Quick, cost effective communication - try texting


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A presentation from Volunteering in a Digital Age, Swansea, September 2012 on how texting is a cheap, accessible form of communicating with volunteers.

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  • Quick, cost effective communication
  • Audience – tell each other reasons for texting and not texting
  • Do you abbreviate? Why? Why not?DBB = All Done Bye Bye, BFF = Best Friends Forever, BRB = Be Right Back, F2F = Face to Face, FWIW = For What It's Worth, KEWL = CoolL8R = Later, LOL = Laugh Out Loud, NWAL = Nerd Without a Life, OMG = Oh My God, ROFLOL = Rolling on Floor Laughing Out LoudTMI = Too Much Information, TTFN = Ta Ta For Now, VBG = Very Big Grin, WU = What's Up
  • Do abbreviations help or hinder?Do emoticons help or hinder?Literacy issues
  • Who is using texting for work? How?
  • Some examples we came up with
  • Tools for textingPhones – texting individuals and groups
  • Web based serviceWhat you get with the service and how it works
  • Esther – xlearn – text wall – can use text and website
  • Poll everywhere – can use text, website or TwitterFree up to 40 people
  • Connect Txt (formerly text tools) – very feature rich.Incoming / outgoing. Keywords. Surveys, polls, auto responders. Scheduled messaging, rss updates via sms,Qr codes, coming – geo-mapping.Web based, email like clients. Also many other services – available such as connect txt, txt anywhere. Not as feature richMore functionality – more you will pay for a license
  • DEMO - QR code for SWANIThis sets up a text message in the format that you would usually use to send an inbound text to the serviceInserts the number and the ‘code’ which routes it to the right person/ area/ dept/ etc.
  • Any questions about the SWANI project?
  • Poll
  • Discussion – what will you take away from this session?
  • Quick, cost effective communication - try texting

    1. 1. texting
    2. 2. Who texts? Why?Who doesn’t? Why not?
    3. 3. Help or hindrance?
    4. 4. Who is using texting for work?
    5. 5. EngagementRetentionOrganising meetings and appointmentsFundraisingMarketing and publicityDiscrete supportPolls / evaluation
    6. 6. 12 month project SMS at JISC their own Funded cost Own SWaNIdevice Nations Project Background Using SMS FE to support focussed learners Retention GCSE issue
    7. 7. Se ng reading tasks Maths Ques ons Mid-week Tutor Between classes UseEncouraging prep for discussion Class reminders
    8. 8. Examples:• An electricity bill costs £120 inc VAT at 5% - What was the bill before VAT was added? Reply starting with the code xxxx• Dont forget your rough notes on About A Boy on 1 side A4 please. I have to send them off with your essays. See you later, Derek• You will have to give your talk on Thurs. Read Alan Sugar script and look at what he says and how he says it. What mood is he in? Derek
    9. 9. Respond to Discreet ques ons support Learner Use General Apologies Queries
    10. 10. Findings
    11. 11. Qualitative Findings from Focus GroupsInside / Outside Code issues Bridged Classes Did not feel Loved getting Encouraged to excluded tasks return to class Positive No benefit to reaction from me...but... tutors
    12. 12. Get ready to txt….. 07624 80 35 23
    13. 13. I could use texting forA Organising meetings and appointmentsB Letting people know about eventsC Sharing information with colleaguesD Providing a hotline to supportE Polling and evaluationF OtherG None
    14. 14. matt.smith@coleggwent.ac.ukmattsmeeth motivateCGmatt.smith1977http://Ilt.coleggwent.ac.uk/swaniTxt SWANI to: 07624 80 35 23
    15. 15. e.barrett@swansea.ac.ukestherbarrett rscwalesesther.barrettwww.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales