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Top 10 life inspired proverbs


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Top 10 life-inspired proverbs is all about inspiration.

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Top 10 life inspired proverbs

  2. 2. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERB… ONE He can who believes he can – LATIN PROVERB.
  3. 3. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… TWO A man that is prepared, has half won the battle – SPANISH PROVERB.
  4. 4. PROVERBS… THREE He who never begins never end – ABRUZZI PROVERB.
  5. 5. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… FOUR No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back – TURKISH PROVERB.
  6. 6. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… FIVE Your head is not only for putting a hat on – UKRAINIAN PROVERB.
  7. 7. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… SIX No one tests the depth of the river with both feet – GHANAIAN PROVERB.
  8. 8. PROVERBS… SEVEN What doesn't kill you makes you stronger – ENGLISH PROVERB.
  9. 9. PROVERBS… EIGHT He who doesn’t look ahead remains behind – SPANISH PROVERB.
  10. 10. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… NINE A man who develops himself is born twice – ARGENTINE PROVERB.
  11. 11. TOP 10 LIFE-INSPIRED PROVERBS… TEN Be not afraid of going slowly, but be afraid of standing still – NIGERIAN PROVERB.
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