes a greatexecutor and a wonderful person to work with ......Susan” July 15, 2010Susan Hackett, Senior Vice President and GeneralCounsel, Association of Corporate Counsel 2
  3. 3. National LitigationCommittee 3
  4. 4. Civil JusticeReform Initiative 4
  5. 5. National Committee ofthe Year Award 5
  6. 6. Basis ofCommittee AwardThe application by the ACC LitigationCommittee for Committee of the Year Award,Cited the following specific accomplishments:• Successfully planned for and carried out two full days of the Litigation Tract of CLE Courses for the Annual Meeting• Formulated and executed the Committee’s first plan of succession• Established a Minority Outreach Committee• Drafted for ACC Board Approval a Tort Reform Proposal 6
  7. 7. Leadership inContinuing LegalEducation 7
  8. 8. ACC CLE Presentations• American Corporate Counsel Association Annual Meeting Presentation: “Litigation Management Essentials for Small Law Departments” (Washington, D.C., October, 2000).• American Corporate Counsel Association Board of Directors Meeting: Draft and Seek Approval of Litigation Committee Tort Reform Proposal (Denver, Colorado, July, 2000).• American Corporate Counsel Association Annual Meeting Presentation: “A Claims Management Tool: Techniques To Limit The Impact Of Abusive Discovery Tactics Used Against Corporations In Negligence Actions” (San Diego, California, November, 1999).• American Corporate Counsel Association Annual Meeting Presentation: “Thinking Like a Plaintiff: The Affirmative Defense of Litigation” (Washington, D.C., November, 1998). 8
  9. 9. Example ACCProgram Listing 9
  10. 10. Other CLEPresentations• Martindale-Hubbell Counsel to Counsel Forum: Litigation & Dispute Resolution Management: Aligning Strategy, Budget and Support—Best Practices in Litigation Holds (Miami, Florida, May 13, 2010).• Transportation Lawyers Association Regional Seminar on Transportation Law and Litigation: “Ethics: Reporting and Billing Practices—A Panel Presentation” (Chicago, Illinois, January, 2002).• American Law Firm Association’s 9th Annual Transportation Law Seminar Presentation: “Evaluating the Catastrophic Injury Claim” (Rancho Mirage, California, April, 2001).• American Law Firm Association’s 8th Annual Transportation Law Seminar Presentation: “Representing Motor Carriers in Parallel Criminal and Civil Proceedings” (New Orleans, Louisiana, April, 2000).• ATA Litigation Center 1999 Highway Accident Litigation Seminar: “Limiting the Impact of Abusive Discovery Tactics by Plaintiffs in Trucking Accident Cases” (Beaver Creek, Colorado, October 1999).• Defense Research Institute (“DRI”) Annual Meeting Presentation: “Defense Counsel Practices and Procedures” (presentation to assembled national Werner defense panel members in San Francisco in October, 1998).• American Law Firm Association’s 6th Annual Transportation Law Seminar Presentation: “Defense of Cumulative Fatigue Cases - The In- House Perspective” (Coral Gables, Florida, April, 1997).• Council on Education in Management Seminar: “Handling Multi-State, Multi-Entity Workers’ Compensation Exposure” (Omaha, November, 1996). 10
  11. 11. LeadershipDevelopmentInstitute 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. In 13
  14. 14. ACC and Sears,Roebuck and Co.During 2004 and 2005Walt Metz initiated theDiversity PipelineProject at Sears, inconjunction with ACCand The Street 14