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Hult Shanghai Flyer 2012


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Hult Shanghai Flyer 2012

  1. 1. Top Rankedone yeardegreein Shanghai Executive MBA One-Year MBA Master of International Business Master of FinanceBoston San Francisco London Dubai Shanghai
  2. 2. Free Accomodation, twin room for 8 monthsLiving and Studying in ShanghaiLive in the world’s fastest Hult Student Services— Shanghai campus life, snapshot of past eventsgrowing economy helping you every step of } Company visits to Chinese factories of Giant,Shanghai is a city of breathtaking the way Tyco Electronics, Alibaba, Ferrotec, Baosteel,transformations—with towering At Hult, we recognize that relocating to a Wahaha } Roster of C-level speakers on doingskyscrapers springing up next to ancient foreign country may bring with it certain business in China } Toured World Expo Chinalane houses, and sophisticated boutiques anxieties; therefore, we have developed Pavilion } Chinese acupuncture demonstrationemerging out of open-air markets. The } Mandarin lessons } Kung fu sessions strong support systems for studentsascendancy of China as an economic } Toured ancient water town } Huangpu river during and after their transition. Our cruise } Talk on special careers and Chinesesuperpower centers around Shanghai. Student Services team aims to ensure leadership styles by a partner at headhuntingKnown as the “Pearl of the Orient,” that all areas of student life are supported, giant Korn Ferry } Excursions to Hangzhou,Shanghai boasts unrivaled cultural status offering advice and guidance on a range Suzhou, Guilin, and Beijingin China as the birthplace of new trends of issues, such as accommodation, travel,and life-changing ideas. With nearly 23 health, immigration, and welfare.million residents, Shanghai is one of the Shanghai business glimpseworld’s largest cities and is considered } Biggest city in the world’s largestChina’s most cosmopolitan metropolis. First-hand cultural emerging economy } Center of China’sHult puts you in the center of one of the growing affluent middle class } Homemost transformative cities on earth. immersion to China’s largest stock exchange } China has an exceptionally diverse culture World’s busiest container port } Growing and geography with mountains, forests, pharmaceutical hotspot } Capital of China’sHult Shanghai Residences grasslands, deserts and huge regional fashion scene } Host of 2010 Shanghai variations in customs, food, ethnicity, and World Expo, the best-attended trade fair inLocated in the business center of world history religion. Hult organizes cultural events todowntown Shanghai, within easy advance students’ cultural understandingaccess of Hult’s campus, and major of China; past events have includedcommercial areas including Xujiahui, Programs offered* Chinese Kung Fu lessons, accupunctureHuaihai Road and Nanjing Road. The MBA seminars, tea ceremonies, World Heritagemodern apartment complex consists of tours, and traditional art performances. Master of International Businessfully furnished apartments equipped withkitchen, living room, broadband internet, Master of Financeair conditioning, TV, and 24/7 concierge Executive MBAand security guard. There are also free *Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus are not available forutility and housekeeping services, and China nationals. We encourage Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s other campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai.restaurants.
  3. 3. Hult Shanghai CampusAmazing downtown Current student profileslocation Master programs: MBA:Hult’s downtown People’s Square Gender Regions of origin Gender Regions of origincampus sits in the heart of the city’s 35% Female 47% Europe 28% Female 21% Europe commercial, financial, retail, and social 65% Male 17% United States 72% Male 19% Americascene. Footsteps away are Shanghai’s 14% Asia 16% Asia most famous shopping street, Nanjing Age 7% South Asia Age 16% Latin AmericaRoad, and the extraordinary Shanghai 77% <25 6% Latin America 4% <25 16% South Asia Museum. Our school recently won first 22% 25-29 2% Africa 53% 25-29 7% Africaplace in an architectural interior design 0% 30-34 2% Canada 39% 30-34 4% Canadacompetition for its state-of-the-art 0% 35-39 2% Middle East 5% 35-39 1% Middle East classrooms, computer laboratories, and 1% 40+ 1% Eurasia 0% 40+ 0% Eurasiastudent lounges. Feel the incredible energy behind the world’s most populous Work experience Work experiencenation at our centrally-located People’s 78% 3 or more 36% 3 or more Square school. Convenient subway 18% 3-5 19% 3-5 and public transportation access make 3% 6 or more 33% 6 or more exploring the city easy, while residential * Average work experience 1.5 years * Average work experience 6.5 yearsaccommodation is a short commute away. 54 nationalities under one roofLearn Mandarin 120 studying at Hult ampuses globallyStudying in China is an excellent Current students on theopportunity to learn the world’s most Shanghai campus come from: Huzhou Assembly Hall Children’s Parkspoken language—Mandarin. Hult offers Angola, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Beijingcompulsory Mandarin lessons for non- Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Jiaotong Park Shanghai Railway MuseumMandarin speakers through out the year. Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, Hanzhong SquareStudent will learn how to speak and will Germany, Greece, Ghana, Hong Kong,later learn to read and recognize Chinese Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Huangpu Rivercharacters. This is a non credited course. Huangpu Latvia, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, The Bund Oriental Pearl Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Nanjing Road Television Tower People’s Square Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Municipal Library Shanghai Grand Theatre Jinmao Tower Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Shanghai Museum Pudong Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Yuyuan Garden Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, United Huaihai Park Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Xintiandi Zimbabwe Fuxing Park Pudong International Airport
  4. 4. Be Inspired Get ConnectedHult’s Executive Speaker Series brings to our Access Hult’scampuses the brightest minds from a wide range of programs and backgrounds to share path-breakingbusiness trends and sage professional advice.Hult’s Grand Opening in iPad-enhanced learningShanghai hosts Jim Rogers At Hult, we apply technology and innovationJim Rogers, founder of the Quantum Fund to make sure your educational experiencewith George Soros and creator of the is extraordinary. We embrace learning usingRogers International Commodity Index tablet and mobile technology, which is why(RICI), gave a fascinating speech at Hult’s we provide an iPad for every incomingGrand Opening in Shanghai. He shared student. The iPad that awaits you onhis perspectives on life, business school, campus is integrated into your learningrunning a hedge fund, and his time as the experience and will be loaded with usefulfirst hedge fund manager to drive around apps, including productivity and study toolsthe world through 116 countries. like iAnnotate, media-rich supplementary videos, interactive textbooks, and access to Importance of China campus and class information.Rogers is bullish on Asia Nevertheless, Rogers urges the audience to learn Mandarin. His two young“There are spectacular opportunitiesin Asia today,” Rogers told the crowd daughters are learning the language Access all areas of the future, and he and his wifeexcitedly, citing the investment No matter which campus you study at, moved from New York to Asia to takeopportunities in Myanmar and North you will have access to speaker broadcasts advantage of this historic shift to China.Korea. Rogers believes that change is around the Hult world through HultTV. He sees more promise in China thanimminent in these new frontiers and Previous speakers on campus form an India, which he regards as beset by aurged business school students to seize impressive roster, from industry mavericks large debt to GDP ratio, corruption, andopportunities as they arise. Rogers, an to distinguished corporate titans: Jimmy bureaucracy. However, Rogers points tooutspoken proponent of the free market, Wales, founder of Wikipedia; Steven Forbes, China’s decision to keep the value of itsbelieves that change is imminent in the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine; George currency low as a mistake that is causingworld economy that will cause China to Fisher, former CEO of Motorola and Kodak; distortions and inflation in the Chinesedip alongside the West. and Jim Rogers, investment guru. Hult’s economy. But although China will have its speakers also include Young Global Leaders share of problems, he is very optimistic (under 40), a select group of representatives about its long-term ability to be a global of business, government, civil society, and far-sighted power. arts and culture, academia, media, and social enterprise.
  5. 5. I chose the Shanghai campus I started my program in Dubai andbecause of the importance of then took my electives in Module DChinese economy today. in Shanghai campus. Both DubaiI wanted to see how it works in and Shanghai were completelya direct manner. It was a really unknown environments for me. Iconstructive experience. wanted to be in cities which are out of my comfort zone. I lived my lifeInmaculada Mora Duran in India which is the world’s largestSpanish, MBA 2011 democratic nation. Staying in Dubai (which is a constitutional monarchy) and Shanghai (which is the financial capital of a country following Communism) gave exposed me to a completely different angle of looking at things in terms of business and otherwise Sumeet Turakhiya Liberty Indian, MBA 2011 Studying in Shanghai was an amazing experience for me as a business professional, and I will be able to leverage the knowledge I gained throughout my career. Day to day activities such as catching a taxi or ordering dinner were always a challenge, but showed me the importance of interacting with locals and figuring out different ways to communicate. It was also fascinating to see firsthand how companies do business in China; you better start building