For this market you need to use all of your skills


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For this market you need to use all of your skills

  1. 1. ==== ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess. ====Many people ask me just how I find my micro niche keywords its always "what tools do you use"did you buy this did you buy that? What do you think of this micro niche tool compared to thatone? To be honest I personally have nothing against micro niche marketing with the assistance ofautomation. Frankly I find those tools quite innovative, but does anyone know what life was likebefore them? People who are new to internet marketing swarm to these tools. Without evenknowing what a $1 CPC is or even an exact match keyword.Given that most internet marketing tools do help newbies figure things out faster. I just think it isalways better to understand what a tool is "A device or implement used to carry out a particularfunction". Most new to internet marketing think a miracle tool is their key to success. I cant buyinto that (never have). Even before the swarm of all of these miracle tools people were still makingmoney online using micro niche sites.A micro niche marketer no let me re-phrase that a entrepreneur is someone who knows thatbrains+ambition+creativity=payday. Being independent takes time and work to accomplish I beganknowing these things. Sure I had help and sure I got tips along the way. I too bought tools to helpme in my journey on the road of micro niche marketing. Although by then I had the necessaryexperience and success to begin using the tools effectively, and to their full potential.Im not someone who would just give information and not back it up. This post was really made tohelp newbies understand the importance of knowing what you want to build, before going out andbuying tools. Well you know what a micro niche site is and why we should choose one (that is ifyou have been following my posts until now). Just a quick summary if you havent. Micro nichesites are used to basically under-cut the competition buy providing exactly what a person wants.Opposed to having them aimlessly search around your site. Its meant to get the person there,give them what they want, and if they cant find what they want on your site they click verytargeted AdSense ads. Essentially lining your pockets with cash easy right.What if you wanted to create a micro niche site not based on AdSense income? Here where thebrains and creativity start to work. What if you wanted to make a website for your local business ifyour just starting out thats exactly what you want to do. Lets say your a dog walker your mostlikely never gonna rank for the keyword "dog walker" in Google just wont happen. For localbusinesses its best to have three to four word domain names. First of all Google instant will loveyou. Why is that, because people rarely just search for one word. Thats why most sites arerevamping their SEO to optimize their keywords. Should I say long-tail keywords instead? Peoplehave known for a while now that Google likes exact match results with quality unique content.Micro niche sites have unlimited potential if you do it right. Im not going to lie. There are long tail
  2. 2. keywords out there where you can get paid the same month you create the site and put up uniquecontent. We here at micro niche package find those types of micro niche keywords for you. We byknow means state that you cant make a micro niche website today with three keywords off the topof your head, and start making money tomorrow. Not very likely but Ive seen it happen before. Tobe honest if you order from micro niche package there is less risk involved. Considering we areprofessionals and have a combined experience of 56 years in the micro niche marketing industry.Now if you are new and want to pursue micro niche marketing alone.Here are some terms to know:CPC Value aka. Cost Per Click: Its when someone pays you every time their ad is clicked whiledisplayed on your site. Higher the amount the better right.Backlink: You should already know what these are. They links from another directly to yours wellthats the simple explanation anyway. There are many ways to get backlinks and it really requiresa whole post dedicated to itself.SEO Search Engine Optimization: Regular micro niche sites dont need much SEO if your makinga local business site chances are your going to be doing some SEO.Keyword Research: This my friends is paramount on your journey to make money online. If yourinto micro niche marketing if your into niche marketing, ClickBank marketing. You want to becomea master of the keyword research.Sales Copy: For some people this comes naturally being able to persuade people into takinginterest in your product and getting them to click the buy now button. A popular term used whendiscussing sales copy is "a call to action". Thats basically when you tell the potential buyer "buythis now" not in those words but well you know what I mean youve seen it before.CTR aka Click Through Rate: Click trough rate what is that? Exactly what the name states. Its therate at which people click the AdSense adds on your site, that take them through to their intendeddestination.Google Instant: You search on Google often as it is. So you should have seen Google instant atwork already. Whenever you type a partial phrase/search term Google attempts to finish it andbrings up the results instantly for you. How does this help with micro niche marketing? That Illsave for another post.Exact Match Search Volume: Basically how many times a month someone searches in Google foryour key phrase exactly. So if you get a keyword with 2000+ searches. Then your basicallyguaranteed 2000+ unique clicks that month give or take a few.A cumulation of all the things I have said plus Ambition will lead to your inevitable financialfreedom.
  3. 3. Go to for more micro niche articles.Article Source: ====Now release your total MICRO NICHE potential and discover your unlimited wealth buildingprowess. ====