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komoot @ Geo-Monday & LMBA


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Short live presentation of the komoot app at geo-monday.
Explained technologies we develop to deliver a great outdoor experience.
Included business model.
Download the komoot app and try it yourself.

Published in: Technology, Education
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komoot @ Geo-Monday & LMBA

  1. 1. Geo-Monday & LBMA From Code to Market – How much Geo is necessary? Talk included live presentation of the app – download it.
  2. 2. “What does it take to successfully develop and market a location-based app or service?” My personal & komoots perspective
  3. 3. Your expectations / questions?
  4. 4. Where should I go next sunny weekend? It is about 500 Mio. User who want to be active in Nature.
  5. 5. Recommendation for beautiful Highlights Komoot develops a highly scalable approach based on data-mining and machine-learning It is about data and recommendation / relevance. It is mobile - "just an app"
  6. 6. an app... It is f*cking complicated
  7. 7. Thank you! We are hiring: Open source geo-coder: @walsertal