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Top coolest cars - Part 1


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Check it out to know the Top five coolest cars in the World. For more detail, visit the site

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Top coolest cars - Part 1

  1. 1. Look For a Car through the Top Five Cool Cars in Movies List Looking for a car to drive is not actually that hard. You only need to consider a couple offactors before you acquire your new ride. One of the places where you can find the best cars thatwould deliver your expectations would be in the movies. Everyone loves the movies because ofits quick turns, changing plots, hideous villains and of course, the heroes’ cars. Throughwatching several movies, you would be able to make a clear conclusion on what type of vehicleto acquire and the reasons on why to buy such an automobile. So, if you are planning to acquire avehicle, first try your luck with the Top five cool cars in Movies list. Most of the cars that youwould find in that list are truly jaw dropping. Some of them are even too expensive that you willbe shocked by the prices and so before you open up your bank account and acquire a vehiclewhich is not only uncool but also unknown feast your eyes on the Top five cool cars in Movieslist The reason why the automobiles in the movies are very interesting is that they aredesigned to show the attitude of the main actor. In reality, a vehicle can definitely show thesocial and financial standing of a person. Through looking at a car, the driver can be determinedif he is rich or what type of work does he has a lot of children. The type of work can also bedetermined by simply looking at the vehicle. For instance, race drivers are known to have roadhungry vehicles. Because they are addicted to speed, they are known to drive fast automobiles.Hence, most of the vehicles found in the Top five cool cars in Movies list would be the brandsused by racers. For politicians or famous celebrities, their cars would also portray their fame.Hence, they would acquire vehicles that would fit their elegance and their class. They wouldacquire the automobiles which would not only be expensive but hard to find. Throughpurchasing a car that is hard to find, they would be able to show their uniqueness and strength.This is actually another factor for automobiles which is seen in the Top five cool cars in Movieslist. Another reason why there are some handsome vehicles in the movies is because of theattractive concept. There was a recent study conducted on females and their attention to cars. Theresearch was about the attractiveness of automobiles to women and how cars would entice theopposite sex. Studies show that females quickly respond to automobiles which exhibit a certainmasculine look in the front. Automobiles which are also expensive and rare are consideredattractive by women. By simply using such cars, the drivers would also be able to be associated
  2. 2. by the vehicle that he drives. Hence, several cars that are shown in the Top five cool cars inMovies list are vehicles that have a manlier look. The vehicles that are found in the movies arenot only associated by masculinity, price, speed and rarity but also by age. Several antiquemodels of vehicles are known to attract a lot of people since they are now hard to find. The Topfive cool cars in Movies list would also show automobiles that are used in vintage movies and inhistorical stories.The Story on the Top Five Coolest Car Brands When considering vehicles, one of the most sought out reasons in acquiring cars wouldbe the brand. Millions of people around the globe respect their favorite icons right before theirown families. In reality, people are mesmerized because of the brands that they see in televisioncommercials and in magazines. Due to the effect that is created by the media, several brands inthe world of automobiles have risen up. Through the rise of brands, there are now lists of TopFive Coolest Car Brands on the planet. Such lists include the best of the best in terms of salesannually, the rise in stock prices and ultimately, the net worth of such companies. Production ofnew brands of cars is also included including the top of the line vehicles that has spurred theinterest of the masses. The list for the coolest brands does not stop simply on a certain countrybut also to foreign manufacturers who have shown their unending dedication in the realms ofautomobile production. Advertisements about cars have been the major reason why several brands found in theTop Five Coolest Car Brands list have been included. There are several advertisements thatdepict the drama and the conflict between several brands. For instance, the new releases ofvehicles would now be nature friendly. Through the marriage of old gas powered engines andelectric motors there is now the birth of hybrid vehicles. The main system used in hybrid cars isactually the two motors that are running the vehicle. The first motor is the standard engine usedin modern cars. It runs on pure fuel and it is still the principal device for thrust. The differencebetween hybrid vehicles and the standard ones is the use of the electric motor. Connected to thestandard engine, the pluggable electric motor serves as the backup for the vehicle. The electricmotor also doubles the standard engine so that the wheels would be able to move. Basically, the
