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Branded Web Videos: Best Practices


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Wally Sabria, SVP/Creative Director of Weber Shandwick in Los Angeles runs SocialStudio, the agency's specialty practice focused branded content development for the web.

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Branded Web Videos: Best Practices

  1. 1. I want a viral video
  2. 2. “I want a viral video”…I’ve heard someone everyone say
  3. 3. “I want a viral video”But videos on the web aren’t “made” viral
  4. 4. They “go” viral.
  5. 5. And to go viral, it needs to be cool sh#t people want to share
  6. 6. …with Hundreds Thousands Millionsof people
  7. 7. “I want a viral video” It doesn’t have to be a crap shoot
  8. 8. “I want a viral video” Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind:
  9. 9. Story
  10. 10. “I want a viral video” First and foremost, it needs to tell a story
  11. 11. “I want a viral video”Be it a funnyone
  12. 12. “I want a viral video”a sadone
  13. 13. “I want a viral video”
  14. 14. “I want a viral video”a crazyone
  15. 15. “I want a viral video”an inspiringone
  16. 16. Or just be purely amazing
  17. 17. pose a question
  18. 18. or answerone
  19. 19. “I want a viral video”document an interesting issueor person
  20. 20. “I want a viral video”go behindthe scenes
  21. 21. “I want a viral video”reveal the secret of how something was created
  22. 22. “I want a viral video”invented
  23. 23. or tested
  24. 24. “I want a viral video” tap into a subculture
  25. 25. “I want a viral video”
  26. 26. or comment from the latest in pop culture
  27. 27. resurrect an obscure celebrity
  28. 28. “I want a viral video”
  29. 29. or showcase a popular web-lebrity
  30. 30. Voice
  31. 31. It’s important to transmit a uniquepoint-of-voice
  32. 32. a unique tone and personality
  33. 33. something that proves you are human
  34. 34. relatable
  35. 35. and someone worth spending time with and engaging in conversation
  36. 36. NEWS FLASH: Don’t constantly talk about yourself.
  37. 37. no one wants to be boredor sold
  38. 38. and don’t take yourself too seriously(your brand) (no matter who you are)
  39. 39. Context
  40. 40. It’s not a commercial in between scenes of their favorite show
  41. 41. People need to find it watch it share it
  42. 42. Why would anyone care? Ask yourself:
  43. 43. that proves you’re in-the-know, reveals your interests and expresses your personality Content is social currency
  44. 44. What (besides yourself) can you talk about that others might care about?
  45. 45. What topics, beliefs, values, sense of humor do you have in common with your audience?
  46. 46. Hip Hop Culture Fast Food Hiking Trails Celebrity Gossip Nature Photography Fantasy Football
  47. 47. OK. So talk about that.
  48. 48. The brand can be: a Character a Facilitator the Narrator an Inspiring Voice or even the Hero
  49. 49. is not But the brand the story
  50. 50. Quality
  51. 51. high-quality doesn’t mean high-views
  52. 52. in fact, lots of crappy videos have millions of views
  53. 53. but resistthe flip
  54. 54. don’t let poor production quality distract from your story (or make your audience dizzy)
  55. 55. HD is a must these days
  56. 56. and a good soundtrack is timeless
  57. 57. TRT
  58. 58. there’s no magic number for how long your video should be
  59. 59. be glad it doesn’t matter but be careful you don’t lose your audience
  60. 60. on the web, 5 minutes is considered “long-form”
  61. 61. but no matter how long or short
  62. 62. don’t waitall the way till the end to reveal your logo or what you’re selling