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Fast Money Obsession or Determination


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Fast Money Obsession or Determination

  1. 1. ==== ====Fast Cash - I do it you can too. ====In most societies, we are raised to believe in the myth that "its spiritual to be poor". Or we usesuch phrases as "filthy rich", or "Money is the root of all evil". Our TV and movies present the bigbusinesses as the "bad guys", and programs our minds to believe that being rich is "bad".So when I was asked that disturbing question: "Why are you obsessed with money?" I askedmyself: "What am I really obsessed about? What are we all obsessed about?" So I remembered...I remembered I was working for this Hi-Tech company, ten to twelve hours a day. Even though thepay was good, it has exhausted me mentally and physically. I remembered that my cause was tohave real control over my own time, to spend it with my beloved ones, on the things that reallymatters, instead of working hard all of my life. And...I remembered that I love sports cars (just to mention it my eyes are glowing right now!) and Iwanted to have that car that I adore (Oh yes, its the 911 Porsche!). I remembered that I wanted totravel the world, and simply have fun...I understood that my goal was NOT to get stuck in the rat race, working hard all of my life, andliving the illusion of having what some people call a "normal" life. I know some might say: "Well,thats how life is". No, I resent that, you live the life that YOU desire to have, I know its easier justto "follow the crowd", but eventually, it is YOUR life, and you should reach an internal peace,rather than wondering how the outside world will look at you.So I remembered that it wasnt simply just "making money", those invaluable causes were drivingme to become wealthy, this is why I started investing and educating myself, I bought so manybooks, whether about wealth or how to get rich books, stock market, real estate, and self helpbooks. Thats why I bought so many tapes and home courses. Thats why I started looking for areal online business opportunity, which was my first step towards financial freedom. Thats why Iam a member in an association of home business entrepreneurs.Of course, these all cost (small) money. So what?! People are spending lots of money on theircable TV, on their trips, and you name it... Well, I rather spend it on my dreams, and my bestinvestment is in educating myself. Those books that I bought have opened my eyes, showed methat theres another way, an easier way, and I received invaluable insights that turned my lifearound.So people say money is not the most important thing in their lives, the irony is, they are willing towork hard most of their lives for... MONEY! Where YOU and I (if you are reading so far then Iknow you share my feelings!) are not willing to work so hard for it. We want to make enoughmoney, so we would NOT have to work for money all of our lives.
  2. 2. Keep those greater causes in your mind. Those genuine causes will drive you towards yoursincere goals in front of those objections. And yes, it is OK to have a dream; life is not worth livingwithout one.Hamad Kadmany helps real people reach financial freedom through his free newsletter and hiswebsite. His online business provides you with a real and proven online business opportunity, theproper tools, training and support for a successful online business. Discover why so many havefound their ideal business with Hamad today at []Article Source: ====Fast Cash - I do it you can too. ====