relationships now if you’re interested in doing business in the region! Alexander Franklin American, MBA 2010Hult’s international outlook Hult is a melting pot ofhelped me to find the job and different cultures, habits, andcultural exposure I was looking backgrounds, merging togetherfor. Thanks to Hult, I was able in accordance with the dynamicto demonstrate to my new and international spirit of theemployer, MasterCard Advisors, school. We lived in a completelythat I had the capabilities to different environment throughunderstand different cultures and educational and professionaladdress the needs of a global field trips all around China, inclient. Hult represented my bridge addition to the outstanding andbetween feeling local and being numerous electives offered. Thetruly international. school organization, facilities and services were excellent. The HultMichele Tucci staff took care of us, creating theManaging Consultant perfect atmosphere to maximizeMasterCard International our learning experience.Italian, MBA 2009 Nicola Allocca Italian, MBA 2010 Based in London, I rotated to Shanghai… An amazingly active and modern city in the heart of China. The mix of Chinese history and modern technology is amazing. Finally, the power lying in China, the power to make things happen, and the efficiency this country has promises to make China a leading country in the coming years... Benoît Larrouturou French, MBA 2011
  6. 6. Why Hult Shanghai?A top-ranked global Distinquished faculty with Global Campus Rotationbusiness program real-world international Hult offers students a unique opportunityHult offers top-ranked U.S.-style degrees experience to see the world while they study. As anin Shanghai, which dives deep into MBA student, you can start anywhere Our professors are seasonedinternational business practices, the Asian and go anywhere. On Global Campus professionals with expertise in teachingmarketplace and management across Rotation, you can pick your home campus international managers—80 percentcultures. and then spend up to three months have extensive international experience. studying at two others. Students could• Hult is ranked 27th best business school Substantial portions of our faculty are begin in Shanghai, then travel to Boston in the world (The Economist); practitioners and are actively engaged via London or San Francisco via Dubai.• 5th in International Business (The as senior executives of corporations, You’ll get an inside look at the world’s Financial Times); consultants, or managers of growth fastest growing economies and examine• 1st in post-graduate salary increase companies. Our Chinese professors international business practices close-up. (The Economist) are also adjunct professors at other Almost 90% of our students choose Hult• Top 1% of the best business schools in top-ranked schools in the world, having because they are interested in this option, the world (The Financial Times) extensive knowledge of the local Chinese and over half of our students spend time• 1st in International Experience (FT) financial markets, politics, economics in more than one campus. and Chinese business law. “My favourite professor was Patrick Courtinit the Shanghai campus. He was A truly international phenomenal. Learning negotiations had been an interest of mine and he student bodyA powerful and practical delivered an effective combination of Hult’s student body hails from over 120business education lecture and practice. This really solidified different nationalities, and from a wide understanding the concept and being range of industries, bringing a wealthHult’s Shanghai students gain valuable practical by actually using it. The class of experience, insight and culturalon-the-ground knowledge of the Chinese was four hours long and I felt it was too perspectives to the classroom. Thismarket and business practices. By short. Amazing”. creates an extraordinary and uniqueapplying classroom learning to actual learning experience, and allows you tobusiness situations in China and globally, Mark Manglicmot, establish a valuable global network.students gain a powerful and practical American/Filipino, MBA 2011business education that helps them thinkstrategically about innovation and growth.Hult’s unique LEAP Method furtherprovides students with board-level trainingat Fortune 500 companies in China,allowing students to apply classroomtheory to relevant business problems.
  7. 7. Where do Hult graduates work? Automotive Hewlett-Packard BMW Huawei Continental Tires IBM Ford Motor Credit Infosys Technologies Company LG Electronics General Motors Lionbridge Technologies Honda Microsoft SAAB-Scania AB Motorola Toyota Motor Nokia Volvo East Asia Oracle Volkswagen Samsung SAP Asia Banking/Finance Sasa Solutions ABN AMRO Siemens AIG Softek Financeira S.A. Panasonic Shikoku Bank of America Electronics BBVA Group Sony Citigroup T-Mobile Credit Suisse Technoserve Deutsche Bank Telefonica del Peru S.A.A. Goldman Sachs United Online Hong Leong Bank Vodafone HSBC Zapoint J.P. Morgan KPMG International LogisticsGlobal Career Liberty Mutual Agility Logistics McKinsey & Co. DHL Express MasterCardopportunities Morgan Stanley Manufacturing/FMCG New Energy Finance 