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General Catalog 24p


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General Catalog 24p

  1. 1. General Catalog Paint Finishing Solutions Making Manufacturers More Competitive™
  2. 2. EXEL - Our Group 3 Brands... 1 Company Products: • Quality • Innovation • Performance • A Global Leader in precision spray technologies ranked 1st and 3rd respectively in Agricultural and Industrial applications. • A French Group with financial strength and a Global turnover People: in excess of € 380M. • Integrity • Solution • 3 strong Industrial brands - Sames, Kremlin and Rexson • Service • Commited to product excellence, quality and technological innovation. • 6% of employees and 4% of sales invested in product and application development • An International presence with 2,700 employees in 26 countries. • Commitment to local service and support. Delivering Controlled Applications Liquid Finishing - Powder Coating - Sealants - Adhesives Lubricants - Mould Release Agents - Two Component Materials Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ Competitive v 2
  3. 3. CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS About the Exel Group 2 Manual Airspray 4 Manual Airmix® 6 Airless 8 Automatic Guns 9 Manual Liquid Electrostatic 10 Automatic Liquid Electrostatic 12 Fluid Handling 14 Plural Component 16 Rexson Extrusion 18 Sames Powder Application 20 Car Bodies Coating 22 About Exel Industrial China 23 3
  4. 4. MANUAL AIRSPRAY Production Guns for Demanding Industrial Environments There are many choices today in airspray guns, yet, few can deliver high uptime performance with outstanding finish quality as the KREMLIN guns you will find here. HVLP OR LVLP GUNS CONVENTIONAL GUNS M22 P HTI - Pressure The M22 HTiP Kremlin airspray gun range are available in HLVP M22 P HPA - Pressure or LVLP. They deliver outstanding A lightweight gun finish quality in a wide variety of designed for outstanding fan patterns with extraordinary finish quality and provides efficiency. ergonomic comfort for within production environments. M22 G HPA & M22 A HPA M22 G HTI - Gravity For delivery of High Quality The HTiG Kremlin finishing within the production airspray gun range are environment. available in both the HTiG with E5 HVLP aircap and the HTiG with the EP5 LVLP aircap. They deliver outstanding finish quality wide variety of fan patterns with extraordinary efficiency. 4
  5. 5. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ Manu LVLP GUNS S3 Detailling Gun A compact spray gun designed for comfort and performance recommended for precision applications where a high quality finish is important. AIRSPRAY SYSTEMS Pressure Pot & Pumping System S3G Gun The HPA G gun is the newest gravity gun addition to the Kremlin airspray gun range. The HPA G with BA5 aircap deliver outstanding finish quality in a wide variety of fan patterns with extraordinary efficiency. 5
  6. 6. MANUAL AIRMIX® With HLVP or Conventional With Airmix® The supplementary air is The air is injected before the injected after the point of point of the atomization. We atomization generative fog. obtain a ventilator wiyhout turbulence which gives a stable pulverizing without fog. Paint Velocity - Reduces booth maintenance The paint velocity has a direct impact on performance: the higher the velocity, the greater the amount of overspray and bounceback, which combine to quickly pollute the booth. As can be seen from the graph on the right, the particle speed with AIRMIX® is much lower than with all other systems. Transfer Efficiency - Saves on paint costs Users of AIRMIX® achieve the highest transfer efficiency available. Efficiencies on different types of manual spray equipment are displayed to the right. Air Consumption - Lower energy costs AIRMIX® uses less atomization air than any other spray system. AIRMIX® works well with smaller air compressors, lower production air pressure and lower compressed air volumes. This generates major savings in compressed air cost and reduces air compressor maintenance. 6
