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A Best Practice of Enterprise 2.0: the Photoviva Case Study


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These slides were created for our presentation of the paper at the IX Conference ITAIS Organization change and Information Systems, 28-29 September 2012. The article studies the Photoviva's system ( for creating users designed and customized iPhone cases and web 2.0 strategies used by the company. If you are interested in the complete article, it will be published in a volume by the German publisher Springer.

Le slide sono state create per la presentazione del nostro articolo durante la conferenza ITAIS Organization change and Information Systems a Roma il 28-29 Settembre 2012. L'articolo studia il sistema per progettare e personalizzare cover per iPhone e le strategie web 2.0 messe in atto dall'azienda. Se sei interessato all'articolo completo, sarà pubblicato in un volume edito dall'editore tedesco Springer.

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A Best Practice of Enterprise 2.0: the Photoviva Case Study

  1. 1. A Best Practice of Enterprise 2.0: the Photoviva Case Study. D. Consoli University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” W. Del Prete e-leva Itais 2012 Rome, September 28-29
  2. 2. AgendaAim of the presentationThe enterprise 2.0 modelThe case study PhotovivaConclusions
  3. 3. Aim of the paperTo present a Photoviva case study,a brand of a small company thatimplements the new model ofEnterprise 2.0
  5. 5. Enterprise 2.0 - Definitions“Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social softwareplatforms within companies, or between companiesand their partners or customers" (McAfee, 2006).An Enterpise 2.0 is an organizational andtechnological model based on active participation ofall stakeholders (customers, suppliers, sponsors,business partners) in the sharing of internal andexternal knowledge.
  6. 6. Features of Enterprise 2.0Keywords: sharing, collaboration and cooperation withall business stakeholdersNew ways to work: open, bottom up and interconnectedCustomer involvement: customer can be involved in allproductive processes: design, development, production,testing and marketing.
  7. 7. New concepts 2.0- Prosumer (Toffler, 1980)- User Generated Content (UGC) (Strobbe et al.,2010)- Long tail (Anderson, 2006)- Market are conversations (Levine et al., 200)- Mass customization (Tseng, and Jiao,2001) (Kaplanand Haenlein, 2006)- Open Innovation (Chesbourg, 2003)- Peer-to-peer production (Tapscott and William,2006)- Crowdsourcing (Howe, 2006)
  8. 8. Examples of companies 2.0-In Canadian manufacturer John Fluevog, customersparticipate actively and creatively in desinging new models ofshoes.-The Mulino Bianco is available to listen any proposal on theconception of new biscuits. Ideas can be proposed and voted;the best one will be realized.-In the website "Fiat 500" (500 Wants You - consumer contributed creatively to the design of the newcar.-Lego ( is a good example of a company thatinvolves customers in developing a new line of robots “MindStorms”.
  9. 9. and Photoviva.comCustom iPhone and Smart Phone Cases Enterprise 2.0: design, development, production and marketing
  10. 10. Enterprise 2.0“the customer an be involved in all processes: design, production, testing and marketing”
  11. 11. Times person of the year2004 2005 2006
  12. 12. Many 2.0 sites are authoring tools••••• if we apply the same concept to the product design?
  13. 13. Enterprise 2.0 in design: Mass Customization •
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Create your cases
  16. 16. Create your cases
  17. 17. 2.0: Development and Production
  18. 18. 2.0 in marketing: Share on Facebook
  19. 19. 2.0 in marketing: Share on Facebook
  20. 20. Customer care: Facebooks feedback
  21. 21. Customer care: Facebooks feedback
  22. 22. Customer care: Facebooks feedback
  23. 23. Art Cases and other partners
  24. 24. Art Cases and other partners
  25. 25. Art Cases and other partners
  26. 26. Art Cases and other partners
  27. 27. Parntership with other brands
  28. 28. Pubblic Relation and Blogs
  29. 29. Web Marketing 2.0• Partnership:• Public Relation and Blog• Review Video Review• Contests
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Thanks for your attentionDomenico Consolidomenico.consoli@uniurb.itWalter Del
  32. 32. ConclusionsPhotoviva is a brand of a small company thatcontinually applies new and innovative ideas in thebusiness exploiting the contribution of customers.Photoviva involves customers in the productiveprocess designing unique and personal covers bythe website.This small company implements inside advancedbusiness concepts: prosumer, co-production, masscustomization and open innovation.