3M Nomura Securities Ahold Pricewater-houseCoopers Amazon Smith Barney Avon CosmeticsUnique employment Action Projects at the Prudential Standard Chartered Bank Bunge Coca-Colaadvantage Shanghai Campus State Street Corporation Compaq The Export-Import Bank Colgate-PalmoliveInternational employers place a high Action Projects are a cornerstone of our of Korea Grupo Modelovalue on candidates that have a real innovative curriculum, which help you get UBS Heinz Wells Fargo Bank Honeywellunderstanding of the Chinese culture, job- ready from day one. Every year, each Johnson & Johnsonpeople, and business practices. Hult campus offers distinct projects for Construction/ Kraft FoodsTherefore, global leaders that have a keen major companies. Real Estate L’Oreal Cemex Mitsubishiunderstanding of the local intricacies Last year Hult Shanghai Action Project Gerdau Ameristeel Néstleof China are endowed with a unique RAK Olympus teams looked at the future of logistics,advantage in the employment market. POSCO Osram Sylvania working with the world’s largest online W.R. Grace & Co. PepsiCo B2B trading platform for small businesses, Procter & Gamble They reported to the Director Consulting RenaultGain insights from Chinese of Payments and Logistics for Small- Accenture Arthur D. Little Swarovski Siemensbusiness leaders Order Global Trading at one of China’s Bain & Company Wal-Mart Mexico most robust e-commerce websites. Booz Allen HamiltonThroughout the program, we invite China Boston Consulting Group Media/Communicationsexperts and business insiders to share Students also worked Fortune 500, multi- Capgemini Consulting Avaya Deloitte Consulting BBCtheir insights on doing business in China. industrial conglomerate, Johnson Controls Ernst & Young Bloomberg L.P.Hear what leading executive search Inc. and were given the opportunity to Forrester Research Conectel Communicationsfirms say that companies are looking for present their ideas to the board. Imaginatik Korean Broadcasting Systemin new hires; learn about the personal Education MTV Networksexperiences of senior executives who EF Education First Ogilvyactively run businesses in China, and form Oxford University Universal Picturesyour own opinion on what constitutes University of Nigeria iProspect IPSOSan effective business strategy in Asia. Healthcare/Our speakers and guest lecturers bring Pharmaceuticals/ Non-Profit/Governmenta wealth of knowledge on what it takes Science Moroccan Embassy ASEBIO Royal Thai Embassyto succeed in China. Previous speaker UNICEF Baxterengagements have included: Bayer United Nations Johnson Controls Inc. Merck World BankCEO, Schindler Group PhilipsCEO, Wärtsilä Group Bristol Myers Squibb Oil/Gas/EnergyVice President, Volvo Inotech BP Maruho General ElectricCEO, Nine Dragon Hill Polo Club Novartis Nippon OilCEO, Indochina National GridCOO, Foster Wheeler Power Group IT/Tech/Telecom Apple TravelRegional Director, Randstad AT&T American AirlinesHR Director, AXA Dell British AirwaysFormer CEO, Mediapilot Enterprise Solutions Hilton Hotels Ericsson Japan Airlines Fuji Xerox Lufthansa
  8. 8. Accreditation & Rankings Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 20 business schools in the U.S. and top 30 in the world by The Economist. Hult International Business School is ranked in the top 100 business schools by the Financial Times (up 33 spots from 2010). Hult International Business School’s10 Things to do on your study break worldwide operations are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Getting up at 5AM to watch the locals gather in the parks or on the Bund for their morning exercises Hult International Business School’s MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Getting a traditional Chinese massage Hult International Business School is recognized as efficient by the British Accreditations Council of Independent Learning how to haggle for the Further and Higher Education. best price at the Yuyuan Bazaar Admission Offices Taking a boat tour along The Americas Huangpu River in the evening Boston 1 Education Street Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S. Tel: +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco 1355 Sansome Street Savoring local delicacies such as San Francisco, CA 94111, U.S. xiefen xiao long bao (little steamed Tel: +1 415 869 2900 buns with crab meat) in Old Town Miami 3390 Mary Street Suite 250, Coconut Grove Miami, FL 33133, U.S. Tel: +1 305 648 9746 Having a bespoke suit or Mexico Jaime Balmes 8, Loc. 10 dress made at the South Col. Polanco Mexico, D.F. 11510, Mexico Bund Fabric Market Tel: +52 55 5283 3307 Asia Pacific Going antique shopping and curios 4th Floor, Jinling Haixin Building hunting along Dongtai Road 666 Fu Zhou Road, Huangpu District Shanghai 200001, China Tel: +852 2111 2399 Europe Drinking tea in a traditional tea 46-47 Russell Square, Bloomsbury house in Old Town and observing London WC1B 4JP, U.K. how a Chinese tea ceremony Tel: +44 207 341 8555 is performed Middle East, Africa, South Asia 7th Floor, Block 10 Dubai International Academic City P.O. Box 345003 Dubai, U.A.E. Tel: +971 4 375 3088 To apply, please visit Scan this barcode with your mobile phone to learn more about Hult.