Corporate fundraising: how to get started - the pitfalls and the positives


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By Llamau at the Third Sector Funding Confererence 2013.

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  • Corporate fundraising: how to get started - the pitfalls and the positives

    1. 1. Corporate Fundraising How to get started: the pitfalls and the positives! Rachal Minchinton (MInstF Cert) Head of Communication & Development Sue O Brien Community Fundraiser
    2. 2. Session Objectives • To give you an understanding of Corporate Fundraising • To enable you to decide if Corporate Fundraising is right for you • To give you the tools to get started with Corporate Fundraising
    3. 3. Corporate Fundraising The Facts • Research suggests Corporate giving makes up only a small percentage of Charity income. • Corporate Fundraising is not for everyone. • There are differences between National and local Corporate Fundraising. • Corporate Fundraising is not always about money.
    4. 4. The Corporate / Charity Relationship • Who benefits and how? • Who sets the objectives? • An equal partnership?
    5. 5. Is Corporate Fundraising Right for us? • Points to consider: How else do you raise money – does this fit with corporate? Do you have experience / expertise in the team – or can you get it? Do you have the resources?
    6. 6. Exercise: Are we ready for Corporate Fundraising? Think about your organisation….. What do you want to achieve from Corporate Fundraising? What resources do you have in place already? What else do you think you might need? Feedback to the group
    7. 7. We’re going for it – what next? • • • • • • • • • What’s your Offer? Research Match objectives Make your pitch Negotiate Launch Deliver Review Improve
    8. 8. Case Study • Savills
    9. 9. Exercise: What’s your Offer?
    10. 10. Pitfalls to avoid….. Don’t let the relationship start without a target in place Don’t take on too many relationships Don’t over promise / under deliver Don’t be afraid to say its not working, but come up with a solution Don’t over estimate how much you’ll raise Don’t rush into it
    11. 11. The Positives! Income New supporters Event Participants Volunteers Goods / services Good PR New partnerships
    12. 12. Hints & Tips • • • • • Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice Remember you’re equal partners Have a plan, set targets Get your board on board The right person at the right time at the right level • Be adaptable • Its not all about the money – understand how else you can benefit
    13. 13. Questions?