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  2. 2. WHAT I USED! To create my final cover page, content page and article page I have used a number of different technologies and programs. Below is a list of all the soft wares and hard wares I have used. Soft wares • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe InDesign • • OSX-operating syster • PowerPoint/Prezi • YouTube • SlideShare • Firefox • Adobe Lightroom 6 Hard wares • DSLR Camera • IMAC Apple • Memory stick • Keyboard and mouse • Scanner • Phone Samsung galaxy s3 • X-serve- apple mac server
  3. 3. SOFT WARES! Adobe Photoshop CS5 I have done most of the work in adobe photo shop, for example the article page, I imported a raw image to then edit it and adjust the light in order for it to look professional as well as to stand out. I have learn many stills in photo shop such as how to crop something out and move it so it looks better, for example I had to crop the flying papers in order to move them in the exact place I wanted them to be in
  4. 4. ADOBE INDESIGN Adobe InDesign s a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. I have used it to create the text for my article I have never used InDesign before therefore everything was pretty new however I learnt how to make text go around an object, for example a circle which I used in the article. I couldn’t import the finished product from InDesign back into Photoshop therefore I copied and pasted the text from InDesign onto Photoshop
  5. 5. WORDPRESS.COM I have never used word press before however I used similar websites such as Tumblr therefore I knew how to create pages easily or upload certain things. I had to upload everything I did onto wordpress in order for the teachers to be able to mark all the work. Wordpress also let me set out everything to be visible and to look well presented and neat. Above is a screenshot of what my page on looks like.
  6. 6. POWER-POINT AND PREZI Above is an example of what I have done in Prezi, it’s a little bit like a power-point but has more effects and looks better because it guides you through information in a fun way. I have used power-point to answer some of the questions as I thought that would be a nicer way to lay out answers than just answering them on the blog, after finishing the power-point I had to upload it to slide-shire to then imbed the power-point onto the website so it’s visible.
  7. 7. YOU-TUBE AND FIRE-FOX I have used both YouTube and Firefox to help me with the final piece. I have used YouTube when I didn’t know how to do something on Photoshop however I didn’t know how t then I watched tutorials. I have used Firefox as the main search engine to look for ideas and access etc.
  8. 8. LIGHTROOM Lightroom is a little bit like Photoshop however you can do more photo editing for example changing the contrast or the color. I have used that at home as we don’t have that program in school. I have used Lightroom to edit raw photos that I have taken.
  9. 9. HARDWARES Nikon d5200 I have used two cameras to finish my overall magazine because first I have had the Nikon COOLPIX L830 which is the red camera, then I have bought a new camera which is the Nikon d5200 therefore I used that one for all the other photos.
  10. 10. I-MAC, MOUSE AND KEYBOARD I have used an IMAC to do everything in school and at home to make it easier and to not have to transfer anything onto a different format to work so I would be able to work at home as well as in school. I have done everything on those computers such as, Wordpress, PowerPoint, YouTube etc. I have learnt a lot of new skills for example on Photoshop I learnt a lot of new tricks that I could so with the mouse and keyboard to make the editing easier.
  11. 11. PHONE AND MEMORYSTICK I have used both a Samsung galaxy s3 and a memory stick to keep my photos on because I thought this would be easier and if I forgot a memory stick I always had the photos on my phone. To add the photos from my phone onto the computer I also used an USB Cable which allowed me take any photos of my phone onto the computer to then use them.
  12. 12. SCANNER The scanner allowed me scan any piece of writing or drawing that I have done by hand onto the computer, I used the scanner when I was scanning the rough piece of what the cover is going to look like which I could upload onto and write about it. I have never used a scanner before therefore I had to have some help however I got the hang of it quickly.
  13. 13. OVERALL Overall technology has helped me a lot in creating the cover, content and article pages. I have used everything that a professional publisher would use in order to produce the best product, for example Photo-shop to edit the photographs. I had to consider everything when taking photos such as the model had to face the camera and possibly look straight at the lens in order to get the best image, I also had to edit them to make them look more professional and for that I have used LightRoom.