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  1. 1. By Patrick Walsh
  2. 2. Introduction  Sailing is the act of pushing a vehicle (usually a boat) using wind power  Sailing is the oldest form of transportation developed by mankind  Sailing has long been the backbone for travel, fishing, warfare and trade.
  3. 3. History of Sailing  Sailing has been crucial in the development of civilization by providing people with the opportunity to travel across seas  Sailboats can be dated back to 5500 B.C.  Major advancements made in the Middle Ages by European explorers, Indians, and the Chinese  Throughout history sailing has contributed to several world changing explorations, warfare, and has promoted international trade
  4. 4. Basic Parts of a Sailboat  Propulsion  Main Sail: the main sail is the biggest of all the sails, usually located in the center of the boat. This sail creates the most power  Mast: the mast is what holds the mail sail up (vertical)and helps create the shape of the sail  Boom: like the mast the boom helps create the shape of the sail (horizontal)  Mainsheet: this sheet (rope) helps control the mainsail  Pulling in the rope will bring the sail closer in; letting the rope out will let the sail out  Jib: the jib is the sail that is located in the front of the boat. This sail is much simpler and provides less power for the boat
  5. 5. Basic Parts of a Sailboat  Steering  Rudder: the rudder is what allows a captain to steer the boat  Rudder comes in several different forms that are specific to the type of boat  Keel: the keel is the large piece of the boat that is below the water  The keel helps keep the boat from drifting off course (or sliding) and also prevents the boat from capsizing This picture provides an excellent example of what a modern day rudder and keel look like. Rudder is towards the back and keel is placed in the center of the boat.
  6. 6. We’ve learned all the basic parts of a Sailboat. Now its time to learn how to Sail!
  7. 7. How to Sail: The Science Behind it  How the boat moves  When wind pushes against the sails of a boat it creates a force. If the sails a properly oriented in regards to the direction of the wind, the boat will move forward  By adjusting the sails based on what direction the wind is coming from and what direction the boat is moving, will determine how fast the boat will move  The one direction that a sailboat cannot go is directly into the wind.
  8. 8. How to Sail: The Science Behind it  Adjusting the sails to make the boat go faster or slower  Depending on which direction the wind is coming from will determine the position of your sail   The closer up-wind you are heading, typically the faster the boat will go while the more down-wind you are heading the slower you will go  This is because there is a greater force exerted upon the sail  “Up-wind”: refers to the direction the wind is coming from; the closer up-wind you are heading, the closer to the direction of the wind you are  “Down-wind”: this means that you are heading directly away from the direction of the wind; the wind is at your back A general rule of thumb: the tighter your sails are in relationship to their location based on the direction of the wind the faster the boat will travel and vice versa
  9. 9. How to Sail: The Science Behind it This diagram is an excellent representation of where your sails should be located in relation to where the wind is coming from
  10. 10. Sailing Today  Even with todays modern advances in technology, sailing is still very prevalent. In many third world countries, sailing is still used as a main source of transportation and trade. In many modern countries sailing consists of racing and recreational sailing.  Racing: Today sail boat racing has become a major sport that attracts millions of viewers  Main Races include the Race to Bermuda and the America’s Cup which attracts multi-million dollar boats.
  11. 11. Sailing Today  Sailing is both a sport and a hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Dating back to 5500 B.C. it is one of the oldest hobbies and past times in history. Whether just for fun or for competition, I truly wish that everyone has a chance to enjoy this great sport at one point or another in their life