  7. 7. Making Manufacturers More Compe t ers Competitive™ C MANUAL AIRMIX® COATINGS MVX - Newest Airmix® Gun This is our newest most amazing Airmix® manual spray gun. This new gun delivers even higher finish quality and transfer efficiency and now comes with a wide range of pattern adjustment without changing the tip and has an ergonomic handle design for improved comfort. Flowmax® 17A2 System The high performance choice. This is the highest performance pump in the finishing industry. It uses Kremlin’s proprietary Flowmax® technology to deliver pulsation free flow and extended periods between service. 10.14 System The high efficiency choice. This is the most efficient entry level medium pressure pumping system in the industry. 7
  8. 8. AIRLESS M 250 & M350 Guns For quality of the industrial application Airless as anti-corrosive and epoxide. M 250 & M350 Guns For quality of the industrial application Airless as anti-corrosive and epoxide. Accessoiries Extension Cable Filter 8
  9. 9. AUTOMATIC GUNS The Global Leader in Automatic Guns Kremlin sells more high quality, automatic, non-electrosatic guns than any other manufacturer in the world. A35 & A29 HTI & HPA The A35 Guns are designed for use in production environments where medium to high flow rates are required. The A29 Gun is specifically designed for use with filled materials and high precision small output applications. The wide spray pattern and excellent atomization make these guns perfect choices for flatline systems. AVX Airmix® This is the most efficient non-electrostatic production gun avalaible and is found in thousands of locations throughout the world. ASI 24 and ASI 40 The ultimate in compact high production airless guns. Different types of cap to optimize the aplication. 9
  10. 10. MANUAL ELECTROSTATIC The Most Efficient Manual Production Guns in the World Our manual electrostatic gun range is available with airspray, HVLP, Vortex, and Airmix® atomization technology capable of spraying solvent or waterborne coatings. No matter what the shape of your product, SAMES and KREMLIN have the right gun for the job. VORTEX AND AIRMIX® COATINGS Low Pressure and AIRMIX® spray gun SPRAYMIUM®isavailableinLowPressureand Airmix®versionsandcombinesimproved applicationperformance,ergonomics andrelibilityandhasbeendesignedfor companiesaimingtoimprovethequalityand efficiencyoftheirapplicationprocess. SPRAYMIUM®incorporatescontrolsonthe rearoftheguntoadjustthefanpattern, materialflowandswitchbetweenanyof3 presetelectrostaticsettings.Thesepresets arepre-programmedorcanbeadjustedby the operator to suit the application. AP1000 The resistivity meter is a handheld meter designed to measure the resistivity of the paints to ensure consistent finish quality. 10
  11. 11. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ ISO Enclosure The Kremlin ISO Enclosures are a bespoke design High Volume isolation system for use on water based fluids. The systems are safe, ergonomic, easy-to-use, compact electrostatic isolation system for spraying waterborne coating and are suitable for use with Kremlin & Sames manual and automatic spray guns. The Units are particulary suited to applications requiring extended production periods. WATERBORNE COATINGS ISO Bubble II Airmix® and Airspray For Waterborne Coatings. This isolated feed system delivers a safe, ergonomic, easy-to-use, compact electrostatic isolation system for spraying waterborne coating. It uses the new K3 H20 guns for substantially improved ergonomics with waterbornes. 11
  12. 12. AUTOMATIC LIQUID ELECTROSTATIC Nothing Compares in Perfomance and Efficiency EXEL’s extremely wide range of automatic finishing equipment gives our engineers all the tools to deliver the optimum system for your finishing needs. Whether you are doing small parts like golf balls, larger more complex parts such as automotive or aerospace parts, or anything in between, our team of engineers have the best solution for you. PPH308 & PPH707 SB AUTOMATIC SPRAYING EQUIPMENTS The PPH atomizers serie are the highest performance bells in the industry. They use a patented field serviceable magnetic bearing turbine for high