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Walltik manual


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Walltik manual

  1. 1. Simply Click & Get Lined With Walltik Walltik - an intelligently designed hub for the creation and sharing of the content This online platform allows you to connect with the people of similar interest across the globe. You just need to move forward with the easy and simple steps to create your account and access a lot of informational stuff. It is more often referred as an ecosystem of interests. This will make a great medium for digital marketing as well. You can tell others about your new launches or any other information regarding your business. This hub is simply excellent platform for not only sharing your personal interest but also in terms of business development. More often, you can call Walltik an active recommendation of content, which allow its users to have active interactions about their interests and profiles unlike other passive platforms. Receive valuable comments from others and opt the best one that suits your preference in every aspect.
  2. 2. Your Walltik sharing goes like: 1) Easy and Simple Registration Visit You can easily register with some basic details. It will take a fraction of seconds and you will be connected with an informative space over a click’s distance. 2) Mark Your Interests
  3. 3. Once you have entered the space of active content recommendation, you can check your interests so that you get the information related to your interests only. You can go for multiple options at same time. Some of the most recommended interests are fashion accessories, tourism, travel, men fashion, baby fashion etc. 3) Add Your Personalized Interests (If Not Available in the list) If your interests are different from that of mentioned in the list, you can add your own interest with its add interest option. This is why Walltik is referred as your very own personalized platform. 4) Share the Content And Media Post Related To Your Interest After defining your interests, you can share all the information related to your interest that you find useful or you think will be useful for others in your interest as well. - Here you will find two options, one is manual sharing and another is sharing the link directly. Upload Your Content Manually or Share Directly From the URL
  4. 4. With manual sharing, you will have to put all the information you have on the appropriate space provided. It is composed of a TITLE and a BODY TEXT. As for the media files, you’re allowed to upload up to 10 files in images and videos. In the second option, you will be required to provide the URL, whose information you want to share. Just post the link and it will fetch all the data automatically. 5) It’s More Than Spreading Your Stuff with Digital Marketing Besides from sharing your own content, this is an excellent platform to communicate with business professionals as well. And if you own a company, it would be a great idea to use Walltik as a communication platform. It will be even better if you keep your content entertaining and valuable that can provide good experience to the readers and followers you have from the same interest. Most important things you need to keep in mind is to value your engagements and post a reader friendly content. These factors are strong pillars to build your reputation in Walltik. 6) Chat with People Of Similar Interest Via Tell Me
  5. 5. Walltik is incorporated with a chat option like a social networking website. It has a Tell Me option via which you can have active conversations and sharing with people of similar interest. a. Create Your Contact List or Groups It’s quite simple to add people in your contact list. You can find them either through their username or e-mail id’s. b. Share Your Stuff In This Chat This chat option is quite different from as you can not only have conversation, you can also make relative posts here. Be it text, document, videos or any other stuff, it is quite easy to share your content. 7) Add New Interests Anytime You Want If you have missed on any interest, you can easily add your new interest with a simple three-step process. Click on ‘add interest’ Define your new interest Add it to your list
  6. 6. 8) Repost Your Content To Keep It Active If you want to keep your content in active conversations, you will need to repost it after certain time limit. Once your content will go passive, you will need to share new content. For Quick View Watch The Video