Changing lives in ghana with Rotary clean water projects - Global Grant 25922


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Rotary Global grant 25922 impacted the lives of 24,646 people in two different regions of Ghana. The project included a partnership between two host Rotary Clubs: Sunyani Central and the newly chartered Bolgatanga Goodwill Rotary Club. We drilled thirty-one new boreholes and wells and repaired five wells. This is the third grant that has worked to impact people suffering from neglected tropical diseases like Buruli Ulcer. The project focused on Ghana in West Africa. The total grant budet was $146,660. We drilled seventeen new boreholes and dug fourteen wells and repaired five wells.

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Changing lives in ghana with Rotary clean water projects - Global Grant 25922

  1. 1. Changing Lives in Ghana with Clean Water Projects Global Grant 25922 Walter Hughes
  2. 2. What was accomplished? • Impacted lives of 24,646 people • Drilled 31 new & repaired 5 wells • Continued work to help people suffering from neglected tropical disease called Buruli Ulcer • Worked in Ghana in West Africa • Excellent partnerships with NGOs, health departments & Rotarians
  3. 3. Rotary Film Crew Documented Grant for Sydney Convention
  4. 4. Buruli Ulcer is Neglected Tropical Disease in Africa
  5. 5. Drill New Boreholes and Wells • Drill 17 new boreholes • Dug 14 new wells • Repaired 5 broken wells and boreholes
  6. 6. Why include Buruli Ulcer? • “Hometown” disease for Rotarians • Flesh eating disease • In same family as leprosy and tuberculosis • Rotary has made a difference • We are bringing hope and better health to the poor in Ghana
  7. 7. What was accomplished to reduce impact of disease? • Trained 30 doctors and nurses how to diagnose and treat Buruli Ulcer • Trained 221 community healthcare worker volunteers to spot disease • Helped 45 patients with antibiotics and physical therapy • Raised awareness in 56 communities about skin diseases and Buruli Ulcer
  8. 8. We Are Changing Lives of People with Buruli Ulcer Before Treatment After Treatment
  9. 9. Reducing Disease in Ghana in Asunafo South District • Put new & repaired wells in villages with sick people • Covered district with clean water • Prototyped care for Buruli Ulcer Year People with Buruli 2011 74 2012 45 2013 5
  10. 10. Large Rotary Team from Four Countries Raised $147,660! • Rotarians from 27 clubs in nine (9) districts partnered together. • Clubs in Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida, South Africa, Ghana, and Ontario & Québec in Canada teamed together • Foundation in Switzerland provided grant, too • Leader was Water Hughes, D7570 Grants Chair
  11. 11. What’s next in Ghana? • Raising funds for next grant 11685 to: • Drill new boreholes • Repair existing boreholes • Repair two mechanized small town water systems • Provide bathrooms for homes, schools & hospitals • Start micro-credit loans • Install computer labs into schools • Continue effort with Buruli Ulcer disease • Contact Walter Hughes to join effort