  3. 3. electric motor has a battery which can be charged. The batteries connected to the vehicle can beplugged in any socket in the house. Several hybrid manufacturers have been added to the TopFive Coolest Car Brands list. Aside from hybrids, most of the entries found in the coolest car list are owned bymanufacturers that had problems with their production. Despite the decline of one company dueto their problems with their design, they still surpassed the sales of their automobiles simplythrough advertisement. Such circumstances are unavoidable in the automobile industry. Forinstance, there had been some problems with the brakes or the steering manifold of the car hasseveral glitches. Due to such reasons, they have to pull back their cars from the public. However,they still manage to sell their products to the market. Hence, they are recorded in the Top FiveCoolest Car Brands list. Again, the media has a lot of effects on the belief of the public. Bydepicting commercials that are based on safety, concern for owners, total relaxation with thetouch of family values, they have dramatically increased the sales of several automobilemanufacturers. That is why most of the icons that are portrayed to the public have been awardedinto a certain hall of fame pedestal known only has the Top Five Coolest Car Brands list.Choose a Car from the Top Five Coolest Cars in Asia With the growing demand and need for cars, different car companies release differentmodels each year to cater to the sky rocketing demand. Asia has been one of the top producers ofquality yet affordable cars and has consistently been keeping up in terms of popularity and salesand luxury European brands and high end US brands. If you are on a tight budget but would loveto buy a car, Asian cars might be the answer to your problem. Listed below are top five coolestcars in Asia to help you figure out which car suits you. • Nissan Altima. Let’s count backwards and the top five coolest cars in Asia spot goes to Nissan Altima. Since its first launch in 1993, the Nissan Altima has undergone many renovations and facelifts to compete with the changing trend. First generation was released in 1993 and well endured until 1997. This first model of the Nissan Altima has 150 horsepower and length of 180.5 inches. The latest and fourth generation Nissan Altima model was released in 2007 and is being sold until present. In contrast with the first model, this has 175-270 horsepower and can run faster than earlier models. Also, it has a longer length for more space inside adding up to 190 in.
  4. 4. • Volkswagen Golf. Taking the number four spot on the top five coolest cars in Asia is Volkswagen Golf. Though produced in Germany, it has made its way to Asia has been very popular since its release. It a small car perfectly fitting a family of 4. It was released in 1974 and has since then been one of the most popular cars worldwide selling about 25 million models by 2007. It has only 2 passenger doors and one backdoor for your luggage and other stuff. • Honda Accord. Taking the number three spot is Honda Accord. Another Japanese brand, this has been the first car ever manufactured in the US. It was also the best selling Japanese car brand in the US. Numerous tests has been done with this car and it has been proven to one of the safest cars to drive with sturdy safety belts and compact air bags and is also one of the most reliable vehicles. It was named such due to Honda’s pursuit of accordance and harmony between people of different societies with their automobile. • Honda Civic. Yet another Honda car makes it to our list of the top five coolest cars in Asia – Honda Civic. This car has been popular among drag racing and street racing with its huge modification parts availability. In 2006 alone, approximately 16 million models were sold all over the world. This car has been sold for more than 30 years now and is till continuously growing and selling hot. • Toyota Corolla. And on the top stop for the top five coolest cars in Asia belongs to Toyota Corolla. This has been in existence since 1966 and was manufactured as a sub- compact car. This car has been selling like crazy averaging one car sold per 4 seconds. How rich can Toyota be now? Toyota named it such due to its tradition of naming their cars with crown. Corolla is the Latin term for a small crown. Small because of its size and a crown because of its luxury to make customers feel like royalty when driving a Corolla. Cars will always be a part of our everyday lives. We need cars for mobility and hopefully,the top five coolest cars in Asia list helped you sort out and choose which suits your lifestylebest.