uptime and low TRP Range maintenance cost. They are available for robotic and The reciprocator or robot-mounted TRP guns reciprocator applications. are the workhorses of the industry. They deliver high finish quality with extraordinary uptime. It is the most popular automatic spray gun in the world. KAX - Airmix® & KAP-Airspray These are the easiest guns to install and service. They deliver high uptime and outstanding finish quality. The KAX is the most efficient non-rotary spray gun in the world. PPH388 R & PPH388 L - High Efficiency Robotic Bell PPH 388 R is a robotic rotary atomizer able to spray solvent borne, water borne, or multicomponent materials. With PPH 388 R manufacturers of small plastic or metal parts and the wood industry can significantly improve their paint savings. The unit is Lightweight and can easily be mounted on smaller robots, in lieu of guns. 12
  13. 13. C Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ RECIPROCATOR PPH308 EXT - Waterbased External Charge Bell 8 REV600 Control w/RFV 2000 Recip. This is the easiest package to use in a simple pre-engineered system. The REV600 is pre- programmed to control two reciprocators and six guns with one part detection system making this pre-engineered package a cost effective solution to simple automation. Automatic application control of a painting installations The new MCR control rack monitors all the parameters of an automatic powder or liquid paint installation with great precision. PPH 405 - Disc Technology This disc uses the most efficient production spray technology in the world. It delivers extremely high finish quality with unsurpassed transfer efficiency using an omega- shaped conveyor track. 13
  14. 14. FLUID HANDLING Bringing Innovation to Pumping With new technologies such as high performance Flowmax® technology and SuperQuiet™ air motor designs, KREMLIN has led the way in pump innovations. The catalogue and product range cover paint circulation and other fluid handling requirements. CIRCULATION PUMPS Kremlin’s circulation pumps range in pressure ratio from 1:1 Turbo - Pressure Fed Pumps to 40:1 with fluid outputs of 0.4 GPM (2L) to 32 GPM (120L) at This pump technology uses 20 cycles per minute. We offer K-Series, Turbo, Flowmax® and extra heavy-duty chrome, Quatro pump technologies for optimum pump selection. SuperQuiet™ and high performance air motors with a range of packings and balls for optimum performance. These Flowmax® - Suction Fed Pumps pumps range from 2:1 to 40:1 These pumps use proprietary Kremlin with outputs of 0.4 GPM (2L) technology resulting in the highest to 1.2 GPM (5L) at 20 cycles per possible uptime of any pump of similar minute. size in the industry. They range from 4:1 to 40:1 with a fluid delivery range of 0.5 GPM (2L) to 2.3 GPM (9L) at 20 cycles per minute. Quatro™ - For Ultra High Performance These pumps use a four ball design technology to minimize packing wear and deliver extremely high flowrates. The pressure ratio ranges from 4:1 to 7.5:1 with a pumping range of 11.6 GPM (44LPM) to 32 GPM (120LPM) at 20 cycles per minute. 14
  15. 15. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ ACCESSORIES Color Change Stacks The CTM has large fluid circulation passages for delivering multiple colors to a spray station. 5 & 55-Gallon Direct & Geardriven Agitator & Elevators Moduclean Color Change Stacks When weight is critical, as in robotic or reciprocator applications, the Moduclean color changer is an ideal choice. Fluid Regulators HeatStripper™ Paint Heater This is the only paint heater in the industry that has the 2 in 1™ proprietary HeatStripper™ technology which maximizes heat transfer efficiency and delivers extreme uptime. High Pressure PTFE Coated 15
