For the best results in marketing the direct path is best


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For the best results in marketing the direct path is best

  1. 1. ==== ====To build your empire why not start here? ====In the year 1920, women gained the right to vote, and fashion and flappers made headline news. Itwould be a decade where the world would experience several revolutions. But, in August of thatyear the first communications revolution would take place as the first radio newscast hit theairwaves, in Detroit Michigan. Seven years later, in 1927, moving pictures via a medium labeledtelevision were broadcast. An age of instant communications over vast distances had arrived. As aresult, many metropolises have been broadcasting news and television shows to local audiencesfor years now. Tagging along on these mediums and generating piles of profits have beenAmericas small businesses. These mediums made it possible for a small business owner to gethis/her message out to a large audience at an affordable rate. It was a time of great prosperity forsmall business owners.However, today there is no one place to send out an offer and have it heard or seen by entiremarket area. The days of old are gone forever. Businesses are left with an extremely fracturedadvertising marketplace. Even the broadcasters of old, like the American Broadcast Company, arestruggling to get and maintain market share. We, as consumers, today have our choice ofhundreds of television shows, radio stations, Internet broadcast to choose amongst. It has becomeextremely hard for the inexperienced small business owner to afford the cost of reaching theirtarget market.So, most business owners are coming to understand the importance of building an opt-in list oftheir customer base; or, what can be referred to as building a fan-base or tribe. They understandthe easy money is found at the door of those who are already buying from them. Of course,businesses have been building direct mail list for years. Direct mail, while still quite effective, isbecoming more and more costly. However, thankfully, there are now other more affordable andmore effective ways to grow a list of enthusiastic buyers.Today, businesses have the Internet! While most have been slow to run with this new mantle ofmarketing, there are others whove gone great guns with it. They have built vast email list. But,how did they do it? What can the average small business owner do to obtain the same success?Good news, the perfect medium, one that is ubiquitous, has come of age to give every smallbusiness owner an opportunity to build a huge list of hyper-responsive buyers.So, what is this new medium and how might the average small business owner use it to build anempire? It is mobile text message marketing. Have you ever watched the iconic show "AmericanIdol"? You know the show youre able to text in your vote for your favorite contestant, via yourmobile phone. SMS for marketing has arrived! Now every small business owner can get apersonalized keyword for their fans to text and subscribe to their list, via mobile phone.How big is this?
  2. 2. * Eight-six percent of all Americans have a mobile phone!* Ninety-seven percent of text messages get read.* Eighty-five percent of those are read with-in one hour of being sent.What kind of advertising are you doing that has that kind of market penetration? What? So, nowhow does the small business owner take advantage of this great opportunity? Here are threestrategies to get you off to a great start:1) First, you can grab the low hanging fruit by having customers, who trust your company and yourproducts, to opt-in to your text list. You can place a sign at the point of sale, which might read,"receive 20% off todays purchase when you text personalized keyword to 12345; or, your textplatforms five digit subscription number.2) Now take all your advertising and place your personalized keyword and five digit opt-in numberin each and every ad youre running. This way youll have new customers subscribing to yourmarketing list, daily. Make this a second keyword, so you can keep your customers separate fromyou prospective customer list. Youll want to make different offers to each list.3) Make friends with other business owners who might be using mobile text marketing. Of course,youll want to approach businesses who have a similar customer base. Youll ask if they might bewilling to run a cooperative campaign offer. If this is done right and fair youll both end up with newsubscribers and lots of new sales!SMS for Marketing is here, dont miss the boat. The businesses who build this first will end upowning the market place, will it be you?To discover SMS for marketings one-secret to building a massive list of hyper-responsive buyerscheck out my blog SMS For Marketing. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long asyou include this resource box.Article Source: ====To build your empire why not start here?
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