  5. 5. Travel with European Style: Top Five Coolest Cars in Europe Ever since cars were invented it has been all over the streets of the world. And perhaps,cars bought each year will continue to grow due to the unending demand for cars by customers.Europe has been one of the top manufacturers and producers of high quality, luxurious cars. It isthe home of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. But reality hits, not many peoplecan afford to buy luxury cars. Listed below are the top five coolest cars in Europe that won’tcut a hole in your pockets. • Opel Corsa. On the fifth position on the top five coolest cars in Europe is Opel Corsa. Though not very popular in the worldwide market, this car continues to be sought after by many Europeans. It is a supermini car named differently in different markets like Chevrolet Chevy and Holden Barina. The first Corsa was sold in Britain in April of 1993 and has since then sold over 1 million models. As with may other cars, this also received many facelifts and upgrades to suit the changing market. • Renault Clio. On the fourth spot of the top five coolest cars in Europe is Renault Clio. You can say that in Europe mini cars are the trend as this one is also a mini car like the Opel Corsa. Sales of this mini car have been very consistent since its first launch in 1990. This car is the symbol of success for Renault company as this car helped gain back its reputation of manufacturing quality cars after a difficult year back in the 1980’s. After years of existence and upgrades, this car remained to be one of the coolest and hot selling cars in Europe. • Volkswagen Polo. Grabbing the third spot for the top five coolest cars in Europe is Volkswagen Polo. The Volkswagen Company started manufacturing this model since 1975 and has since been one of the top selling car models of Volkswagen in Europe. It is yet another mini car and has sold over 45,000 cars in 2010 in UK alone and sold over 300,000 cars in the whole of Europe in the same year. This car being super mini has joined and participated in many racing events in Europe. Being an old car, it has also received many facelifts and upgrades to suit the ever changing market taste. • Ford Fiesta. On to the Second spot is Ford Fiesta. It is a subcompact car and front-wheel drive from Ford Motor Company. This car was launched in 1976 and is currently in its sixth generation having undergone many facelifts and upgrades as well. Ford Fiesta dominated automobile sales in the United Kingdom selling over 400,000 cars in 2010.
  6. 6. But since then, sales of this car have inevitably declined. This car has also participated in numerous car rallies and races in Europe and the US. • Volkswagen Golf. Claiming the coolest spot on the top five coolest cars in Europe is another from Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Golf. It is by far the favorite car of most Europeans earning its title as the coolest car in Europe. It is another small car perfectly fitting a family of 4 and is also known as the Volkswagen Rabbit. This car has led the German Automobile industry in 2010 selling almost 500,000 units in that year alone. Cars will always be a part of our everyday life. It has led us to further expand our mobilityand get to virtually anywhere it can take us. This list of the top five coolest cars in Europehopefully has helped you in deciding which car to get.Several Facts on the Top five coolest cars of Ferrari Known for their fame and their dedication in creating the best cars in the planet, Ferrarivehicles are still the best automobiles around. They are not only fast but they would certainlyspark the interest of the men who would look at them. Even the female drivers cannot get enoughout of this sweet brand. The Top five coolest cars of Ferrari are still worldly recognized andthey are still sought out by a lot of men around the globe. This brand started producing top of theline cars since the spring of 1929. Since before their dawn today, they have been creating variouscars that are not only known by their speed but also by their look. The spark of this worldrenowned brand started during the spree of Formula 1 racing. Due to the intricacy of Formula 1,most car manufacturers would do anything in order to show their talents in the track. This iswhen the Top five coolest cars of Ferrari first debuted. Without question, racing vehicles used in the track should be designed with speed andwith the most state of the art equipment of the century. They should have the aerodynamics tomove in top speed without being blocked by wind resistance. The engine should be able towithstand the heavy movement of the wheels and the torque should be controlled. That is whyevery handmade model of the Top five coolest cars of Ferrari is designed to have the ability towithstand even the toughest of tracks in any kind of weather. Through a series of tests done in afield, the engineers who have handled the cars would be able to compute for any kind ofproblems that can occur while behind the wheel of each model. The tests would mostly be done
  7. 7. to evaluate the speed and the wind resistance so that there would be lesser collisions wheneverthe driver needs to turn to a hairpin or if there would be a lot of curves within the road. Coupledwith the latest in steering technology, the Top five coolest cars of Ferrari are equipped to winany kind of battle on the road. Inside the track, the Top five coolest cars of Ferrari are unstoppable but outside thefield they are designed to not only be fast but also elegant. Some of them are designed for luxuryand class. Their chassis are designed to withstand any kind of pressure while the V12 engines arechecked if there would be any chances for overheating. Safety is also a main concern for themanufacturers since they would have a dilemma with the public if they do not check on theirvehicles support. Hence, the front of each vehicle is tested for any glitches upon collision. Safetydevices are placed throughout the car so that any head on collision would be controlled. Sincemost of the top five coolest cars of Ferrari would run at around 4700 cc power, a shocking 513HP and issued at around 8000 RPM, all the vehicles would need to be checked for break errorsor malfunction on the engine. Amazingly, once all the problems are cleared, most of the modelswould be able to run at outstanding speeds of up to 200 - 250 MPH which is not bad for a carwhich would be used on a highway.