Moving Mountains to Touch Lives in Ghana and South Sudan


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This is the Rotary Clean Water Project in Ghana in West Africa. This presentation was given by Walter Hughes.

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  • The last case of Guinea worm disease was found in May 2010. The three-year certification process by the World Health Organization will end in 2014. Rotary celebrated our role in Ghana to help to eradicate Guinea worm disease by locating new and repaired boreholes in the villages where the most people had disease. Now, South Sudan is the worst place in the world for this disease and Rotary is involved! We are experiencing a 78% reduction in Guinea worm disease in South Sudan in 203 due in part to matching grants 78142 and 78241 to drill new boreholes in the worst places in South Sudan with Guinea worm disease. We also repaired as many wells as possible with those funds. We’ve been able to continue the work in 2014 in spite of civil war in South Sudan.
  • The remaining countries with Guinea worm disease at the end of 2013 are South Sudan, Chad, Mali, Ethiopia and Sudan. South Sudan had four consecutive months without any cases from November 2013 to February 2014. There are only three cases in South Sudan and Chad so far through March 2014. Rotary has been able to drill new boreholes and repair broken boreholes in 2013 and 2014 funded by two Rotary grants worth $302,000. It is our hope that we will celebrate the end of Guinea worm disease in South Sudan as well which will mean that we will have eradicated it from the world. We’ve focused on the worst places in the world for Guinea worm disease in Ghana and now in South Sudan. There were a total of 148 cases of Guinea worm disease in 2013 and six cases in 2014 through March 2014.
  • Moving Mountains to Touch Lives in Ghana and South Sudan

    1. 1. Moving Mountains to Touch Lives by Eradicating Guinea Worm Disease in Ghana and South Sudan
    2. 2. Drill Rig Hits Water in Village
    3. 3. Long Wait for Water is Over!
    4. 4. Inspired by Being with the Kids
    5. 5. Challenging Trips to Villages!
    6. 6. “You Got to Love Me to Come This Far” in Do Meabra!
    7. 7. Rotarians are Moving Mountains to Touch Lives! • Teach Service • Set Example • Inspire • Vision • Partners • Passionate • Action
    8. 8. Watertown, NY Rotary’s Gift of Banner to New Ghana Club
    9. 9. It All Started with a Well…
    10. 10. Tamale Rotarians Key to Team • Polio Work Built Reputation • Each Humanitarian Grant Fit into Next • Set Goals of Guinea Worm Eradication by Providing Clean Water • Inspired by Joe Mumuni & René Dogbe • Built Friendships & Goodwill • Willing to Use Dynamite
    11. 11. Guinea Worm Parasites taken from Kids in Ghana
    12. 12. Unsafe Water Harbor Diseases
    13. 13. Get Water to 4,136 Sick People was Overwhelming in 2006
    14. 14. Vision & Team Came Together Watertown, NY Rotary Clubs Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada Rotary Club Rocky Mount, VA USA Club Old Montréal Club in Québec, Canada Lebanon, New Hampshire RC Tamale Club in Ghana Dedicated Rotarians Vision
    15. 15. Rotary Wells Are Highly Desired
    16. 16. Repair Wells & Boreholes
    17. 17. Many People Worked as Team
    18. 18. Why Not End Disease in World? 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2,733 1,692 1,028 484 113 6 Number of People with Guinea Worm By Year Ghana South Sudan
    19. 19. Guinea Worm Cases By Year Country 2011 2012 2013 2014 South Sudan 1,030 521 113 3 Chad 10 10 14 3 Mali 12 7 11 0 Ethiopia 8 4 7 0 Sudan 0 0 3 0 Ghana 0 0 0 0 Eastern Equatoria is target state in South Sudan. Year-to-date is through March 2014.
    20. 20. Kids Are Healthy and Smiling… Before: In Clinic After: In School
    21. 21. “Can You Help with Neglected Disease called Buruli Ulcer?”
    22. 22. Learning about Buruli Ulcer • Building New Team • Easier to Cure if Detected Early • Uncertain Cause: Water or Soil • Neglected Tropical Flesh Eating Disease • Treated with Two Antibiotics Early On • May Have to Amputate Arm or Leg • Want to Raise Awareness
    23. 23. What Have We Done Lately? • Surveillance to Find People Early • Educated Community about Diseases • Trained 123 Health Professionals • Trained 163 Community Health Worker Volunteers • Transformed Lives of People with Right Care and Prevention of Disability • Provide water to 54,255 people
    24. 24. We are Touching Anita’s Life Before After
    25. 25. Serwaa Before & After Antibiotic Treatment and First Skin Graft
    26. 26. Dream Big Next Five Years • Use Your Imagination for the Possible • End Polio & Guinea Worm from World! • Lead Your District to Dream Big! • Hope Transforms and Enables • Dreams Thrive Best with Teamwork • Next Disease is Buruli Ulcer • Let’s Do It Together!
    27. 27. Come Hang Out With Rotary!