A Week in the Life of an Online Student


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  • A Week in the Life of an Online Student

    1. 1. S M T W R F S A Week in the Life of an Online course Hi, I’m Ted. I’ve been taking online courses and will walk you through a typical week in an online course. This will give you and idea of what it’s like to be an online student.
    2. 2. At the beginning of each week, I loginto my online course website to seewhat my readings and assignmentsare.
    3. 3. Most of my professors send updates through the course Announcements or email.I check these frequently for updates. May 4 Announcements Dear class, I hope you had a great weekend, the weather was gorgeous over here. This week, we’ll be looking more in- depth at the … Prof. Sullivan
    4. 4. Then, I check the section of the website where our professor posts materials. Here Ifind the readings and assignments that I need to work on for each week. Throughoutthe week I complete my readings and assignments. To turn in my assignments, I canupload files or take exams online depending on the course. Week 1 Weekly Materials Week 2
    5. 5. Since our class is online, most of our discussion takes place on an online discussion boardin the course website. The professor posts a question or prompt for me and the otherstudents to respond to.For this course, I have to post at least one message to the discussion board by the middleof the week, and then I have the rest of the week to continue the discussion. Myprofessor does this to help keep the discussion moving. If everyone waited until the lastminute, we wouldn’t have time to respond to each other… This Week’s Discussion Date Sender Subject May 13 Li, Phan Ethical Dilemma Assignment May 12 Barr, Lisa This week’s reading… May 10 Byrd, Bob RE: This week’s reading… May 10 Paquin, Karla RE: This week’s reading… Reply
    6. 6. In addition to the discussion board, I sometimes send email to myclassmates or professor when I have a question.When I have group projects online, I work with my classmates usingtools like email, google docs or skype.My professor also holds online office hours once a week so I can ask hermore specific questions. I can also make an appointment to chat withher via phone when needed.
    7. 7. At the end of the week, my professor helps us wrap up the week, and opens thematerials for the next week so we can get a head start. We also get gradesthroughout the course so we know how we’re doing. Week 1 Weekly Materials Week 2 Week 3