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  • CreosoBawb (as in ouch) Welcome all, I’m Sarah Lamberton, NHSCF, WCVA and I’m going to be your host for the day. Housekeeping :Mobile phones off,Fire evacuation,Toilets,Smoking area,Refreshments: 11.15,Lunch: 12.30Explain delegate packs:Programme,Delegate List,Third Sector RHIF posters,Presentation slides,Evaluation FormRural Health Week - Focus: ‘particular characteristics of life in rural areas and the need to develop ‘rural resilience’ to capitalise on the potential and meet the challenges’.Rural Health Week will look at the ‘crisis and opportunity’ of our changing rural populations, explore how we can maximise the benefits to communities and their older residents and highlight innovative responses to the challenge.I hope this ‘Re-enabling Rural Communities’ conference will help us to explore these issues… role of third sector….
  • Background for today’s event, along with Anita Myfanwy, Children in Wales who will explore Poverty and how it impacts on rural communities in North Wales.Funded by RHIF, Welsh Government – a £1million 3 – year fund established by Minister Edwina Hart set out to find innovative approaches to improving integrated service delivery in health across rural Wales.Around 15 projects funded to develop new and innovative models addressing rural health issues.Third sector in partnership with some of them but also 3 third sector specific projects.As coming to end of programme invited to share learning from projects across Wales. 3 events – this is one of them. An additional legacy of ALS…
  • On your delegate programmes…Learn about the 3 Third Sector projects – me and sionedExamine challenges, opportunities and possible solutions for rural communities: morning of presentations, followed by facilitated workshops to examining barriers and solutionsNetwork! Consider opportunities for working collaboratively – both through workshops and at break times.Find out about Action Learning Sets opportunity – later in the day
  • Published late 2009. So I mentioned about the Rural Health Fund – this document was the strategy behind it. Set context of Rural Health in Wales and need for change. It also identified three key themes to underpin the diverse range of issues identified.Access – improving access to services across the spectrum from emergency to routine services;Integration – Integrated service models, workforce planning and systems are necessary to improve future service provision and ensure the effective use of all resources and skills within the communities;Community cohesion and engagement – This is an important resource and is of immense potential to rural and urban settings. Community cohesion, engagement and ownership needs to be a key element of service planningWe will be visiting these three key themes through our workshop sessions today.Innovation Fund work:Regional development sitesLocal innovation projects – check which ones in North Wales! Sioned’s workResearch and sharing the learning
  • Does using the work rural help with designing and delivering services? Access/Int and Community Engagement can be applied equally to rural and urban areas…?Talking to Rural Research Scholar Stephanie Best to define rural for me as I was doing this presentation and I am no expert.She said ‘everyone has a different definition’…Read through Stats.OCED (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) uses a population threshold of fewer than 150 persons/sq kmOffice of National Statistics defines populations of less than 10,000 as rural;Deep Rural Project defines places that are over thirty minutes drive time from a settlement of ten thousand people. But suggested that it is partly cultural and that really it is down to whether ‘someone feels they are in a rural area or not’.
  • One of the learning objectives from today was to share the learning from the three third sector projects…A handout on the three projects in your packs.I wanted to share a slide highlighting all the project that third sector orgs have been involved with but won’t fit on so please visit this weblink to find out information. Interestingly Stephanie Best, mentioned to me that one of the key learning points from projects where that the ones that were multi-agency teams, involving third sector organisations, worked best.3 projects – only £4,000 funding each, however each have completed work that is now being developed further in their local areas.
  • Key objective of project:Identify transport needs for patients who do not qualify for non-emergency transportResources could be better utilised and patient journeys increased.
  • Our Mid Wales Rural Health Event will continue to build on the work of this project – with a dedicated event with national organisation and action learning set to follow.
