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ethical reasoning

chapter four ethics ethical reasoning

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ethical reasoning

  1. 1. Chapter 4Ethics and Ethical reasoning
  2. 2. By :Waleed AL-Furaih Mohamed AL-Subaie Abdulmohsen AL-harbe Mohamed AL-Ansary
  3. 3. The meaning of Ethics• Ethics : conception of right and wrong conduct .• Principles : guides to moral behavior .
  4. 4. What is ethical relativism ?• that what is truly right depends solely on what the individual or the society thinks is right. Because what people think will vary with time and place, what is right will also vary.
  5. 5. What is business ethics ?• The application of general ethical ideas to business behavior .* low management is one of the reason of unethical behavior .* to be considered ethical … the organization must set a proper behavior that fit every one .
  6. 6. Why be ethical* to meet demands of business stakeholders* to enhance business performance .To comply legal requirement .* Minimize harm*promote personal morality .
  7. 7. The reason behind ethical problems* personal gain and self interest .* competitive pressures on profits .* conflicts in interest .* cross cultural contradictions .
  8. 8. The core elements of ethical character* manager value .* spirituality in the workplace .Managers moral development .
  9. 9. The first method of ethical resoningVirtue :Value and personal character .It goal is to be a good person and have moral values .Examples :Courage – faith – hope – honesty
  10. 10. The second method of ethical reasoningUtility :The amount of good can be produced by decision.It compares between the benefit and cost of decision .Its hard measuring the ethical utility like in employee morality – physically satisfaction – the worth of human life .
  11. 11. The third method of ethical reasoningRights :That a person or a group is entitled to something or expect to be treated in a certain way .Most important rights :- safety – free speech – freedom – being informedIts challenging to ORG balance the employes right because that may lead to conflicts in rights .The right of a person must not cause any harm to the other and their rights .
  12. 12. Forth method of ethical reasoningJustice :Distributing benefits and burdens equitably and according to a accepted rule .Example :Salary must be fair according to the employee work .
  13. 13. The End

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chapter four ethics ethical reasoning


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