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Deep DISC - From Better Personal Awareness to DISC And Back


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Every person is different. As a manager, you cannot relate to people as if they were all the same: you know that what motivates one person demotivates another.
DISC is an excellent relational tool for managers. Thumb rules on how it relates to other models of behaviour can help managers be even more effective in:
- applying DISC-based guidance
- resource discovery in oneself and others.

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Deep DISC - From Better Personal Awareness to DISC And Back

  1. 1. Grounding DISC in PsyTypes, Life Positions, Cognitive Styles, Adult Attachment Deep DISC From better personal awareness to DISC and back Walter Vannini info at mind-spa dot it
  2. 2. who am I? Walter Vannini Manager, Coach MSc, Information Science, 1987 IT Strategy Diploma, Counseling, 2011 Effective Management LinkedIn: walter.vannini Skeptical Coaching IT Coaching Data Protection Web Usability User Experience©2012 W. Vannini 2 di
  3. 3. whats this about? managers need advanced people-skills simple counseling tools can help make management sense of some counseling tools©2012 W. Vannini 3 di
  4. 4. a disclaimer people are much more complicated than this this is a business digest: stuff you can use now this is a rough map, not a catalog styles suggest tendencies, not certainties DO: be more adaptive and discover more options DO NOT: limit yourself and your team by labelling©2012 W. Vannini 4 di
  5. 5. why? DISC excellent, but lacks context other models OK, but so many I find models cant be seen in isolation models provide context & discovery tools DISC great as overarching metaphor©2012 W. Vannini 5 di
  6. 6. why DISC: not all flavors are peppermint “this job needs doing...” “well done!” Jim: “whats the job?” Jim: “sure, I know!” Tom: “whos to do it?” Tom: “sure, everyones Charlie: “how?” saying!” Sonia: “why?” Charlie: “Im glad youre happy” Sonia: “nice to see effort is recognised”©2012 W. Vannini 6 di
  7. 7. personal profile: for real? and which one?©2012 W. Vannini 7 di
  8. 8. the origins of profiles in a nutshell©2012 W. Vannini 8 di
  9. 9. Seeing the world through Ernst: dichotomy 1 I stren gths I se e my eakn esses I see my w©2012 W. Vannini 9 di
  10. 10. Ernst, dychotomy II at i c is is or ld orld l em safe the w the w World prob©2012 W. Vannini 10 di
  11. 11. bringing it all together, level 1... I but and OK t-OK I’m s no OK OK I’m ld i orl d is w or w World Ka Knd but ot-O ot-O -OK K not is O I ’m n is n I’m rld wo rld wo©2012 W. Vannini 11 di
  12. 12. so, what makes up the world, anyway? I ips a en sh om on World en ati ph rel©2012 W. Vannini 12 di
  13. 13. what’s my favourite? I synthesis World an alysis©2012 W. Vannini 13 di
  14. 14. Whose is the right solution? I ne rs World ou mi©2012 W. Vannini 14 di
  15. 15. What do I look for the most? I results World rules©2012 W. Vannini 15 di
  16. 16. Seeing the world with Jung 1: what do I trust? I my int uition ensa tions my physical s©2012 W. Vannini 16 di
  17. 17. Jung II... where do I base decisions? ghts i n gs thou feel World y y on m on m©2012 W. Vannini 17 di
  18. 18. bringing it all together, level II Judging Introvert Extrovert Feeling©2012 W. Vannini 18 di
  19. 19. lets overlay...©2012 W. Vannini 19 di
  20. 20. Judging Extrovert I World Introvert Feeling©2012 W. Vannini 20 di
  21. 21. how about adult attachment? psytalk for "attitude towards relationships"©2012 W. Vannini 21 di
  22. 22. Judging Extrovert I sa avoiding fe World ambivalent Introvert Feeling©2012 W. Vannini 22 di
  23. 23. how about cognitive styles? psytalk for "tendency to explore the environment"©2012 W. Vannini 23 di
  24. 24. Judging Extrovert I immunized activepartial to compulsive self-sufficiency World critical anxious partial to questioning competencies partial to questioning counterpart Introvert Feeling©2012 W. Vannini 24 di
  25. 25., where DISC styles fit?©2012 W. Vannini 25 di
  26. 26. Judging The DISC styles Extrovert I sa immunized active feavoiding Dominant Influential World Conscientious Stable critical anxious Introvert ambivalent Feeling ©2012 W. Vannini 26 di
  27. 27. DISC telltale signals ID what? prefers telling to asking who? I authoritarian, instinctive, risk- prefers asking to telling seeking friendly, involving mantra: “results” mantra: “my acquaintances” speaks curtly, orders a born speaker, short attention-span World why? how? prefers telling to sking prefers asking to telling precise, meticolous reserved, discreet mantra: “the right thing” mantra: “my part”C neutral voice, each word counts! warm voice, likes to consult S©2012 W. Vannini 27 di
  28. 28. Caveats styles are NOT labels each person owns all styles styles are situation-dependent styles can also be adopted consciously no one is always the same person! each person uses at least 2 styles per situation natural style adapted style Extended DISC©2012 W. Vannini 28 di
  29. 29. why bother? each person reacts according to own style know own style = forecast reactions, avoid quirks team-members styles = manage better modulate own communication leverage strengths and motivators tone down weaknesses and demotivators©2012 W. Vannini 29 di
  30. 30. About this presentation Background module for my seminars in: Skeptical Coaching Communicating Effectively Up, Down and Aside Strategic Relational Tools for Analytical Minds Internet ROI for CEOs Do get in touch and link! email: info at mind-spa dot it©2012 W. Vannini 30 di
  31. 31. Credits DISC: Extended DISC: F. Nanetti, “Counseling: modelli a confronto” Horstman&Auzenne, released under license:: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivative©2012 W. Vannini 31 di