  • Funded opportunity for those interested to participate in an Action Learning Set exploring challenges in rural health service delivery over the coming months – I will revisit at end of day…
  • Context wcva

    1. 1. Galluogi cymunedau gwledig /Re-enabling Rural Communities Wythnos Iechyd yng Nghefn Gwlad Rural Health Week 26 Medi / SeptemberMewn partneriaeth â’r 6 CyngorGwirfoddol Sirol yn y Gogledd /In partnership with the 6 CountyVoluntary Councils of North Wales
    2. 2. Cyflwyno’r Setting cefndir the scene Sarah Lamberton Sarah Lamberton Hwyluswr Cenedlaethol National Health and Social CareIechyd a Gofal Cymdeithasol Facilitator   0800 2888 329 
    3. 3. Amcanion dysgu’r diwrnod /Learning objectives for the day
    4. 4. Cynllun Iechyd Gwledig a’r gronfa arloesi / Rural Health Plan and innovation fund Tair thema allweddol: •Mynediad •Gweithio integredig •Cydlynu ac ennyn diddordeb y gymuned Three key themes: •Access •Integrated working •Community Cohesion and engagement
    5. 5. Diffinio gwledig / Defining rurality• trothwy poblogaeth • a population llai na 150 o bobl y threshold of fewer cilometr sgwâr? than 150 persons/sq• poblogaeth lai na km? 10,000? • populations of less• ardaloedd yn than 10,000? nyfnderoedd cefn • Deep Rural areas gwlad dros hanner over thirty minutes awr o yrru i ffwrdd o drive time from a dref sydd â deng mil settlement of ten o bobl ynddi? thousand people?
    6. 6. Prosiectau RHIF / RHIF projectsCrynodeb RHIF o Adroddiadau: RHIF Summary of Reports:Adroddiad gan Lywodraeth Welsh Government reportCymru sy’n cynnwys crynodeb o featuring a summary of all 15bob un o’r 15 prosiect. projects.Cydlynu’r Trydydd Sector yng Third Sector Coordination inNghefn Gwlad: amlygu manylion Rural Areas: highlights thetri phrosiect y trydydd sector a’r detail of the three third sectorcanlyniadau dysgu allweddol projects and the keyEwch i: learning/outcomes Visit:_client/publication/WTSRN%20C s_client/publication/WTSRN%2mchwil%20Gwanwyn%202012.p 0Newsletter%20Spring%20201df 2.pdf
    7. 7. Prosiect CAVO / CAVO ProjectCanlyniadau Outcomes• Dangosodd system ‘pathfinder’ • New ‘pathfinder’ system newydd nad oedd angen revealed provision of new darpariaeth o wirfoddolwyr volunteers was unnecessary - newydd – gellid bodloni journeys could be met siwrneiau drwy gynlluniau sydd eisoes yn bodoli through existing schemes• Roedd gyrwyr gwirfoddol Age • Age Concern volunteer Concern yn brysurach ac fe’u drivers were busier and defnyddiwyd yn well better utilised• Roedd y prosiect yn annog • The project encouraged gwaith effeithiol mewn effective partnership working partneriaeth rhwng CAVO, between CAVO, HDHB, the Bwrdd Iechyd Hywel Dda, yr Local Authority and Age Awdurdod Lleol, a Age Concern Concern
    8. 8. Canlyniadau: Outcomes:• Camau cynnar cysylltu • Early stages of linking grass gweithgareddau ar lawr gwlad roots activities with service gyda chynllunio strategol o planning due to increased ganlyniad i gydweithredu cooperation between national cynyddol rhwng asiantaethau agencies and local initiatives. cenedlaethol a mentrau lleol • An increase in contact by• Mwy o gyswllt gan fudiadau national organisations with the cenedlaethol gyda’r Hwylusydd Health and Social Care Iechyd a Gofal Cymdeithasol Facilitator.• Mae’r darn hwn o waith • This piece of work is now part bellach yn rhan o glytwaith o of a jigsaw of information that wybodaeth sy’n cael ei fwydo i is being fed into strategic gynllunio strategol ym Mwrdd planning in Powys Teaching Addysgu Iechyd Powys Health Board
    9. 9. YrEtifeddiaeth – Setiau DysguGweithredol/ The legacy – Action Learning Sets