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A.I. Higher-level thinking


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Concepts occur as abstractions or generalizations from experience; from the result of a transformation of existing ideas; or from innate properties.

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A.I. Higher-level thinking

  1. 1. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017
  2. 2. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Decide easily and fast between relevant and irrelevant data /- information The A.I. solution must be simple to apply and operate for domain experts without specific IT & linguistic skills! Relevant vs. Irrelevant
  3. 3. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017
  4. 4. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Right | False Decisions "The names of the suspects were spelled wrong, but they had a phonetic similarity to the real spellings," (LKA) • Names of two stage roadie misspelled! • 87,000 open-air visitors evacuated!
  5. 5. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017
  6. 6. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 First Response Agent‘s Faster information analytics  No models need, works based on intrinsic information pattern and concepts  Fast matching against generalized threat patterns, scenarios & concepts  Autonomic detection of unexpected new possible patterns, scenarios & concepts For better decision making
  7. 7. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Data volumes are exploding, more data in the past two years than in the entire previous history 1.7 megabytes of new information every second for every human being on the planet 40,000 search queries every second Less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used Data on its own is meaningless unless turned into accessible Information
  8. 8. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Instead of using keywords, BrainDocs™ A.I. is recognizing whole concepts, scenarios and ideas. This profiles, are converted into context related semantic hash- codes, which can be compared and matched easy, fast and accurate. *Concepts: Business Rules; Law and Order; Good or Bad; Sentiment, Scenarios etc. Concepts* vs. Keywords
  9. 9. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 … delivers answers to questions, you did not know that you have to ask for! BrainDocs™ A.I. Fingerprint 1.463856208914539743956276 Semiotic hash-code (illustration)
  10. 10. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Sender Subjective interpretation & understanding Subjective meaning and semantic Receiver BrainDocs™ A.I. has the generic message observer position BrainDocs™ A.I. Is the perfect translator between sender and receiver to prevent any dispute regarding the semantic message No Misunderstandings Understanding the intrinsic and contextual meaning of a message, eliminates disputes
  11. 11. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Concept generalization
  12. 12. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Profiling
  13. 13. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Artificially made semantic Sometimes people orchestrating messages with uncommon syntax or synonyms in order to hide the real message
  14. 14. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Different sources and formats Practically A.I. must be able to turn any data into classified information, other ways decisions are uncertain all time “Any Kind Of Data Source” Structure & un-structures
  15. 15. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 • Simple to use and apply • Any text data and domains • Autonomic fingerprint and classifying • First results almost instantly BrainDocs™ A.I. Easy to Use Domain and application experts are the best qualified users to set-up the simple workflow.
  16. 16. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 • Match to 3rd party ontologies, taxonomies • Feature extraction with 3rd party solutions • Expandable with 3rd party algorithms • C-Platform technology with services • Core language independent BrainDocs™ A.I. Easy to Connect Standard interfaces guarantee easy data exchange with 3rd party systems and data bases
  17. 17. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Boulder Equity Analytics
  18. 18. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Success stories
  19. 19. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Crime & Terrorism • Scenarios • Patterns • Concepts • Profiles Time Monitoring ACTION Content flow QualifiedSources Events WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORDWORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD Feedback, Learning, Validation 3rd Party Systems- / Solutions Sample : First Response Monitoring of suspects and groups, with behavior and scenario pattern, to identify upcoming events
  20. 20. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Sample : NASA The BII-Agent as observer for innovation and mission planning. Missions Tasks: - Innovation research - Technology trend observation - Problem solver - Mission planning - Project controlling BII-Agent Observer’s Integral surveillance Internet Intranet Data Bases SharePoint etc. Websites News Reports Patents Science
  21. 21. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Sample : Boulder The BII-Agent as observer for Information observation for trading sectors Sectors Tasks: - Competitive analytics - Market trend observation BII-Agent Observer’s Integral surveillance Tweets Messages Articles Websites Company data Reuters Bloomberg
  22. 22. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Sample : Wine Classification Main-Dimensions Finish Taste Dryness Acidity Body Tannin Sub-Dimensions Description’s Fingerprint on all arguments Match Automatic match of the wines based on the description and tasting results with classification matrix Wine matrix
  23. 23. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Contract Case (View) Expertise Law-Department (View) Marketing Sales (View) Sample : Claims vs. Contracts A success story how BrainDocs™ A.I. is used to analyze, classify and compare (match) claims to contracts. CLAIM ! Customer's: Law Office Insurance & Re-Insurance …
  24. 24. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Sample : Trend Monitor Permanent monitoring of markets to identify early upcoming important events or changes Profiles Samples Arguments Studies Competition Innovation Controlling Cases-/Tasks Operation Data Complieance Markets Trends Missions Projects… Time Monitoring ACTION Content flow QualifiedSources Events WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORDWORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD WORD Feedback, Learning, Validation 3rd Party Systems- / Solutions
  25. 25. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 Most Complex Visualizations Hundred's of agents in multi-angle view
  26. 26. © ai-one Inc. 2002-2017 ai-one™ group Awards University Key Accounts Interviews Publication "Wissensrepräsentation und - organisation" aus dem Blickwinkel von Bibliotheken, der Wissenschaft und aus der Praxis in internationalen Unternehmen Walt Diggelmann