  16. 16. PLURAL COMPONENT High Uptime, Accurate and Simple to Operate KREMLIN has been producing plural component equipment for over 25 years. Each KREMLIN plural component package is packed with features that deliver high uptime and simplicity of maintenance and operation. MECANICAL 2K DOSING PU2125 - Airspray This is a mechanical fixed PU2160 - Airmix® ratio plural component This is a mechanical variable system that comes ratio plural component standard with flush pump system for feeding one to and mix manifold. It is multiple, AIRSPRAY, AIRMIX® designed to feed 1 or 2 or AIRLESS guns. airspray guns. PU2200 - Airspray This is a mechanical fixed ratio plural component system that comes standard with flush pump and mix manifold. It is designed to feed 1 or 2 airspray or Airmix® guns. 16
  17. 17. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ ELECTRONIC 2K DOSING Cyclomix™ Micro - Occasional Color Changes Cyclomat™ IV - Frequent Color/Ratio Changes This is a precision electronic variable ratio plural component This our new precision electronic variable ratio plural system for feeding multiple airspray or Airmix® guns. component system for feeding one or more airspray or Airmix® guns. Example of configuration Cyclomix Multi™ - Multiple Colors & Ratios This is a precision electronic variable ratio plural component system for feeding one or more airspray or Airmix® guns. 17
  18. 18. EXTRUSION Over 50 years of Sealant and Adhesive Solutions REXSON brings to the sealant and adhesive market both standard and customised solutions to maximize uptime and productivity. RAM PUMPS TENOR 55-gallon ram pumps with a ratio range of 18:1 to 45:1 and a fluid delivery range of 3.5 gallons to 4.8 gallons at 20 cycles per minute. ALTO 5 & 55-gallon ram pumps with a ratio range of 8:1 to 63:1 and a fluid delivery range of 40 to 140 ounces at 20 cycles per minute. MAJOR 5 & 55-gallon ram pumps with a ratio range of 10:1 to 82:1 and a fluid delivery range of 1 gallon to 3 gallons at 20 cycles per minute. 18
  19. 19. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ PLURAL COMPONENT PUMPS EXTRUSION VALVES P85 system Rex-Flo™ - Manual Valves P70, P75, P85 and E50 Rexson offers a wide range of solutions for tough-to-mix thick coatings. E50 system Rex-Flo™ - Automatic Valves 19
  20. 20. POWDER APPLICATION Leading Edge Manual and Automatic Powder Guns Sames is a global leader in powder application equipment. Whether the application is simple or complex, Sames has the right gun for the appliation. MANUAL POWDER COATINGS Mach-Jet and E-Jet The unit can be pre-programmed to deliver the exact voltage and E-Series Gun powder flow combination to Simple and Light optimize gun performance. It is This gun is the simplest and lightest available in a box and hopper feed cascade gun in the industry. It uses design. the proprietary Auto-Response™ TEC technology to optimize gun performance. E-Series Powder Feed Units for the E-Series Guns. The powder feed unit comes both in box and hopper feed styles complete with state-of-the-art Total Energy Control power supply capable of handling a variety of powders. e-Jet with vibrating table or 50 liter hopper 20
  21. 21. Making Manufacturers More Competitive™ AUTOMATIC POWDER COATINGS Automatic Gun Range The Sames E-Gun utilizes the same charging technology as the manual MG400 & E-Series. The AutoMachJet is the newest gun in the Sames line. It has an easy to use controller and excellent transfer efficiency. Inobell powder turbine Its predessesor is the most used powder bell in the world. It is found in assembly plants and high production industrial applications. It delivers the highest possible finish quality and efficiency when spraying large flat surfaces. 21
  22. 22. CAR BODIES FINISHING Automotiveengineeringsolutions Our Engineers and technicians determine the best available technology to meet the specifications and quality. Our team will discuss your requirements before each project, in order to clearly define your individual needs and your local application requirements. Our specialists work in teams and are experts in pumping, dosing, metering, regulation and spraying technology. They develop and build bespoke installations to meet your specific needs. Due to our know-how and investment in research and development, in particular in the development of solutions adapted to Exel Industries are dedicated to this demanding industry: the latest environmental the car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Our