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THE BIG SEVEN You have to read this


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THE BIG SEVEN You have to read this

  1. 1. ==== ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess. ====Niche Marketing is a highly profitable but really delicate way to make money online. In fact, themajority of niche marketers build unprofitable businesses because they chose the wrong niches towork with. They fail because they don´t know the really exact and unbreakable principles touncover a highly profitable Market, Niche or Micro Niche in order to establish a safe, sustainableand successful business online.Have you experience the situation of promoting a great product, with the coolest website in theworld, sending lost of traffic to it and having no sales at all? I have the answer and the solution forthat situation. And if you haven´t lived that I congratulate you, because with the 7 unbreakablelaws you will not have to go through that pain and headache. I have the right medicine for thatawful and scary epidemic of the broke online business.If you don´t want to be among all those internet marketers out there, you must stop selecting thewrong niches and micro niches and start keeping "the 7 unbreakable laws of a highly profitablemicro niche". Pay attention to the latest niche marketing information available over the internet.Make sure that you follow every one of these laws that follow.The 1st Unbreakable Law: Thou shall define the market and the niche. Why? Because... Thekeyword phrase is the language that the people use to look for something on the search engines;ant that search is always based on a niche and on a market as well. You must target a market anda niche in order to find that language (Micro Niche/Keyword Phrase) your future customers areactually using to look for what they are interested in.The 2nd Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the best searches performance" micro niches. Why?Because... Visitors come to a website because people are searching for something using the"Golden Keyword Phrase" you are using to optimize your website, and after they see your websiteon that first page, they click on it and they are in. But if you are targeting (optimizing your website)a keyword phrase that no body is using to make their searches, it´s just impossible to get anyvisits from the search engines that way.The 3rd Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the most relevant to the niche" micro niches. Why?Because... If you are trying to target a niche about "Deer Hunting"; its almost impossible to getany kind of top ranking and visitors on the search engines using the "Birthday Cake Decorating"keyword phrase. Even if that keyword is still keeping the other 6 Unbreakable Laws, withoutkeeping this law it is still garbage and not Pure Gold.The 4th Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the lowest amount of competitors" micro niches.Why? Because... Im pretty sure that if in your home town already exist like 20 gas stations, there
  2. 2. is no way you are going to put another one just to see if you get any thing out of it. The sameapplies in the internet marketing world. However, here we are talking about thousands and evenmillions of websites (competitors) fighting between themselves to reign over the first 10 positionsof the search engine results with the same Golden Keyword Phrase. Competition is not bad, it is agood sign of a profitable market, Im not talking about zero competition, what Im talking about isfinding a low amount of competitors.The 5th Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the highest phrase searches" micro niches. Why?Because... If a certain amount of people are searching for something using a keyword phrase witha specific word order, and another amount of people are searching for something using the samekeyword phrase "but" with a "different" word order than the other group of people, this candramatically affect your Golden keyword Phrase Research and of course will impact your businesspositively or negatively. Now, what we mean for Phrase Searches is that we have to make surethat the people is actually searching for those keyword phrases we have selected in that sameword order. The real searches that people made for "beginners cake decorating" are not the sameas the searches made for "decorating cake beginners"The 6th Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the weakest competitors" micro niches. Why?Because... If there are a lot of people searching for that keyword phrase that we are targeting; andthere is a low amount of competitors also, but, the top 10 results of the Google search engine arealready busy for very strong competitors, it will be just the same bad situation, and you never aregoing to show up on the first results at any time, unless those competitors on the first page arereally weak and easy to beat out of the first page of Google.The 7th Unbreakable Law: Thou shall select "the most commercial" micro niches. Why?Because... We want to make sure that people are actually making money in the niche and microniches we are going to work with. Imagine that we have kept the 6 laws and every thing is justperfect, but after optimizing and advertising based on the keyword phrases we have fund, we findout that sales are not happening at all. Thats to sad right?Every one of these strategies are specifically described with really nice pictures and every thingreally well explained right at my website, so you may have this job done in a matter of minutes. Ihave 7 really nice screen recorded videos so you may know exactly how to do it, and for sure youwill get instant access to every one of those amazing and powerful niche finding tools freelyavailable over the internet.Besides that I own a brand new and really nice software called "My Free Niche Finder Software"[]. Let me tell you that software is really cool, and it iscompletely for free. Get a free copy right now and start looking for your highly profitable microniche in a matter of minutes right away. Get instant and free access at:[]Article Source:
  3. 3. ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess. ====