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Gta hostage crisis script v3 ms word copy


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Gta hostage crisis script v3 ms word copy

  1. 1. INT. WAREHOUSE - EVENING Franklin is in a warehouse with several gangsters. The warehouse is on the outskirts of the city, you can clearly hear the TRAFFIC of the city. Franklin is tied in a chair with his mouth gagged. The two gangsters are sat at a table, with a drink, SLURPING it. GANGSTER 1 Oh man, that chicken burga' was fuckingduti. Gangster 1 SlURPS his drink. GANGSTER 2 Hey, you wonna get a whore later? I need to let off some fucking steam! GANGSTER 1 Fuck ye, and do to the whore what we did to the last one, throw her bitch as body in the sea after we done. I ain't paying them fuck ass prices. Gangster 1 SLURPS his drink FRANKLIN [GROANS] GANGSTER 1 You get the whore, I'll get the fuck-bomb. Gangster 1 gets up. His chair makes a sharp SCREEKING sound against the floor. Gangster 1 starts to walk towards Franklin. This takes ten seconds. On the way, Gangster 2 starts to call for a prostitute. When Gangster 1 arrives at Franklin he KICKS the chair over which BANGS when it hits the floor. GANGSTER 1 So, you think you can fuck with us! [SHOUT] Us! You took my homies drugs dog, you fucking mother fucker! FRANKLIN [GROANS] GANGSTER 1 Oh, what was that? You wonna blow me? Na dog, you can watch a whore do that later. Gangster 2 comes running over.
  2. 2. GANGSTER 1 What the fuck's up homie? GANGSTER 2 We 'av to fucking bail now. GANGSTER 1 I asked you what the fucks up homie? GANGSTER 2 David wants his whore back, now! GANGSTER 1 Oh. Fucking shit. GANGSTER 2 He's gonna kill us and torture us and... GANGSTER 1 [SHOUTING] Shut up! Ah, lets leave Fuck bomb here, David'll take 'im as a trothy and leave us to keep fucking whores and smuggling our homies Coke and Meth. Com'on move fuck bomb with me. The two gansters move Franklin, dragging his chair across the room GANGSTER 1 Cut the ropes. GANGSTER 2 If you try anything on us, you'll loose and your ex, who you wonna fuck so much, will be our next whore. Gangster 2 cuts Franklin loose. GANGSTER 2 We need to fucking bail now, quick 'is men are on the fucking way! Several cars pull up outside of the building. GANGSTER 2 Oh fuck; fuck, fuck, fuck. We're gonna die. David's gonna kill us, fuck, fuck, fuck. There is SHOUTING outside of the warehouse and a door is kicked down. GANGSTER 2 Oh shit, times up.
  3. 3. GANGSTER 1 [SHOUTING] You fucking dope, you left the gun right next to the fuck bomb. Fucking run!