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Chapter Three - We Are Scientists (part one of two)

“Ladies and Gentleman, we have just docked in Pallet Town.”

I groane...
“Who are you?” He asked. His pale skin had a small stubble, but only a shade below his chin.
His light receding hair blust...
Chapter Three - We Are Scientists (part two of two)

Machinery whirred into life. A low drone of electricity accompanied ...
“Well, I guess you’re ready to start, good luck Daniel!” The Professor smiled, as he
accompanied me to the front, main doo...
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Chapter 3


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Chapter 3

  1. 1. Chapter Three - We Are Scientists (part one of two) “Ladies and Gentleman, we have just docked in Pallet Town.” I groaned, and opened my eyes. I could see the pale ceiling above me much clearer now, in the early light. “Danny?” I looked up, and rolled out of the hammock, thumping my head against the cupboard door, and the landing across the scratched wooden floor with a thud. “Wow, that was elegant” Aidan joked. I rubbed my eyes hard, yawned, and stretched. “Morning,” I yawned. “Morning kid” He smiled, scratching at his arm. His facial features stood out more in the sunrise. His black hair seemed thinner, and tidier, but his face still kept the roughness I had managed to make out in the night. “Well, here we are, mainland Kanto” He smiled, as he picked up my rucksack, and handed it to me. “Thanks,” I groaned, quickly heaving it up and over my shoulders. “Ok, that’s Professor Oak’s laboratory over there,” He said, pointing out with a long slender finger. I nodded, and stepped off of Oceanrunner, and onto the damp, dark wood jetty. “Thanks for the ride,” I smiled. “No problem kid, good luck!” He replied, as stepped back onto the boat, and watched as I walked away. As I stepped off of the short excuse of a ‘jetty’, and onto the fields of deep grass, my trainers slipped across the dew. Oceanrunner roared behind me. I looked back over my shoulder, and waved, as Aidan sped off, Oceanrunner leaping across the waves. I took out Charmanders pokeball from my shorts pocket. I clicked it back in my hand, and a shadow flew out in a haze of red light, which then cleared to show Charmander. “Look where we are Charmander!” He looked around eagerly. The air began to waver with an early Summer breeze, and it rushed through my hair, blowing the spikes higher. I ruffled it down again and watched Charmander. He span around, taking in the new environment. It was completely different from Cinnabar Island. Long, emerald blades of grass swayed softly in the breeze. Charmander leapt upwards, as a flock of Pidgey flew over us, gliding through on the breeze. His small, sharp claws twinkled softly in the sunlight. “Come on, let’s go find Professor Oak,” I said, as he began to roll around in the long grass. “Char-char!” I scanned the sky with my eyes. The canvas above was painted a heavy blue, with not a single dot of fluffy white cloud anywhere in sight. As we walked, a brown line of fence came into view. We stopped at it, and looked all the way along, it spanned as far as I could see, left and right. “Right, look’s like we’re going to have to jump it. I’m not walking all the way down there!” I explained. “Char-char-mander!” He nodded, clearly agreeing to my idea. I threw my bag over first, and then jumped over, while Charmander crawled through the small gap underneath. Charmander tottered along beside me, and we talked as we walked. “So Charmander, you excited ?” I asked. “Char-char-char-mander-char!” He sang, as he skipped through the grass. Suddenly, he looked left, and stopped. I stopped behind him, and looked up. The blue sky above had suddenly became a pale shade of brown. Dust flew up in the wind in the distance, more and more every few seconds, and it seemed to crawl across the sky towards us. “What the-“ I started, before gulping. Beneath the cloud, a group of Pokemon swiftly charged. “Tauros” I muttered “Charmander, come here quick!” He had begun to slowly walk towards the incoming charge, clearly wondering what it was. I sprinted quickly, and scooped him up - and then back into his pokeball - as more of the Tauros became clearer, edging closer. I held him tightly, and began to sprint across the open fields as fast as I could, which wasn’t that fast considering the huge slab of a rucksack I was carrying. “This is definitely Oak’s ranch!” I roared, as we began to come closer and closer to a main building. The tall beige walls loomed over the cut green grass. The long slanted roof matched the shade of the sky, and the tiles glistened softly in the daylight. A windmill whirred next to an outer building, from a figure emerged. “HEY!” I bellowed, before swiftly jogging over.
  2. 2. “Who are you?” He asked. His pale skin had a small stubble, but only a shade below his chin. His light receding hair blustered in the wind, and the white lab coat he was wearing fluttered as well. “I-I-I’m Danny. I’m here to see Professor Oak” I panted, my lungs straining to get air in and out of me. The man looked at me with soft eyes. He looked at me directly, and then looked at my chest. A glimmer of silver hung around it, and he smiled. “You’re Blaine’s Grandson aren’t you?” He asked. I nodded, and wondered how he had guessed from the necklace. “Yes, it was a long time ago when I gave Blaine that necklace” He smiled. “You’re Professor Oak aren’t you?” I asked. “Yes, yes, I’m Samuel Oak. Now come on, we need to get you all ready for your journey, come on in!” He smiled, as he pushed open the door in front of him.
