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Yeoman Shield supplied and fitted into
new sterile service 'supercentres'
Yeoman Shield, the UK market leader in the suppl...
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Wall & Edge Protection in Industry


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Learn about Yeoman Shields wall, edge and door protection solutions within the Manufacturing industry.

Published in: Marketing
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Wall & Edge Protection in Industry

  1. 1. Yeoman Shield supplied and fitted into new sterile service 'supercentres' Yeoman Shield, the UK market leader in the supply and installation of wall & door protection products, has been fitted into Synergy's Health's brand new facilities in Leicester and Sheffield. Synergy Health operates from 20 specialist decontamination facilities across the world and is a leading provider of outsourced and managed decontamination services for reprocessing surgical instruments. The decontamination division currently processes more than 60 million surgical instruments per year. Last year, Synergy was awarded two 15-year contracts, to provide decontamination services to NHS Trusts in Leicester and Sheffield. As part of the contract Synergy has built two new sterile service "supercentres" in the respective cities, within easy reach of local hospitals. Yeoman Shield standard corner angles were supplied and fitted into both of the new supercentres, along with a triple run of rails for the walls - Guardian Handrail with 200mm protection rail below fixed flat back to the wall and a special low level 200mm skirting protection all in mid grey for heavy traffic areas. A single run of Guardian Handrail and 50 x50 corner angles were also fitted in Sky Blue along corridors. Merit Merell was the main contractor of the Synergy Health, Sheffield ‘new build' and Onyx Interiors were responsible for Leicester. Yeoman Shield sales director, Stuart Russell, said: "Following on from the first installation of our products at Synergy Leicester we were delighted to be asked to also supply the Sheffield facility."