The other Venice tours


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Venice Guided Tours, by foot and by boat, far from mass tourism, in order to discover a different Venice.
Visit Venice as never before.

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The other Venice tours

  1. 1. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT ave you the will to discover the real Venice? -------------- Are you interested in learning about a different Venice? Discovering its everyday life, anecdotal stories, and curiosities? Then follow me, I'll be your personal "codega". I'll make you discover a fascinating world, through "calli" and hidden courts, rich in tales, Venetian stories, ancient magic and - why not - I'll give you tips about good eating and drinking!
  2. 2. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT t's worth visiting Venice with me because otherwise: you risk seeing usual attractions... if you want to see something different, you risk getting lost every two minutes... if nobody tells you what you are seeing, you risk loosing most of its charm... you won't find anecdotes and curiosities in the common guides... if you need information, you'll risk asking other tourists as lost as you... if you do not know where to eat, you risk to spend a fortune!
  3. 3. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT We are a group of friends, including Tourist Guides and Tour Leaders, at your service to offer you the best possible experience in Venice. L'altra Venezia
  4. 4. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT Click on the title for more information 1 CANNAREGIO - GHETTO (Cà d’Oro, Misericordia, Madonna dell’Orto, Ghetto) 2 MIRACOLI (S.Bartolomio, S.Maria dei Miracoli, Gesuiti, Fondamenta Nuove) 3 RIALTO (Rialto, S.Aponal, S.Maria Mater Domini, S.Giacomo dall’Orio) 4 FRARI (S.Simeone, Frari, S.Rocco, S.Margherita, S.Nicolò dei Mendicoli, S.Sebastiano) 5 DORSODURO (Accademia, Salute, Gesuati, S.Barnaba, S.Trovaso, Zattere) 6 GIUDECCA (S.Eufemia, S Cosma e Damiano, Redentore, Zitelle, S.Giorgio Maggiore) 7 CASTELLO – SAN PIETRO (Giardini, S.Giuseppe, S.Pietro, Arsenale, S.Martino) 8 CASTELLO – SAN FRANCESCO (Arsenale, S. Giovanni del Tempio, S.Giorgio dei Greci, S.Francesco della Vigna)
  5. 5. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT 1 IN THE HEART OF VENICE (The Saint Mark's Square between the Basilica and the Doge's Palace, then a walk to Rialto through internal and hidden "calli") 2 MONUMENTAL INTERIORS (Saint Mark Square and the interiors of the Doge's Palace and the Basilica) 3 RIALTO - FRIAR - St. ROCH (A walk among the Rialto stalls, the Grand Canal and its views, the Friar's Church and the School of St. Roch) 4 MARCO POLO - CHURCH OF SAINTS JOHN AND PAUL (A walk among the calli near Marco Polo's House, from the Rialto Bridge to the Church of Saints John and Paul) 5 MURANO AND BURANO ISLANDS (The glass and lace working) Each tour lasts approximately two hours, except the islands' tour which lasts 4 hours. Click here for more details.
  6. 6. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT 1 MUSIC IN VENICE (S.Samuele - La Fenice - San Marco - La Pietà - Ospedaletto - Mendicanti) 2 HISTORY OF VENICE CUISINE (Zattere - Santa Margherita - S.Polo - Rialto - Santa Sofia) 3 THEATRICAL ITINERARY: COURTESANS AND LIBERTINISM IN VENICE (Santa Croce - S.Polo - San Marco) 4 PHOTO TOUR IN VENICE (custom) 5 ARTISANS IN VENICE (custom) 6 WOMEN IN VENICE: THE PAINTERS (Accademia - Ca' Rezzonico - Santa Maria Formosa - Madonna de l'Orto) 7 CONTEMPORARY ART AND BIENNALE (custom) 8 ART ADVISOR (custom)
  7. 7. The route "Music in Venice" retrace the footsteps of places and people that have made the history of music in Venice. The route on the "History of Venetian cuisine" traces the evolution of gastronomy in Venice from the first urban settlements to the present day. Some stops are planned in typical wine bars to taste "cicchetti" and local wine. It is also possible to organize tastings of Venetian cuisine in private homes. The theatrical tour about courtesans and libertinism in Venice is a mixed itinerary with visits to places related to the theme, the stories of real events and theatrical interventions of two professional actresses. The tour takes place at night for a most suitable atmosphere. The Photo tour in Venice is a photography course taught by Marco Secchi (internationally renowned photographer) with a guided tour in Venice. The tour about the artisans of Venice includes a visit to a few workshops still using ancient techniques. The tour Women in Venice: the painters aims to present the life and work of the great painters women of Venice, by visiting the places where they lived and in which are preserved their works. The tour about the Contemporary Art in Venice is designed for those people who intend to approach this art.
  8. 8. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT Click on the title for more information 1 ROWING IN VENICE (Venetian rowing lesson) 2 NORTH LAGOON (North Lagoon and its islands) 3 SOUTH LAGOON (South Lagoon and its islands) 4 TOUR "MURANO EXCLUSIVE" (Visiting best Murano glass factories) 5 CRUISING THE BRENTA CANAL (Ecological Cruise on the Brenta Canal) 6 TOUR FOR DISABLED (Customizable) Some tours are carried out in traditional Venetian boats, in collaboration with a local Cultural Association. The motorboats are provided by Rigel srl. For more information write to:
  9. 9. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT - For information about the rates of the itineraries write to: Each tour lasts approximately 2 hours. Some tours can be combined together (with slight change in the route) Number of participants: max 10 for "The other Venice routes" / max 30 for "The classical Venice routes" We can consider larger groups on specific demand. All participants in any of our routes are entitled to a discount in Venice.
  10. 10. WHY WHO ROUTES INFO CONTACT Mail: Skype: laltravenezia Facebook: The Other Venice Page Partenship: Venti di Cultura Agreements: Venice discounts NAME: SURNAME: EMAIL: PHONE: MESSAGE: Send