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IItinerary on the history of the Venetian cuisine


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The tour about the history of Venetian cuisine traces the evolution of gastronomy in Venice from the first urban settlements to the present day.

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IItinerary on the history of the Venetian cuisine

  1. 1. ITINERARY ON THE HISTORY OF THE VENETIAN CUISINE This is a walking tour along the streets of Venice in search of traces of the gastronomic culture of the city, which, also, is far from obvious! Starting from the earliest recipes of the lagoon dating from the days when Venice was only one of the provinces of Byzantium, through the riot of spices brought by trade with the Levant, through a dizzying range of foreign contamination, till the cuisine of our days, or at least of what survives. Exotic perfumes, bizarre recipes and strange habits at the table. It will be told to discover this fascinating side of Venetian culture, never quite unveiled, and in danger of extinction overwhelmed by rampant globalization of frozen pizza and junk food. Along the way, some stages are planned in some bacari (typical Venetian bar) where you can taste the famous cicchetti (small dishes), accompanied by a hint of wine. Duration: about 4 hours Participants: 6 people maximum The tour takes place only in the afternoon For information and reservations: To view other routes: