Allow us to introduce ourselves.


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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  1. 1. Walkie Talkie ! Every Generation Has Its Frequency.
  2. 2. Walkie Talkie Every generation has its frequency. ! An allround PR agency that creates TalkValue for companies, brands & organizations both offline & online, through an everything is media communication approach. ! We reach out to our extensive network of journalists, stylists, bloggers or other publishers, connect the right plugs, and help your company or brand to tune into the right frequency.
  3. 3. What makes us different? ! We are young & inspired individuals shaping a new breed of PR agency that knows how to get the right people twitching.
  4. 4. Our principles?
  5. 5. From episodic campaigns to ongoing presence ! Focus on pull, not push ! We believe in collaborations ! Use new strategies & tactics ! Everything is media
  6. 6. What do we have to offer?
  7. 7. Research & strategy Walkie Talkie Journalist, blogger & online approach Showroom management & stylist approach Content and/or product seeding Copywriting
  8. 8. Who do we work for?
  9. 9. Want to find out more?
  10. 10. @walkietalkiebe