  3. 3. Chapter Three - We Are Scientists (part two of two) Machinery whirred into life. A low drone of electricity accompanied the echoeing of our footsteps across the white sterile floor. As we wandered through the long laboratory, Professor Oak made conversation with the Scientists that worked for him. “Leon, any news on that sighting in Hoenn?” He asked, to a man working at a computer, not much older than myself. Leon span on his chair, and ran his hands through his hair. “Nothing so far Professor, I’ll keep looking through though,” He replied, before spinning back to face the colourful computer screen. “Good, keep it up” The Professor nodded. He carried on walking, and we passed through two tall glass doors, into a study. The smell of muksy burnt wood filled the room, and I noticed the fireplace, beneath the walls of books. Each of the three walls was full of books of different shapes, sizes and colours. His dark, wooden desk lay in the centre of the room, and the dark emerald reclining chair behind it matched the colour of the carpet. His desk groaned under the piles of books, and papers and pictures stacked onto it, and he ruffled through them, before picking up a piece of paper. “Excuse me one moment,” He smiled. He opened the glass doors, and bellowed out “Leon, look at this!” The young scientist sprinted to the office. “Professor?” He asked, with a hint of confusion, but an underlying tone of suspense. “Take a look at this,” Professor Oak smiled, before handing him the papers. “Brilliant, I’ll get to work on it right away!” Leon beamed, his bright smile matching the glint of excitement in his dark brown eyes. The Professor shut the doors, and sat at his desk opposite me. “Sorry, so Daniel, tell me about yourself, it’s been a while since I spoke to your Grandfather, how is everything?” He asked. I gave him a brief insight into my life. The fire, Grandad, and how he given me Charmander, and how I had ended up here. “Yes, I heard about the fire when I last saw Blaine, it was me who had given your Mother her Bulbasaur as well, she was a lovely woman, I’m terribly sorry for your loss” He said. As he spoke, he fondled his beard, and in reply, I simply nodded. “Anyway”, he smiled, “the past has been written, but we can still write the future.” “That’s why I’m here” I replied. The Professor smiled, and leaned forward in his chair, before rushing through some drawers. His head popped up, and he smiled. “Could I please see your Charmander, just for some routine checks?” “Sure,” I replied, unclipping Charmander’s pokeball from my belt, and snapping it back in my room. Charmander stretched and yawned. “Hey buddy, you ok?” I smiled, as he looked up at me, and squeaked. “Char-char!” He smiled. “Hello Charmander,” Professor Oak smiled, and Charmander crept around the desk, inspecting the source of the unfamiliar voice. Charmander dawdled nervously over to him, but laughed when the Professor tickled his pale stomach. He scooped Charmande into his arms, and carried out some quick visual checks. “Charmander seems like a perfectly healthy, and friendly Pokemon” He smiled, before letting Charmander back onto the floor, to wander around the cluttered room. “Good,” I smiled, as I watched Charmander explore. “Right, well, let me give you this…” He said, opening the drawers in his desk again. After humming a familiar tune for a few seconds, and diving through his dark drawers, the Professor re-emerged with a welcome sight. “Your Pokedex, and a few supplies to keep you going,” He said, handing them over the desk to me. “Thanks,” I smiled, as I powered up the Pokedex. “Why don’t you try it out?” He said, “Scan Charmander.” I did as he said, and held the Pokedex so that the micro-camera at the front pointed at Charmander. “Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon. The fire on its tail shows the strength of its life force. If it is weak, the flame also burns weakly. Charmander currently knows these attacks: Ember, Dragon Rage, Scratch and Fire Fang” The Pokedex stated, in a dull, monotone male voice. “Right, I think that’s everything you need, are you ready?” Professor Oak smiled. “I’m ready, Charmander, are you ready?” I smiled. He leapt out from a pile of papers he had been hiding in, and cheered “Char-char-mander!”
  4. 4. “Well, I guess you’re ready to start, good luck Daniel!” The Professor smiled, as he accompanied me to the front, main door of the laboratory. The warm Sun immediately hit Charmander and I, along with the Summer breeze. “This is it Charmander, I’ve been waiting all my life to start this journey, and here we are,” I explained, as we began to walk down the path from the Laboratory, and across the outskirts of Pallet Town. Sunlight dwindled across the glass windows of houses, and the light shone in Charmander’s deep eyes, as he smiled up at me, and began to sing as he skipped by my side. As Pallet Town began to fade over our shoulders, the Sun shone higher in the sky, and the Pokemon across Route 1 began to sing from the trees. Pidgey flocked down, creating dancing shadows across the ground, and the echoes of their song brought a smile to my face. However, my smile grew wider, as Charmander pointed out something in the distance. Black blocks of steel and glass stuck out against the clear blue canvas, and they glimmered in the sunshine. “Char-char!” “I know Charmander, it’s our first major city on our journey, but we won’t be staying their long” I replied. “Char-char-mander?” Charmander asked, looking to me confused. “Yes, there is a gym there, but it’s the last of the eight gyms. The first gym we can challenge is in Pewter City, and we’ll have to do plenty of training by then” I explained. “Char-char” He smiled. “Come on, we’ll make it to Viridian City by late afternoon, but only if you stop trying to play hide and seek!” I shouted, as Charmander jumped into a bush, and began to scurry around in the green. “Charmander, come on!” I laughed. I stepped over to the bushes, and pulled the branches apart with my hands. “Char-char!” Charmander growled, as he leapt out of a bush to my right, trying to surprise me. “Come on” I laughed.