standards, the car range equipment and turnkey installations can be found at land uses state-of-the-art Rover, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault Nissan, Jaguar, high technology. This Mercedes-Benz, Dacia, General Motors, Volvo, Fiat, etc. equipment enables the design and supply of all types of installations for the application of liquid and powder paint. The Engineers and technicians deter¬mine the best available technology to meet the specifications and quality. Our team will discuss your requirements before each project, in order to clearly define your individual needs and your local application requirements. 21 22
  23. 23. EXEL INDUSTRIAL CHINA About EXEL Industrial China We are a subsidiary of french EXEL group and representing 3 different brands, leaders in their application fields. SAMES is the expert in electrostatic applications for paint finishing and powder coating. KREMLIN has the best solutions for fluid handling and dispensing, dosing and mixing for multi components paints, and high quality air spraying. REXSON is the high viscosity fluid handling and dispensing specialist. Exel Industrial China understands the customers needs, and as we have all the products available, we will supply the most appropriate solution. In-House Finishing Line facility includes: Exel group policy is to dispense the just necessary quantity • Wet Paint Spray Booth of material in the right place with the best quality. • Automatic Powder Booth This allows us to make manufacturers more competitive, to • Colour Change System save material and protect the environment. • Reverse Jet Filter System • Cyclone Recovery System In house Technical Department: • CAD Design • Pre Production Development • Material Testing • FOC On-site Surveys • Efficiency Surveys • Dedicated Technical Department • CAD Design Service • Free On-Site Surveys • System Efficiency Analysis • Bespoke Systems 23
  24. 24. EXEL INDUSTRIAL CHINA 755 Lian Hua South Road Factory, nº4 SHANGAI 201 100 P.R. Tel: 86 (0) 21 54 38 6060 Fax: 86 (0) 21 54 38 6090 Exel Industrial in the World FRANCE (Headquarters) KREMLIN-REXSON SAMES Technologies B.P. 39 - 150 Avenue de Stalingrad B.P. 86 - 13 Ch. de Malacher - Inovallée 93245 Stains Cedex - FRANCE 38243 Meylan Cedex - FRANCE Tel: +33 149 40 25 25 Tel: +33 476 41 60 60 Fax: +33 148 26 07 16 Fax: +33 476 41 60 90 • GERMANY • U.K. • ITALIA EXEL LACKIER - EXEL INDUSTRIAL UK KREMLIN-REXSON Spa UND BESCHICHTUNGSSYSTEME GMBH Unit 4, Lockflight Buildings Wheatlea Via Brunelleschi 16 - 20146 Milano Moselstrasse 19 Industrial Estate - WN36XR - Wigan Lancashire Tel: 39 0248952815 41464 Neuss Tel: 44 / 1942 82 9111 Fax: 39 0248300071 Tel: +49 / (0) 2131 / 36922-00 ax: 44 / 1942 82 04 91 Fax: +49 / (0) 2131 / 36922-22 • MEXICO • SPAIN EXEL, S.A. de C.V. • ARGENTINA EXEL INDUSTRIAL e.p.e., S.A. Moisés Sáenz 1510, Col. Leones KREMLIN S.A. C/Botánica, 49 - 08908 L’Hospitalet - Barcelona Monterrey, N.L. - CP 64600 Juan B. Justo 6021 Tel: 34 / 932 641 540 Tel: 52 (81) 1 257 1111 CP 1407 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires Fax: 34 / 932 632 829 Fax: 52 (81) 1 352 8316 Tel: 54 / 11 4582 8975 / 8980 Fax: 54 / 11 4584 6677 • USA • POLAND EXEL NORTH AMERICA, INC. KREMLIN POLSKA SP ZO O • BRASIL 11998 Merriman Road Ul. Pomorska 31 A - 03 - 101 WARSZAWA EXEL INDUSTRIAL e.p.e Ltda. Livonia, MI 48150 Tel: 48 / 22 81 41 769 Avenida Luiz José Sereno, 1200 - Pq. Eloy Chaves Tel: 1 / 734 261 5970 Fax: 48 / 22 81 41 968 CEP 13212-210 - Jundiaí - São Paulo Fax: 1 / 734 261 5971 Tel: 55 / 11 4581 6304 • PORTUGAL Fax: 55 / 11 4582 0068 • INDIA EXELUSA INDUSTRIAL e.p.e, Lda EXEL GLOBAL COATING EQUIPMENT INDIA Rua Professor Abílio Alves de Brito, nº88 e-mail: PL-13 Extension office, Ground Floor, Gate nº8 POUSOS - 24210 LEIRIA Godrej Boyce Complex Pirojsha Nagar Tel: 351 / 244 84 82 20 • CANADA VIKHOROLI 400079 Fax: 351 / 244 84 82 29 EXEL INDUSTRIAL CANADA INC. Tel: 91 (0) 22 560 49948 931 Progress Avenue, Unit 7 Fax: 91 (0) 22 559 75585 e-mail: SCARBOROUGH ONTARIO M1G 3V5 Tel: 1 / 800 450 0655 Fax: 1 / 800 431 9171